PANIC as Fuel Supplies Run-out in Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte, Roanoke — More Refineries SHUTTING DOWN!

PANIC as Fuel Supplies Run-out in Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte, Roanoke — More Refineries SHUTTING DOWN!


Motorists are beginning to panic and state Governors are declaring Emergencies as fuel supplies have begun running-out in several states as a result of a still-ruptured pipeline.  New Jersey and New York are only days away from similar outages.

As of 5:00 PM EDT BREAKING! Four U.S. States Just Declared A State Of Emergency!

Atlanta, GA – Numerous gas stations in and around Atlanta, GA are reporting NO FUEL.

Alpharetta GA – (northern suburb of Atlanta) LONG lines at the few stations which still have fuel – some stations OUT OF GAS!

Sandy Springs, Georgia (20 mins north of Atlanta) most of the local gas stations were OUT of gas, and those who did have it, were up to 3.50/gal … from 1.25/gal on Friday morning.

Kennesaw, GA – Numerous gas stations now empty

Augusta, GA Many Stations reporting NO DIESEL 

Summerville, GA – Many stations now empty

Dallas GA – Many stations completely empty and those that HAVE gas are acharging over $3 and close to $4 at some stations.

 Fairview TN, 40 miles west of Nashville — “There has been no gas here since Sat. “This morning there is one gas station up and running and it’s packed.”

Chesnee, SC – COMPLETELY out of gas – no idea when they will get some – has diesel

Goldsboro, NC, some gas stations out;  some only let you get $30.00 max at a time. “People are stocking up”

New Bern, NC, cops patrolling to make certain they know which stations still have fuel for police, fire and EMS. Many stations already empty.

Charlotte, NC many stations now empty

Forest city, NC- Numerous stations out of gas – those that do have it are limiting to 10$ per Fill-up

Hendersonville, NC – Source tells SuperStation95 “Passed 4 stations on the way to work this morning, all were out of gas.”

Wilson, NC…. the 6 stations around my house are now out of everything except diesel.

Throughout Eastern NC few stations have gas 

Raleigh, NC — A radio DJ (from the #1 station) was broadcasting live from his truck where he was waiting his turn in line at a gas station with 50+ people on line … and the station ran out of gas. Radio DJ says “Gonna be full panic level here this evening.”

Chapel Hil, NC This morning, 1 station with out-of-service bags on the pumps; 1 station with cars at every pump – 2 deep – waiting.

Lenoir, NC said pumps empty at many stations.

Forsyth, Stokes and Surry counties in NC are hit or miss. At least half of the stations in said counties are out of fuel.