Here’s How YOU Can Prepare

If war re-commences with North Korea, the US will very likely suffer major attacks HERE – inside our own land. These attacks may come from submarines off our coast, cyber-attacks to utilities, acts of sabotage by Sleeper Cells. Our electric, water and communications systems are all vulnerable. Are you prepared? Here’s how and why you need to take action for yourself and your family.

North Korea has no chance over a long-term of defeating the US. But over the short term, they can do an awful lot of very serious damage to us; damage that would affect YOU and YOUR FAMILY. It’s time to prepare. RIGHT NOW!

In any conflict with North Korea, they will seek to use “asymmetrical” warfare. It won’t be tit-for-tat it will be unusual attacks.

For instance, over the past decade or so, North Korea has successfully launched two orbiting satellites. Both orbit the United States mainland and Alaska every 100 minutes or so. 

Both satellites are in orbit 450 kilometers above the planet, which converts to about 300 or so miles.

The strange thing about BOTH these satellites is that they do not transmit anything. Nothing at all. No radio or TV signals. No data streams. No radar.

So what are they up there for?

Some feel that each satellite is a low yield nuclear bomb with a radio receiver, waiting for the signal to detonate over the United States.

What if this is true; what could such a device actually accomplish?

Well, first of all, if it is a nuke, we would not feel any blast and would not suffer any radiation. It’s too far up to affect us in those ways.

But it’s altitude of about 300 miles is the PERFECT altitude to send an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) into the Stratosphere. The massive and sudden release of the blast would react with the earth’s atmosphere and cause a sudden “surge” (pulse) of MAGNETISM.

Human bodies would not be affected at all by magnetic fields, we live with them all the days of our lives.

Electronics, however, are another story.


North Korea Prepping EMP Attack On U.S.-North Korea Could Kill 90 Percent of Americans: ex-CIA Chief Woolsey

First, a little High School Physics:

Do you know how electricity is generated? “The free flow of electrons.”

And how do power companies make the electrons flow freely? Magnetic fields!

In a power plant or even in your automobile alternator, there are coils of wire around a center stem. On that center stem is a . . . . magnet.

As the magnet turns inside (by a steam source in a power plant or a drive belt on your engine), the magnetic fields coming off the magnet cause electrons in the nearby wire to move. THAT is electricity.

Now think about your house, your car, all the electronic gizmos you have. They ALL have wires, right?

Well, if a nuclear bomb explodes up in space, and reacts with our atmosphere as it is well-known to do, the magnetic pulse that comes down to the ground will cause the electrons inside wires to flow. Put simply, the pulse from the nuke will cause anything metallic, to generate electric! A lot of electric. The graphic below from the US Army show the VOLTS along the right column:

In fact, depending upon how close or how far from the detonation you are, the voltage would be from 5,000 to 50,000 VOLTS per meter of metal wire !!!!!!

Every wire in your house, all the plugs on your appliances, all the extension cords you have,  all the circuits in all your electronic gizmos would ALL suffer those t
ypes of instant voltage surges – and be fried.  Dead.

 Cars may not work because their electronic ignitions MAY get fried too.

 But that’s the least of our worries . . .

Our Power Grid

Now, think about the United States Power Grid.  All the wires you see on all the telephone poles everywhere.  ALL OF THEM would surge with voltage as well!

On many of those telephone poles are “transformers” which step-down the voltage from the power plant, to a level we can use in our homes.  ALL of those transformers would be wrecked, with many, many of them flat-out exploding.

Worse, in the power grid, there are much larger transformers which feed things like sub-stations.  They would be wrecked and blow up too. 

Lastly, at the power plants themselves, there are utterly HUGE transformers.  We’ll call them “mega” transformers.  Here’s what they look like:

WEIGHT: 884,000 pounds 

WEIGHT:   1 Million, Seven Hundred Thousand Pounds!

WEIGHT: 1,040,500 pounds

They would be destroyed too.

And it is this last item, the MEGA transformers, are a very major problem. 

You see, these transformers are so big, so heavy, and so expensive, that nobody keeps any “in reserve.”  Only two or three companies in the entire WORLD even manufacture them, and when they do, each transformer is a custom job; built to order.

