WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT-ISIS Releases Horrific Execution Video Setting Hanging Prisoners On Fire-ISIS Unveils its Osama Bin Laden School in Syria As The Islamist Group Continues Its Reign Of Terror in Rebel-Held Parts of The Country


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New ISIS propaganda reveals the psychological torture and death of four Iraqi Shia prisoners accused of fighting the terrorist group.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - The video begins with the four prisoners dressed in orange jumpsuits introducing themselves to the camera and describing their roles in fighting ISIS.

After their introductions, the men are forced to watch videos of Shia's paramilitary forces burning ISIS corpses. One video the prisoners saw featured Abu Azrael, a well-known poster boy of the Imam Ali Brigade, an Iranian-backed unit fighting with the Iraqi army against ISIS.

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In the video, Azrael is using a large sword to hack at a charred ISIS fighter. He carves away at the body before turning to the camera and saying, "ISIS, this will be your fate, we will cut you like shawarma."
After forced to watch the videos, the four prisoners are marched into the desert by ISIS militants in black uniforms.


They were then chained by their wrists and ankles to  a metal structure and tufts of hay were positioned beneath them. A line of fuel is poured from the straw toward the ISIS members and a torch is lit. The video shows slow-motion flames traveling along the fuel. a

As the flames dance across the sand, the prisoners are forced to watch in horror before being burned to death.

ISIS continues to torture and murder people every day; those facing ISIS' horrors need our prayers now more than ever.

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Islamic State extremists have set up a new learning centre in Syria dubbed 'Osama Bin Laden' school.
The religious school, named after the mastermind of the the 9/11 attacks and former leader of Al Qaeda, has been set up in a town held by ISIS militants.

It comes as new pictures emerged showing the beheading of three civilians in Raqqa, another of Islamic State’s strongholds in the war-torn country.

In the school,their major act ivies here is executions,The public executions were carried out with the victims accused of 'cursing God' and committing 'sorcery'.

The school has been opened in Manbij, a small ISIS held town in northern Syria.


The facility has already started religious instruction classes for residents living in the town, offering classes in Islamic State’s extremist brand of Sharia law.


Manbij was once a Free Syrian Army (FSA) stronghold before it was overrun by ISIS. a

Hmmm! this is incredulous that this could happen in our time...

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