IMPORTANT PUBLIC MESSAGE : New Reports Show That Terrorist Group ISIS and Russia’s Very Secret Services Has Recruited US Citizens For An Attack “Deadlier Than 9/11.”

IMPORTANT PUBLIC MESSAGE : New Reports Show That Terrorist Group ISIS and Russia’s Very Secret Services Has Recruited US Citizens For An Attack “Deadlier Than 9/11.”


New reports show that terrorist group ISIS and Russia’s Very Secret Services has recruited US citizens for an attack “deadlier than 9/11.”

Do you know how to test your survival plan for vulnerabilities that expose your family to unspeakable atrocities?

Because these are the same terrorists committing a “Christian Holocaust.” They’ve crucified women and children, and recently beheaded two American journalists.

A now they’ve set their sights on your hometown.

CNN recently reported that people are joining ISIS… right here in the United States.

The real threat isn’t even the attack itself… it’s the social meltdown that will follow. Riots, chaos, and violence will fill the streets as people panic.

If you think Obama and the government will protect you, you’ve been living under a rock.

Only you can keep your family safe and alive when the shit hits the fan.

My name is Craig Irons, and in this article, I’ll show you three strategies to test your survival plan for deadly holes that I learned from a retired Army Ranger and wilderness survival expert.

I’ll also share with you his complete survival plan that will get you prepped for any disaster with a single trip to Walmart.

You’ll learn that the key to keeping your family alive isn’t complicated techniques or so-called “super” foods…

Keeping your family alive is about having a simple, solid plan, and the right supplies.


And you can get all the supplies you need in a single trip to any superstore like Walmart.

That may sound like a stretch, but bear with me and I’ll show you exactly how it works. You’ll see which foods and supplies you’ll need in a disaster and may not survive without, and you’ll see how to protect yourself, your home, and your family from angry, starving mobs.

Now, Obama and his liberal cronies want you to be dependent on them, so they don’t want this information getting out. I don’t know how long I can keep it up, so make sure you watch it before it gets taken down.


Let’s face it: this country is headed for disaster.

Terrorist groups like ISIS are recruiting members within our borders, and planning deadly attacks.

But ISIS isn’t the only threat to your family’s safety.


Natural disasters are getting worse each year. Remember the disaster following Hurricane Katrina? The wind, rain, and floods were only part of the danger. The real threats were the lack of food and drinking water, and the violent gangs of hungry looters.

Think it couldn’t happen to you?

Experts say this year could be the worst ever for natural disasters. And whether it’s crazed jihadists
, a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado that starts the chaos, the end result is the same — a very real and deadly threat to the security of your loved ones.

That social meltdown might come even sooner, once people realize that the government is lying about the supposed economic “recovery.” They fudge unemployment numbers to hide the truth. And they don’t mention that people are making less than ever in just about every field… even while inflation is skyrocketing. So you’re making less and less money, while each dollar you domake is worth less and less.

We’re plummeting towards the “social meltdown” tipping point.

Soon, your paycheck won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on, and then no one will be willing to work anymore. Police, firefighters, and even the military will refuse to work for free, leaving you to fend for yourself against starving mobs of angry Obama worshippers… who will be coming foryour food stockpile.

The real question is whether this impending economic disaster will trigger social chaos before the energy crisis does.

That’s right, our nation is facing an energy crisis, and I’m not just talking about high gas prices.

Our weak power grid can barely handle the stress we put on it now. And it’s a big, fat vulnerable target to terrorist attacks. In fact, on April 16, well-armed terrorists attacked a power station in Silicon Valley, knocking it out of commission.

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