YOUTUBE: More Liberal Sickness . . . And Sickening Too! Youtube Caught Offering DEGENERATE PERVERSION Suggestions In Search Engine

Youtube holds itself out as an "advertiser safe" environment and the company is quick to "de-monetize" any videos THEY determine are "not advertiser friendly." 

Of course, this policy happens to be applied mostly to right-wing or conservative videos . . . . even if the imagery is innocuous;  it's the message that Youtube is concerned about. 

Once Youtube arbitrarily decides a video is "not advertiser friendly" commercials cannot be run for such videos, thus cutting off money to anyone who thinks in ways Youtube doesn't like.

But Youtube has a much darker side; it's own search engine.  Take a look at the FIRST instant-pop-up suggestions the Youtube system displays when someone begins entering the search phrase "how to have" . . . .

Yes, you see that right: Their search engine completes the "how to have" with the Youtube suggestion "sex with your kids"

So much for Youtube's "Advertiser safe" Community Standards!

Deutsche Bank and Mars Pull YouTube Ads After Predatory Videos

Several global brands pulled advertising from YouTube after reports ads were being shown alongside inappropriate content of children. 

Mars Inc., Deutsche Bank AG, Adidas AG and others pulled their ads after The Times in the U.K. reported Friday about the brands’ advertising being broadcast with videos of scantily dressed children that carried inappropriate sexual comments from viewers. Money from the advertising is split between YouTube owner Alphabet Inc. and those who publish the videos.

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed also reported about YouTube videos with millions of views of children in disturbing situations, including being restrained in ropes or tape and crying. The children are often in revealing clothing, Buzzfeed reported.

"There shouldn’t be any ads running on this content and we are working urgently to fix this," YouTube said. "Over the past year, we have been working to ensure that YouTube is a safe place for brands. While we have made significant changes in product, policy, enforcement and controls, we will continue to improve."

Companies including HP Inc., Diageo Plc, Cadbury, and Lidl also pulled ads, according to The Times.

Once again, a left-wing outfit (Youtube) shows its ugly underbelly; and its hypocrisy about what is "advertiser friendly" and what is not.  Maybe if they weren't so fixated on shutting down right-wing political speech, they might actually be able to stop ads from appearing on child-exploitation uploads.

What is happening to our World?

“For those who guide the people are leading them astray; And those who are guided by them are brought to confusion.”Isaiah 9:16

When I read this book "Alive After The Fall" ,I learned a person has to be prepared not just at the onset of a crisis, but throughout the duration of one, you must remain prepared throughout the duration.

This program really gets you ready for what is happening all around us right now, and where things could lead. Video Below

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