If the world needed a whole slew of such transformers at once, and all the companies worked 24/7 to get them out . . . . they can only produce 130 per YEAR.

Did you get that?  130 per YEAR.

Why is this important?  Because in the US power grid alone, there are about 2,500 of those MEGA transformers.

Do the math. 

If all 2500 mega transformers in the USA were all blown out by an EMP, it would take 20 YEARS to get them replaced.

It is estimated that if such a thing were to take place, that ninety percent of the population in the USA would STARVE TO DEATH in the first year.


Think about it.  No electric.  That means no refrigeration.  Food goes bad fast. 

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No fuel.  Gas stations need electric to pump and more importantly, refineries need electric to refine.  Even if we have the oil, we can’t refine it. No electric means the fuel supply runs out, fast. 

No fuel means no trucks.  No trucks mean no deliveries; of ANYTHING, ANYWHERE.  No gasoline to stations, no food to supermarkets – nothing.

No farming.  No food brought into city supermarkets, no mail, no Amazon packages . . . nothing.

See how vastly and horribly we might be affected?  We’d be thrust back into the electrical equivalent of the stone age!

Many, many, Americans would perish.

So, what to do?


Get yourself a way to generate electric power.  There are several different ways, we’ll discuss th
ree later in this article: Generators, Solar, and battery Inverters.  We’ll show solutions a bit lower in this article.

If the Satellites with Nukes Sounds waaaaay too far-fetched . . .

Let’s talk about computer hacking. 

Over the weekend of April 8 and 9, 2017, someone Hacked-into the Emergency Warning Siren System in and around Dallas, TX.   At around 11 PM Dallas Time on Saturday night, all the sirens started triggering.  153 sirens in total were activated.

People in Dallas, Carrolton, Richardson and other local areas were all frightened because while there was no severe weather (those sirens warn of tornadoes), the US has just struck Syria with missiles and folks were wondering if we were being attacked back!


World War III Escalation : 5 Places World War III Could Start in 2017 – That Shocked the World-VIDEO

Try as they might, the authorities could not get their computers to shut off the sirens.  So what did they have to do?  They sent the Fire Department out to all 153 sirens to shut them off MANUALLY.  It took HOURS.

Now, imagine if hackers get into our electrical systems and do the reverse: Shut everything OFF? Hack-in and send a signal to every switch and every circuit to turn off!

Imagine too that, like in Dallas, the utility companies simply cannot get back into their systems to make the power come back on.  They would literally have to go to every sub-station and manually throw the switches, then go to electric pole after electric pole to turn circuits back on.  It would take WEEKS.

Hackers sound too far-fetched to you?   OK, how about simple sabotage?

Folks already know they can look up on the Internet the NINE key power locations in the USA.  If these nine locations are physically attacked, or blown up, power would go down in vast regions of this country for as long as it takes to fix.   Weeks?  Months? 

Who knows.

The point is that if — and when — the Korean War resumes, we must be prepared to be attacked in ways that will make our lives VERY hard.   We must understand that in the event of such attacks, we will have to fend for ourselves.  You cannot sit back and expect  “the government will take care of me” because it can’t.

When the elite of the World start preparing for doomsday, that is a very troubling sign. And right now the elite appear to be quietly preparing for disaster like never before.Want to Be on Survivalist?The 3 Pioneer Survival Lessons We Should All Learn!




Motorized generators can only be used OUTSIDE your home.

Generators are rated in “watts.”   They usually provide two different numbers: “Start-up” (very short duration) and “Running” which is the real number.

When it comes to FUEL CONSUMPTION, manufacturers get a little shifty.  They tell you that you’ll get “x” numbers of hours on a full tank, but there’s an Asterisk *** and when you scroll down to the fine print, they tell you that “fuel efficiency is based on 50% load.”   So if the generator is rated at 2,000 watts, the fuel rating is based upon only running half that (50% of load) or 1,000 watts!

Here’s how to determine what size generator you need:

Take paper and pen and go to every electric device in your house and read the “watts” on the product label.   Write each item down and its wattage.

When you’re done withe everything in the house that you NEED in an emergency (refrigerator, lights, phone) add-up the watts then look at generators which offer  (at 50% load) to provide that total wattage.

