End Of The World, The End Of The World, Apocalypse, Doomsday, Or — As a Qualitative Change In The Cosmic Order Of All Existing?

End Of The World, The End Of The World, Apocalypse, Doomsday, Or — As a Qualitative Change In The Cosmic Order Of All Existing?


“As every man is death, and the whole world seems to be a kind of death and destruction. This is clearly shown in the Scriptures, but the human race knew the truth, not knowing the Scriptures. Both philosophers and common people believed impermanence of the world and even knew how to how to make the end of the world — let the extermination ground fire. Ovid in his poem speaks so: mare ardibit (sea will burn). Seneca fire extermination of all that exists, too, says: omnia uno igne ardebunt (all burned by the fire). “

“The end of the world, the end of the world, apocalypse, doomsday, or — as a qualitative change of the existing cosmic order, on the minds of people for the past many centuries. This question is concerned about how people who truly believe in Christ, and yet have come to conscious faith. First — because they firmly know that can not come true Word of God, the Second Coming of Christ and the Last Judgment is inevitable, the second — a subconscious fear of death, the inner sense of immortality of the soul, the possible existence of life after death are pushing to find the answer to is not allowed for yourself questions. But one way or another, most people wants to know — when doomsday comes? When the Lord comes to judge the world, steeped in sin?

Almost two thousand years since the coming of Christ has been repeatedly anticipated end of the world people, assigned various dates indicated certain signs near this terrible day. Simple arithmetic end of every century and marked the beginning of a new increase in those expectations. “

“Despite the fact that the word of God does not include the time end of the world, people are always making attempts to determine precisely this great moment, followed by the resurrection of the dead and the Judgment Seat of Christ. Social disasters like famine, war, epidemic of diseases — cholera, plague, pestilence, always helped to spread to the masses in the belief that the world is our living out their last days.

But hardly ever been so strong and universal expectation of the end of the world in the west, in the outcome of the first millennium of the Christian era, which served as a basis the words of the Apocalypse: a thousand years, Satan will be released from his prison and seduce the nations which are in the four countries of the earth. The book of life is opened and the sea cast out of their dead, and each will be judged according to their deeds Those who sits on the throne of the great shining. And it will be a new heaven and a new earth.

Bible Signs Of The End Times

Bernard Thüringen (about 960), appointed even the day end of the world: the universe, in his opinion, should be destroyed when the Annunciation coincides with Good Friday. This coincidence has happened in 992 — and nothing unusual this was not followed. “

“But the first year of the second millennium after Christ appeared in this series special: in 1000 the fear, apathy, despondency to cover almost the entire population of Europe, Asia, Africa, where there were states who called themselves Christian, inhabited by peoples who practice a religion New Testament.

Unprecedented panic swept Europe. And no wonder. For a thousand years, many Christians are so far removed from the standard of Christian life, so communalise, surrendered plotougodiyu and other sensual pleasures that the immediate prospect of Judgment, and therefore punishment for their sins, drive,? terrified millions of believers.

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The idea of revenge is so captured the imagination that began the great panic across the continent off to build huts and palaces, rich, steeped in gold and vice, donated large sums to the churches, gave his property in an attempt to appease God’s righteous and avoid retribution. Poor people offered up prayers to the Creator neprestaynye many egregious sinners repent. “

In the X century royal charters began with these words: “Since the approaching end of the world …”

“Other spirits existed at the end of X century in Russia. Were baptized, Slavic people were looking to the future, temples, monasteries, continually praise God for His great mercy. It was at this time Russia begins to form in a single state. Entered the international political are
na is not as territory, composed of different, often conflicting with each other, no fiefdoms united as a monolith of Slavic people, united by a common faith, language and culture. “

“In 1186 astrologers frightened Europe, saying that in September, break out the great storms, earthquakes happen, there will be deaths among people, anger and strife, revolution in all countries, the destruction and death of all living. But nothing met their predictions.

A few years later, in 1198, a rumor about the end of the world. But this time, the world was to collapse without the help of celestial phenomena, predicted that the Antichrist The people in Babylon, and through it the human race would perish.



