RELEVANT:Blind Mystic Who Correctly Predicted 9/11 And ISIS Foresaw Something SHOCKING For 2016…

RELEVANT:Blind Mystic Who Correctly Predicted 9/11 And ISIS Foresaw Something SHOCKING For 2016…


A Bulgarian soothsayer has predicted the collapse of the EU next year

Bulgarian peasant Baba Vanga claims a vision came to her showing Europe desolate and deserted in 2016 following a series of devastating catastrophes which rocked the continent.

The sightless seer, who is credited with an 85 per cent success rate by her followers, apparently predicted the downfall of the eurozone’s political elite, adding that Europe will “cease to exist” by the end of next year.

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The bold prophecy has caused a stir, coming at a time when the 28-nation bloc faces being ripped apart by internal divisions.

Experts have warned that “arrogant” EU leaders are sleepwalking into catastrophe, with dire economic results and the ongoing migrant crisis sparking a surge in anti-Brussels sentiment.


Baba Vanga’s supporters claim she has an 85% success rate


The sightless seer predicted the end of the EU

Ms Vanga, who died in 1996 aged 85, said in a dire prediction that Europe will “cease to exist” in 2016, with the continent becoming a “wasteland almost entirely devoid of any form of life” after a series of catastrophes.

She predicted that the population of the continent will reach almost zero by 2025 with Muslim invaders – believed by some to refer to Islamic State (ISIS) – moving in to conquer the former European countries by 2043.

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In a chilling echo of ISIS’ own stated goals, she prophesied that Islamist militants will conquer Rome in 2066 before the US will respond with a “climate change” weapon to try and claim the city back for Christianity.


The ongoing migrant crisis could rip Europe apart

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Mediterranean countries including Spain are facing huge economic depressions

She finishes her dire predictions for Europe by stating that the entire continent will come u
nder the rule of a Communist dictator by 2076.

Whilst the so-called ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’ may be outlandish in her statements, other experts have also predicted that 2016 could be the year the EU falls apart.

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Columnist Leo McKinstry said that the worsening migrant crisis, which has already seen more than one million people arrive in the continent this year, is fuelling increasing resentment against detached Brussels leaders which could spill over into civil unrest.


He added that the dire economic situation in many Mediterranean states and the possibility of a Brexit, sparked by EU ;eaters not taking Britain’s concerns seriously, could spell the end for the controversial political body.

He wrote: “The EU is in desperate trouble. The edifice of federalism is crumbling, broken by its own ruinous contradictions and spectacular failures.

“The creators of the European Union promised to bring peace and prosperity. But through their grandiose folly, they have fuelled only debt, despair and disintegration.

“The EU lacks any kind of democratic legitimacy, which means that the end could come sooner than the politicians imagine.

“2016 could be the year that the EU falls apart, making the British referendum an irrelevance.” 



There have been growing signs of division within the 28-nation bloc this year, particularly over the issue of the movement of migrants.

Earlier this year revealed how a number of the continent’s biggest hitters, including France and Germany, have effectively reneged on a migrant resettlement schemeby failing to accept their quotas of people.

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Many nations are also increasingly ignoring supposedly universal laws to impose their own border controls, ignoring pleas from Brussels bureaucrats.

Hungary has constructed a 110-mile-long fence on its southern border to prevent migrants from crossing over, whilst Germany, Austria and Sweden all temporarily introduced border controls in violation of the Schengen agreement.

The ongoing crisis is also fuelling a sharp rise in popularity for extremist parties. The far-right has made huge gains across Europe this year, whilst in Spain and Portugal ultra left-wing socialists vowing to end austerity have swept to power.

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