For instance, perhaps you have a refrigerator that uses 1200 watts (when running) and five rooms with one CFL light in each of 5 rooms @ 9 watts each, plus a TV at 300 watts.  You add the 1200 + a total of 45 watts for the lights, + 300 watts for the TV which comes to 1545 Watts.   You should then go buy a Generator with a MAX capacity of 3,000 watts or higher to meet these basic needs, because half that rating (the “RUnning” watts) is what you’ll be using for regular “Running” watts.

From AMAZON, here are some generators from which to choose.  If none of these meet your needs (or budget) click the “Go” Button at the bottom of the Generator box and you’ll get a whole SLEW of other choices!

Do not be one of the people that freezes and is overcome by fear—you need to move smartly if you want to survive.How to make a Generator at home.Video below.


Solar is expensive.  But the payoff is that you don’t need fuel.  As with the Generators above, find a system that will meet your wattage demands.

From AMAZON, here are some basi
c emergency solar generation systems from which to choose.  If none of these meets your needs (or budget) click the “Go” Button at the bottom of the solar box for more choices!


Inverters run off car batteries.  They convert the 12 volts DC into 120 volts AC.   This system does not last long at all and if you kill the battery, you’ll have to get a jump start for your car to recharge it.  Click the “Go” Button at the bottom for more choices.



The overwhelming majority of people in the USA derive their water from Municipal, County or Corporate Water Company Utilities.   Only in rural America do most families have their own well-water.

For those of us who rely on a Water company utility, we need to ask ourselves: What do we do if the water company gets poisoned?  Computer-hacked?  Blown-up?

What do we do for water?????

It is imperative that you have fresh water stored up for an emergency.

Whether you wash-out and fill up used plastic one-gallon milk containers, or used two liter soda bottles, STORE WATER NOW ! ! !

Every human requires ½ gallon of water per day to live.   If a human goes THREE DAYS without water, they die.

Much of the water we ingest is actually contained in our food.  But in an attack situation, food may not be readily available.  YOU MUST STORE-UP ENOUGH WATER TO GET YOU AND YOUR FAMILY THROUGH AT LEAST A MONTH.

Do the math:  ½ gallon per day x 30 days x number of persons in your home.

From AMAZON, here are some convenient water storage methods for ANY HOME, OFFICE OR APARTMENT:

Water Filters

If you cannot store water, then you’re going to need to get some from rivers, streams, ponds or even rain.  That means you have to FILTER and DISINFECT the water before consuming it.


You need to have enough food to tie your family over if there are system disruptions.

You want CANNED, DRIED, BOXED and JARRED foods as they stay edible for a long time.

Canned foods like: Meats, tunafish, fruits, beans, Soups

BOXED/PACKAGED FOODS like:  Pasta, Rice, Beans

JARRED foods like: Pasta sauce, Jam, Jelly


Don’t  go nuts storing up a slew of food, just keep enough on hand to tie you over in an emergency for a month or so.

EMERGENCY MESSAGE: Americans proven to be over-confident and underprepared lack
these crucial items – and may not have a chance to buy them later…25 Things That You Should Do To Get Prepared


Some of you take certain medicines in order to live.  Things like Thyroxin to replace a removed Thyroid.  Make certain you have enough supply on-hand to keep you alive for at least a month!


If we are attacked, it may not be possible to use Credit/Debit Cards or Automatic Teller Machines.  HAVE CASH MONEY;   Not to pay bills . . . to survive!

If the shit hit the fan and systems go down around the country, NOBODY is going to be able to accept your credit or debit card.  ATM’s may not work – or will run out of cash if they do.   Where will that leave YOU?  

Have cash hidden away in the house or somewhere safe.  NOT A BANK SAFE DEPOSIT BOX because they may not open without electric or computers.  HAVE CASH IN YOUR POSSESSION.


These are the most rudimentary basics.  In another article later, we will talk about COMMUNICATIONS for when phones, FAX, Internet and Cellular are “down.”  

Recommendations by the  Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection offer the following tips that all  residents take three simple preparedness steps: Get a kit, make a plan, and stay informed”.*Watch This FREE Video

Source:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adYhWjKB4i0  https://www.superstation95.com/