“But the end of the world did not come. And Europe, recovering from the religious turmoil and taking a well-deserved punishment of the Lord, with an even greater frenzy started up in corruption, greed, theft, robbery … This went on for more than five centuries. Even the plague in 1332, which killed about half of the cultural cradle of the West, did not repent of sinners. “

“At the end of the XIII century alchemist Arnaud de Villeneuve announced that the Antichrist of the people in 1335.

Vincent fairways, the famous Spanish preacher, says that the world will last as many years as the verses in Psalms, that is, about 2537 years old. “

“At the beginning of XVI century mathematician and astrologer Johannes Shtofler, spending his calculations, said the scientific world that supposedly in 1524 should occur deluge. Some researchers have found an indirect confirmation Shtoflera data in their research, and the news spread like thunder across the land.

In the 1524-1525 years. come truly universal madness. Panic! Most practical alarmists build “arks” and kept them in his yard, while, on the hundreds of miles from any water was. Many writers of the time report that residents of coastal provinces of Germany decided to sell at the lowest price of their land, and that people who have money and do not trust the predictions, bought the land. Each boat is stockpiling the manner of the ark.

Doctor of Toulouse, called Orion, has ordered for himself, his family and his friends ark is large. Similar precautions are taken in most of Italy. The richest stopped acquire wealth and throw around them. Debtors “forgive” their debts to creditors, and those with them and did not ask.

Breaking : It’s Not a Matter of ”If it Happens” Anymore, But a Matter of ”WHEN” It Will Happen!

Many farmers have stopped in the sweat of his brow to produce his daily bread and in great sorrow awaited the hour of death and the Last Judgement. Many food stores created in the highlands. But there rushed from the plains of the hungry and robbing these stores. In contrast to the “expectations” the year 1000, “expectation” 1524-1525. was accompanied by an unprecedented drunkenness and debauchery. The very life of man is no longer worth even a penny. Europe refused to believe in the Savior!

Half of the population in Europe until February hiding in the mountains, feeling cold and hunger, but “skrashivaya” “Last Days” abundant libations liquor. Many fell dead, and no one had delivered their land, because one does not believe in the sanctity of this Christian tradition, while others do not see or hear, deafened wine pairs. People were sleeping in the open with other people’s wives and husbands, and it is not considered a sin. Group debauchery and violence engulfed the country are European.

February also was unusually dry and sunny — as if on purpose to prove that anticipate the world event, subject only to God, can not nobody … “.

Never, in any month, there was a drought, and astrologers never felt such embarrassment.

“Somehow, in vice and unbelief wait until the first of March, the people rushed from the mountains back to the valley and the city, and found it was full of devastation committed by his own hands …

Closer to July found that “flood”, which was foretold by the 15th of to occur in only one of Prussia, and even then not always. There was a sudden sobering. Breath freely, even the population of Prussia decided that no harm will not, and all finally got down to business …

Elector of Brandenburg alone, followed by the court, all day July 15 held on the hill in sight of all the people under him, and that is because, he is drawn away astronomy believe my calculations course of heavenly bodies. With shame, the whistling and hooting, after sunset, he returned to the palace … “.

“However, these good people have not fallen spirit, and they never stopped believing. Shtofler same, together with the famous Regiomontanom again predicted that in 1588 the world will end, or at least follow some important event, forced to Then the earth. “

“Death Shtoflera was highly symbolic: it struck a huge shelf full of books, most of which were his own creations …

But not for long, this time to continue the “quiet life”, burdened by killing the spirit, because, once started, sinners could not stop. Renowned scholar Pastor Michael Stiefel (1486-1567), who was the author of many valuable works on algebra “(introduced her signs + and — signs for the root, and so on) at the same time, was carried away by a numerical mysticism. He calculated that his contemporary, Pope Leo X is predicted in the “Apocalypse” beast. This idea came to the former Augustinian monk, as he sat in the bath. He jumped out of her, ran down the street naked, proclaiming: “Woe to you, Dad, woe!” Luther was delighted with the “discovery.”

Stiefel, based on his Kabbalistic studies announced that October 13, 1533 will be the flood and the death of the world. In France and Italy, the rich, who believed him were building arks, farmers sold their property in preparation for the coming of the Antichrist. But when the appointed day nothing much happened, Stiefel moved the date to the end of the world in 1588 … People once believed Stiefel, many believe, because heresy is clothed in eloquent words and prelstitelna many deprived of true hearing. Again to resume the sale of the property for pennies, drunkenness and debauchery, the expectation of the Lord’s punishment … “.

