WARNINGS: Don't Wait For The Government To Save You, They Will Be Worried With Other Things.EMP Preparedness Plan . Develop A Family Plan.

2"We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology." - Carl Sagan

Talk with the kids about an EMP scenario and discuss a realistic plan of action on
where to meet and have a contingency plan if the first location is not available.
Schools likely will not release children. Be sure to discuss your course of action and
include the details in your personal survival manual.

In advance of an EMP, your
family should recognize the signs and take immediate action. Siblings in school could
band together with an approved family plan of action, which may at one point
include a secret evacuation from school officials. Every family plan is different, and
depending on location, it may not be appropriate for children to wander the streets
of chaos. Pack a letter with children on the approved plan of action, which would
include meeting locations and alternatives. Children should know to reference the
letter in the event of an emergency.

WARNING VIDEO:What Would Happen in an EMP Nuclear Attack Over Your Skies?


Discuss medicines as part of your family plan. If you take medicines get extras now, while you can. Asthma, diabetes, heart disease... Whatever medications you require, you must stockpile as best you can. Unfortunately, those with diabetes will have a more difficult consequence as the shelf life is rather short.

Have a plan to take care of your family's sanitation needs.

Mitigate your fire risks. Plan to risk of fire: own several fire extinguishers. 

Left, a fire blanket is another good prepper find.


How to Survive an EMP: 12 Steps


  1. Understand what an EMP can do. Due to the fact that non-shielded computers will stop working, and that nowadays life is led by computers, you must understand that the water and food supply will stop, and that hospitals will stop working. Planes in the air will fall, since they are controlled by computers and electronic circuits.
  2. Motorized vehicles will stop on their tracks. You will be left with a useless can of metal full of melted circuits. You must go on foot, or maybe on bike. Maybe even a horse, but it's unlikely you have one.

       Method 1 of 2: Preparation


  1. Buy a bike and learn to ride it. Transportation means will be one of your major concerns in case of an EMP, you won't want to be left stranded and forced to walk on foot.
  2. Buy non-perishable food and bottled water. Preferably dehydrated food, since it's lighter, but canned or jarred food will do. Don't buy a 5-liter bottle, instead, buy several half-liter small bottles, they are easier to arrange, end you can have some with drinkable water and others with water to purify later. Just make sure you can tell them apart.
  3. Make a BOB (Bug Out Bag). This "72 Hour Survival Kit" will serve greatly when you need to Bug Out (flee), and can provide you with the essentials for a longer stay in the wilderness. Make sure you can run with it .1
  4. Assemble a survival group. Just make sure there is a good mix of essential skills. Remember, hacking a computer will serve no purpose after an EMP.

Method 2 of 2: Survival


  1. Monitor the news channels. If there is a threat of nuclear war near your home, leave the area immediately.
  2. They will be overcrowded, possibly causing a major gridlock. Instead, use smaller, unknown routes only used by farmers or cattle.
  3. 1
    Stay hidden. Make as little movement as possible, close the curtains after sunset, and avoid making noise.
  4. 1
    Place guards. You will want to know if a mob is rushing towards your BOL (Bug Out Location).
  5. 1
    Get ready to eliminate any possible threats. Anyone can be your enemy. Don't let anyone you don't know well and don't know if they won't do anything bad into your BOL. Never, ever.
  6. 1
    Keep the spirits up. Music, games and activities can help to keep the morale up.


  • If you have firearms, keep them with you, as many desperate people will potentially get violent.
  • Do whatever you must in order to survive.
  • Always have an escape route ready.
  • If you have bicycles, make sure you have spare parts. (i.e. brakes, tire tubes, derailleur chains, brake discs, etc.) because obviously, your vehicle is permanently disabled.
  • Get a Bug Out Bag (BOB). you can buy these fully equipped or you can fill them yourself.
  • In times of need you either stick to your morals and die, or survive, so be ready to do anything to protect yourself and family.
  • Do your research. It is possible to find cars that are EMP proof. If they are made before a certain year. (Believed to be 1975.)
  • Remember that an EMP doesn't always come from a detonating warhead, coronal mass ejections can cause this too.


The likeliness that every person you've ever known who's friend or family will survive is not 100%.

If you have an adequate shelter, everyone might want to stay with you.

The government will likely put your country under martial law.

Don't wait for the government to save you, they will be worried with other things.

Don't try to ride a horse without proper training, it can result in serious injury or even death.

Avoid large cities as many places will be looted and/or set ablaze, where law enforcement is severely disabled.

EMP Attack on America - 2015 Warning




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