WARNING Earthquake : US & Chinese Troops Train On US Soil For Major Earthquake ( VIDEO )


Although the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake didn't make it into the U.S. Geological Survey's top 7 biggest California earthquakes, it is perhaps the best remembered today since it occurred during the 1989 World Series, caused 63 deaths and more than 3,000 injuries.

The exchange this week brought about 80 soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army to a military base in the continental U.S. for the first time.

It marked a progression in an 11-year sequence of formal exchanges between the two armies focused on preparing for natural disasters.

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1Destruction: A freeway shows damage in the 1994 Northridge earthquake, which affected half a million people. Experts said that a massive earthwuake would now affect up to 10 million people

Over a matter of hours a California road went from being a straight and stable thruway to a gnarled mess pushed up by a hillside sliding underneath it.

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Vasquez Canyon Road, in Los Angeles County's Santa Clarita Valley, has been closed indefinitely after it mysteriously buckled late last week and became an undulating strip of cracked pavement.

1Impact: Experts worry that a major earthquake along the San Andreas fault line sould cut off Los Angeles and much of Southern California from the rest of the country

'With the development of the Internet and the new just-in-time economy, none of them store food on the Los Angeles side of the San Andreas anymore,'

'So this is one more place where the development of the complexity of our modern society is creating new vulnerabilities as we face the big earthquakes.'

Similarly, two thirds of the connectivity between L.A. and other cities travels through fiber-optic cables that cross the fault line, meaning that data capacity would be cut off.

Damage to technology could put back the recovery effort months after the earthquake, she said.

'The World Wide Web wasn’t in existence at the time of the Northridge earthquake,' 

'Right now think of how much both your personal life, but also our economic system, depends on having cell phone communications and internet connectivity.'

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Cut off: The San Andreas fault line can be seen in relation to San Francisco. Experts said that our reliance on the internet and technology - which would be wiped out - could hinder recovery

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Video show that the road began jutting up quickly on last Thursday, and soil was still shifting in the area on Monday after cracking and rising more than 15 feet in places.

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