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“The new prediction — and another disappointment! And 1588 is not marked by any unusual occurrence. In 1572, it was, however, a strange phenomenon that could justify all the fears: the unknown star suddenly ignited in the constellation Cassiopeia, the star is different dazzling light and was visible even in daylight. Astrologers have declared that it was the star of the Magi, a second appeared to proclaim the last coming of Christ.

The prediction of the destruction of the universe in 1840 is the subject of a long general expectations and fears. 1840 was marked by fatal. The predictions of the most fearsome and terrible poured in from all sides. On January 6 was the last scheduled interchange of human drama. Very many were prepared to the fatal event to end all its affairs, and the hardness expected ultimate destruction. “

“Not once, not twice, many thousands of people have covered indescribable panic in anticipation of floods and earthquakes. While the real death, carrying away many, many lives, always came out of the blue. Wars and epidemics that no one thought to bind to the end of the world because of their tragic familiarity carried off hundreds of thousands of lives.

Arrogance and greed of the European man was regularly punished: the plague is brought to Europe by rats from the ships of merchants from Genoa, arrived from Caffa, syphilis was brought from the New World by the conquistadors and immoderate ubiquitous roamed Europe prostitutes, who did not have any angle, no homeland. Pirates capital Port Royal, where not only did not know God, but also of human laws, the Lord suddenly plunged into the deep, washing shame to the ground.

In the XVIII century, London was waiting for the greatest earthquake. Not once believed many astrological predictions ancient Moscow … “.

“Paris priest Pierre Louis, who lived in the 1840s, a kind of interpretation of the apocalypse has come to the conclusion that the end of the world will follow in 1900.

As for our country, the thought of the imminent end of the world was particularly prevalent among the Russian in the XV century. Thus, to meet her in the annals of the Metropolitan Cyprian, Metropolitan Photius and other teachers. In Sofia chronicles 1459th year written: “zde fear zde sorrow is great: the crucifixion of Christ yakozhe this circle byst 23, Moon 13, the ends of these things summer has revealed Himself in the tea he’s coming of Christ worldwide. Oh, Lord! Umnozhishasya our iniquities on the ground, have mercy, Lord! “Paschal did not announce further 7000 (1492) year, for this year, put a circle and attributed:” Woe to have reached the end of time! “.

“Heretical teachings attributed to numbers with several zeros completely inherent magical powers, which supposedly shake the universe to please Satan. While heretics among his followers deliberately injected fear and lack of will, spread false prophecies about earthquakes and floods, morah and iron, all-consuming fire of heaven …

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Today lzheproritsateli, Warlocks, enticed lost astrology injected fear and uncertainty, announcing unprecedented disaster. “As always at the end of the century, became forgotten words of the righteous saints of the Orthodox, but rise up from the depths of oblivion old doom prophesy. Found that in 1998 — this is triple the number of the beast (666 x 3), and certainly this year is expected doomsday. Others believe if the number of the beast (the opposite) is expressed in the following year, 1999 … And innumerable predicted catastrophes and global world cataclysm … Not forgotten and Michel Nostradamus:

Angolmua as a great king,

Year 1999, seventh month,

Great king of terror will come down from heaven,

At this time, Mars will rule for the sake of the good,

— At the time, as we all know, that Nostradamus prophecies written so vague demonic language that they could be interpreted (if anyone has this hunt) to everyone in their own way. And none of the commentators have not read his texts in their original form, and are translated, interpreted by the translator according to the events have already happened in the world according to the will of God. Moreover, history has convincingly shown that the majority of so-called “prophecies” of Nostradamus magician simply not enforced.

In the new century, new fake prophecy …

Consequently, these prophets prophesy not taught by God and Satan. True revelation meanwhile deliberately forgotten with these “love of wisdom”, because it said that there will be false prophets, servants of Satan, and will take the form angelic, and the world will be the antichrist, and only after the stop force prince of this world hiding behind the mask of good and show the true savage his face. 

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