YES, The World Seems Like It's Going To Hell ! "Safest" Places To Live In The US


Once and a while I see people asking on the net: Where's the safest place to live in the US(if the SHTF)?
Some people are in search of survival may want to relocate, or even have to(due to disasters,WWIII etc.)

I had recently came across a site poster's summary on the safest regions of the US to live during economic collapse, that sums up the US, not only economically, but also with weather concerns, etc. It offers in quick detail, what regions and states have to deal with.

The Northeast

 A major problem with the Northeast is that it is just so darn crowded. Yes, there are some rural areas, but the overall population density of the region is so high that it would be really hard to go unnoticed for long in the event of a major economic collapse.

Another thing that is not great about the Northeast is that so much of the population lives near the coast. As we saw in Japan recently, living near a coastline is not necessarily a good thing. cont...

The Mid-Atlantic

 The Mid-Atlantic is one of the most beautiful areas of the nation. Unfortunately, it suffers from many of the same problems that the Northeast does.

The Mid-Atlantic has a very high population density. For example, the area around Washington D.C. is pretty much all suburbs for 50 miles in all directions. cont..


Florida is generally not going to be a place that you want to be during an economic collapse. The housing market has absolutely collapsed down there and the crime rate is already very high. It is also very densely populated. cont...

From hurricanes, to crime. Florida, esp., southern is a sand bar, below sea-level in most spots. When I lived there, flooding happened every spring. Whereas the flooding was limited to streets and up to houses sometimes, if the flooding picks up, people may be in real danger. Future Navy maps, show almost the whole state( minus the northern most panhandle) under water.

"This is the painful story of how I lost my father during Katrina…And it was not the storm’s enormous force that killed him… nor the massive floods that followed… and not even the lack of food, water or shelter…"


The economy is suffering, whereas jobs used to flourish. To many people still-despite the exodus a few years ago-, not enough jobs and a decaying housing market that I hear is going to get worse.

The Mid-South

 Where you do not want to be is anywhere near the New Madrid fault zone. The New Madrid fault zone covers portions of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.

The biggest earthquakes in the history of the United States were caused by the New Madrid fault. Many are convinced that we are going to see an absolutely catastrophic earthquake along the New Madrid fault at some point.
So if you want to live in the Mid-South, it is highly recommended that you stay far away from the New Madrid fault zone. cont...

MORE-WARNINGS ISSUED after Sunday Earthquake in Kentucky — INTENSE FEAR of Massive “New Madrid Fault Zone” Quake Soon!

The Upper Mid-West

 The Upper Midwest was once one of the great manufacturing regions of the world, but now much of it is known as the "rust belt".
Formerly great manufacturing cities such as Detroit are now absolute hellholes. Tens of thousands of our factories and millions of our jobs have been shipped overseas.cont..

The Great Plains

 As long as you are far enough away from the New Madrid fault, the Great Plains is not a bad choice.

It is very, very flat out there, and it can be quite windy, but the good news is that you should be able to grow your own food.

In addition, the population density is generally very low in most areas.

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The Southwest

 In the Southwest there are a whole lot of freedom-loving Americans, the weather is very warm and there is a lot of space to get lost.

However, the Southwest is also very dry and in many areas there is not a lot of water. Drought and wildfires are quite common.

In addition, illegal immigration is rampant and is a constant security threat.

Access, if not mistaken, to no longer used bunkers, for purchase, can offer protection. Housing developers are building condos, etc, from the old sub-subterranean missile silos.

The West Coast

 During an economic collapse, the West Coast is not a place that you will really want to be. Just take a look at the state of California already. It is an economic nightmare.

Millions of people have left California over the past couple of decades. The millions of people that have left have been replaced mostly with illegal aliens.

Wildfires, mud slides, etc, pose natural threat.

Despite those concerns, Nuclear Fallout from Japan's plants, have been a worry. Milk that tested positive of radiation*.

*Radiation levels tested throughout the US, yielded results, some lower and higher, that may or may not be a result of the already spread fallout. Always good to be aware.

The Northwest

 Large numbers of freedom-loving Americans have been moving to the states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. You can also throw eastern Washington and eastern Oregon into this category as well.

It gets cold up in the Northwest, but not as cold as the Upper Midwest. There are lots of rivers, streams and lakes and in certain areas there is plenty of rain.

The population density is very low in most areas and there is an abundance of wildlife. Housing prices are reasonable and in many areas you can grow your own food.

The downfall, while being protected by the mountains is the volcanic, some of it dormant-which can wake, activity. While not immune to natural disasters, wildfires, floods(happening right now in May) and snow disasters can happen. Not to forget the Yellowstone caldera and faultlines-which cause shaking sometimes.

Housing is cheaper, but jobs can be limited(minus logging & health care), food prices higher and sometimes taxed. Gas right now is pretty cheap in some Inland NW areas.

Nuclear Disaster wise, The NW and West Coast(minus So Ca) is pretty safe. 

The Western US is largely replacing the Mid-West as the farming capital of the US. Great area for those in agriculture or studying to be.

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Alaska And Hawaii

Neither Alaska or Hawaii is recommended. Alaska lies along the "Ring of Fire" and it is very, very cold. Also, almost everything has to be either shipped or flown into Alaska. In the event of a real economic collapse, supplies to Alaska could be cut off and shortages could develop very quickly.

Hawaii has a huge population and it does not have a lot of room. Like Alaska, most supplies have to be either shipped in or flown in. And one really bad tsunami could pretty much wipe Hawaii out. cont...

AK, coastal areas, has tsunami potential. The mild coastal areas, offer many fishing related jobs, but due to earthquakes and tsunami potential can be a risky place to live.

Conclusion :

Of course, as always with relocating, do as much research as possible, to decide if that's where you want to live.
Also, feel free to add details and facts of where you live to help others.

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