California Ordiance Bans Smoking at Home

California Ordiance Bans Smoking at Home

1The town of San Rafael, Breitbart news reports today, has enacted a new ordinance that will ban smoking in residences with shared walls, such as apartment buildings and condominiums. The ban will apply both to those who rent such residential units as well as those who own them within the city.

Breitbart news reports, the ordinance “covers any multi-family residence with three or more units, including condominiums, co-ops and apartments. The ban took effect Nov. 14.”

““I’m not aware of any ordinance that’s stronger,” said Rebecca Woodbury, an analyst in the San Rafael’s city manager’s office who helped write the ordinance. She cited studies that found secondhand smoke seeps through walls, ventilation ducts and even cracks as justification for the ordinance,” Breitbart news reported.

George Koodray, state coordinator for Citizens Freedom Alliance and the Smoker’s Club in New Jersey, disputed the notion of secondhand smoking seeping through walls, saying, “The science for that is spurious at best.”

Libertarians and other advocates of individual rights, even those who do not smoke themselves, support the rights of smokers to do so in the privacy of their own homes and oppose the San Rafael ordinance, and see it as an intrustion into individual rights.

Steve Stanek, a researc fellow at the Heartland Institute in Chicago, a free-market oriented think tank, said, “My sympathies arent with smokers because I am one, it’s because of the huge growth in laws and punishments and government restricting people more and more.”