Will We Be Ready When China & Russia Attack The US? What Is The Satanic Agenda Behind Provoking Russia Into WW3? [News & Videos ]



With news now out that Russian missile parts were allegedly found at the crash site of MH-17 in Ukraine, we can see the rush towards WW3 kicking into overdrive as the past few days we have learned that unlike any other wars that Americans have known in our lifetimes, World War 3 won’t be fought in some far away place with names most Americans cannot even pronounce but right here on our own home soil.

Will we be ready when the Russians and Chinese attack the US and what is the satanic agenda behind provoking Russia into WW3? Is what we may soon see unfolding here in America in order to fulfill Albert Pike’s 3rd world war scenario, leading to the rise of lucifer’s ‘new world order’?

Over the next several days, ANP will examine what REAL war on American soil may look like. Last month international lawyer Barry Grossman warned us that many in the US establishment want war with Russia for economic profits. We need only look at this new story from the International Business Times to see what such a decision by our ‘leaders’ would lead to via a statement made by former Fox News producer Jack Hanick who tells us that Russia WILL COME to US territory if the US continues to poke the very patient Russian bear.:
“If new hostilities start, Russia will not let the war be a proxy war where the US supplies weapons and advisors and lets others do the ‘boots on the ground’ combat.”

Russia will take the war to the US.”



With two Russian warships having recently docked in northern Iran for a series of training exercises, how long will it be until a real ‘Red Dawn’ invasion hits American shores, or, are they ALREADY HERE just waiting for the word to let loose hell’s fires after a Barack Obama attack upon Syria or another ‘false flag’ attack in the Ukraine? All News Pipeline has put out a number of stories about reports that have come in of Russian men  in America suspected of being Russian spetsnaz. Will we soon find out why they’re here?

According to Grossman, our leaders are itching for and almost ecstatic over the possibility of war with Russia. We have to wonder what they think they’ll gain for such a war, which we now know will also lead to war here with potentially millions of dead Americans on our own soil – so the elite can profit.



“There are many people in the US establishment who would be ecstatic about a shooting war with Russia since that would send the US economy and their own profits in to overdrive,” he told Press TV on Thursday.

He added that the latest comments made by US Air Force Secretary Deborah James about considering Russia as the “biggest threat” to American national security is an indication of Washington’s addiction to militarism.

“The United States, in short, is addicted to militarism and these comments, like Russia is the biggest threat to America are best seen as being comments made in a marketing campaign,” he said.



“When they say things like this, they are conceding that they cannot compete with countries like Russia unless that country fully embraces the US dominated international system, with all that entails about the financial sector, ownership, and unqualified commitment to this military stage of the Pax Americana” the analyst explained.


A March 2015 story from Global Research told us that upcoming ‘US/NATO Military Operations were aimed at Russia’. They warned us “THIS IS A DECLARATION OF WAR .” This new story from Global Research is called “Obama Heads For Full-Scale War In Syria.”

Whether naivete, stupidity or HOPING for full-fledged upon Americans on American soil, Obama’s next war anywhere around the world could quickly be met with instant karma as Russia and China launch full-scale war upon the American people. With Russia now doing military training with Iran, does anyone think that it won’t happen here? A perfect storm is brewing.:

Jim Hutchens of The Jerusalem Connection said it best: “The catastrophic results of the Obama administration’s deal with Iran are readily apparent and have been widely touted. What has not been noted is that our narcissistic, self-absorbed president has prematurely achieved his demonic obsession for a legacy.  

“He will be known throughout eternity as the one who jump-started the process that produced the most destructive nuclear holocaust in the history of humanity–the slaughter of a third of mankind–over two and a third billion people.” (Revelation 6)

The video below from the Hagmann and Hagmann Report takes a look at the march towards world war 3 as they delve into what we are now witnessing, the transformation into a world government as China and Russia pick up in their aggressiveness towards America with cyber attacks that have hacked into massive amounts of information about our government and military and gaining possibly unlimited personnel information about our men and women serving in uniform and their families. In the 2nd video below from the AP, we learn about the BUK Russian missiles allegedly found in the Ukraine? More WW3 propaganda?

The next story in this series will focus upon the beginning of WW3 upon American soil. The 1st 3 days.





Source:ALL NEWS PIPELINE http://allnewspipeline.com


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