The NASA ‘End Of Days’ Scenario Involving Planet X / Nibiru- Large Asteroid Impact Simulation (video)

The NASA ‘End Of Days’ Scenario Involving Planet X / Nibiru- Large Asteroid Impact Simulation (video)

An apocalyptic scenario which involves a planetary body is not unlikely, according to a simulation by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Department of Energy National Laboratories. This exercise just took place on October 25th in El Segundo, California, according to this New York Times article.

The organizations conducted the “planetary protection exercise” to prepare for a potential asteroid strike. However, scientists flatly admit they have absolutely no way of preventing such a disaster. One million asteroids have the potential of hitting the earth, but only 1% have been discovered.

Rabbi Matiyahu Glazerson, a world-renown expert in the Torah codes, recently found evidence of a cataclysmic strike by Nibiru in the Jewish year 5777. The Gregorian calendar equivalent is October of 2016 through October of 2017. He also found evidence in a Bible matrix that the “End of Days” may begin as soon as Hanukkah of 2016 (the final week of December 2016).

Here are impact effects by size of Near Earth Objects:

75 meters – equivalent to 100 megatons – if it hits the ground it creates a 1.5 kilometer crater.  If it air-bursts it could destroy an area the size of a city such as Washington or Moscow.

160 meters – equivalent to 1,000 megatons – an ocean impact would produce a significant tsunami, capable of destroying for example the East Coast. A land impact could destroy a city the size of Tokyo.

350 meters – equivalent to 10,000 megatons – this would destroy an area the size of a small state, such as Delaware.

700 meters – equivalent to 100,000 megatons –this strike would destroy a large state such as Virginia.  If it hit the ocean it would produce a 1,000 foot high tsunami.

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1.7 kilometers – equivalent to 1,000,000 megatons – this would raise enough dust to affect climates and freeze crops.  An ocean impact would create a global tsunami. It would globally destroy the ozone layer. Could destroy a country the size of France.

3 kilometers – equivalent to 10,000,000 megatons – widespread global fires would be created.  Worldwide volcanoes would be triggered.  It would destroy a large nation, such as India or Mexico.

7 kilometers – equivalent to 100 million megatons – probable mass extinction. The strike would destroy with its crater alone an entire continent.

A megaton is the explosive power TNT. The Hiroshima atomic bomb was only about 15 kilotons.

Earth was born as a result of repeated asteroid collisions, the moon was created by a single giant impact event. Then, Earth’s size attracted huge meteorites, which slammed into it, causing super-high-temperature rock vapour to cover the entire surface and evaporate all ocean water. The earliest life-forms survived such infernal events by escaping deep into the ground, miraculously emerging again and again. The Earth has gone through innumerable catastrophic events, and life has survived by acquiring new abilities to live through each crisis. Humans are part of the grand history of life’s evolution, which has been closely intertwined with repeated cataclysmic events.

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Learn what would happen if an asteroid hit the Earth with this detailed “Large Asteroid Impact Simulation”.
An asteroid with a diameter of 500 km. Destination: The Pacific Ocean. The impact peels the 10 km crust off the surface. The shockwave travels at hypersonic speeds. Debris is blasted across into low Earth orbit, and returns to destroy the surface of the Earth. The firestorm encircles the Earth, vaporizing all life in its way. Within one day, the surface of the Earth is uninhabitable. The evidence shows that this has happened at least six times in Earth’s history.

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