War Is Coming, The Whole World Knows It Except The People Of The United States.Wake Up People!

On the surface, things seem pretty quiet in mid. The biggest news stories are about the speculation surrounding Donald Trump’s choice of running mate, the stock market in the U.S. keeps setting new all-time record highs, and the media seems completely obsessed with Taylor Swift’s love life.

But underneath the surface, it is a very different story. As you will see below, the conditions for a “perfect storm” are coming together very rapidly, and the rest promises to be much more chaotic than what we have seen so far.

Let’s start with China.The Chinese government announced ahead of time that they do not recognize the jurisdiction of the tribunal, and they have absolutely no intention of abiding by the ruling. In fact, China is becoming even more defiant in the aftermath of this ruling. We aren’t hearing much about it in the U.S. media, but according to international news reports Chinese president Xi Jinping has ordered the People’s Liberation Army “to prepare for combat” with the United States if the Obama administration presses China to abandon the islands that they are currently occupying in the South China Sea…

“Chinese president Xi Jinping has reportedly ordered the People’s Liberation Army to prepare for combat,” reports Arirang.com. “U.S.-based Boxun News said Tuesday that the instruction was given in case the United States takes provocative action in the waters once the ruling is made.”

A U.S. aircraft carrier and fighter jets were already sent to the region in anticipation of the ruling, with the Chinese Navy also carrying out exercises near the disputed Paracel islands.

Last October, China said it was “not frightened” to fight a war with the U.S. following an incident where the guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen violated the 12-nautical mile zone China claims around Subi and Mischief reefs in the Spratly archipelago.

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Meanwhile, the relationship between the United States and Russia continues to go from bad to worse. The installation of a missile defense system in Romania is just the latest incident that has the Russians absolutely steaming, and during a public appearance on June 17th Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to get western reporters to understand that the world is being pulled toward war…

“We know year by year what’s going to happen, and they know that we know. It’s only you that they tell tall tales to, and you buy it, and spread it to the citizens of your countries. You people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger – this is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? While they pretend that nothing is going on. I don’t know how to get through to you anymore.

Warning Signs!Most Americans do not know how to use warning signs or even recognize them if they occur, other than those that were once given by sirens sounding, which were stopped at the end of the cold war.Yes!You Can Survive A Nuclear Blast –Video Below

And of course the Russians have been feverishly updating and modernizing their military in preparation for a potential future conflict with the United States. Just today we learned that the Russians are working to develop a hypersonic strategic bomber that is going to have the capability of striking targets with nuclear warheads from outer space.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration does not feel a similar sense of urgency. The size of our strategic nuclear arsenal has declined by about 95 percent since the peak of the Cold War, and many of our installations are still actually using rotary phones and the kind of 8 inch floppy disks for computers that were widely used back in the 1970s.

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I don’t expect war with China or Russia to erupt by the end of 2016. Of much more immediate concern is what is going on in the Middle East. The situation in Syria continues to deteriorate, but it is Israel that could soon be the center of attention.

Back in March, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Obama administration wanted to revive the peace process in the Middle East before Obama left office, and that a UN Security Council resolution that would divide the land of Israel and set the parameters for a Palestinian state was still definitely on the table…

The White House is working on plans for reviving long-stalled Middle East negotiations before President Barack Obama leaves office, including a possible United Nations Security Council resolution that would outline steps toward a deal between the Israelis and Palestinians, according to senior U.S. officials.

And just this week, the Washington Post reported that there were renewed “rumblings” about just such a resolution…

Israel is facing a restive European Union, which is backing a French initiative that seeks to outline a future peace deal by year’s end that would probably include a call for the withdrawal of Israeli troops and the creation of a Palestinian state.

There are also rumblings that the U.N. Security Council might again hear resolutions about the conflict.

For years, Barack Obama has stressed the need for a Palestinian state, and now that his second term is drawing to a close he certainly realizes that this is his last chance to take action at the United Nations. If he is going to pull the trigger and support a UN resolution formally establishing a Palestinian state, it will almost certainly happen before the election in November. So over the coming months we will be watching these developments very carefully.

And it is interesting to note that there is an organization called “Americans For Peace Now” that is collecting signatures and strongly urging Obama to support a UN resolution of this nature. The following comes from their official website…

Now is the time for real leadership that can revive and re-accredit the two-state solution as President Obama enters his final months in office. And he can do this –he can lay the groundwork for a two-state agreement in the future by supporting an Israeli-Palestinian two-state resolution in the United Nations Security Council.


Such a resolution would restore U.S. leadership in the Israeli-Palestinian arena. It would preserve the now-foundering two-state outcome. And it would be a gift to the next president, leaving her or him constructive options for consequential actions in the Israeli-Palestinian arena, in place of the ever-worsening, politically stalemated status quo there is today.

Sadly, a UN resolution that divides the land of Israel and that formally establishes a Palestinian state would not bring lasting peace. Instead, it would be the biggest mistake of the Obama era, and it would set the stage for a major war between Israel and her neighbors. This is something that I discussed during a recent televised appearance down at Morningside that you can watch right here…

At the same time all of this is going on, the global economic crisis continues to escalate. Even though U.S. financial markets are in great shape at the moment, the same cannot be said for much of the rest of the world.

Just look at the country that is hosting the Olympics this summer. Brazil is mired in the worst economic downturn that it has seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s, andRio de Janeiro’s governor has declared “a state of financial emergency“.

Next door, the Venezuelan economy has completely collapsed, and some people have become so desperate that they are actually hunting cats, dogs and pigeons for food.

Elsewhere, China is experiencing the worst economic downturn that they have seen in decades, the Japanese are still trying to find the end of their “lost decade” and the banking crisis in Europe is getting worse with each passing month.

In quite a few articles recently, I have discussed the ongoing implosion of the biggest and most important bank in Germany. But I am certainly not the only one warning about this. In one of his recent articles, Simon Black also commented on the turmoil at “the most dangerous bank in Europe”…

Well-capitalized banks are supposed to have double-digit capital levels while making low risk investments.

Deutsche Bank, on the other hand, has a capital level of less that 3% (just like Lehman), and an incredibly risky asset base that boasts notional derivatives exposure of more than $70 trillion, roughly the size of world GDP.

But of course Deutsche Bank isn’t getting a lot of attention from the mainstream media right now because of the stunning meltdown of banks in Italy, Spain and Greece. Here is more from Simon Black…

Italian banks are sitting on over 360 billion euros in bad loans right now and are in desperate need of a massive bailout.

IMF calculations show that Italian banks’ capital levels are among the lowest in the world, just ahead of Bangladesh.

And this doesn’t even scratch the surface of problems in other banking jurisdictions.

Spanish banks have been scrambling to raise billions in capital to cover persistent losses that still haven’t healed from the last crisis.

In Greece, over 35% of all loans in the banking system are classified as “non-performing”.

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Even though U.S. stocks are doing well for the moment, the truth is that trillions of dollars of stock market wealth has been lost globally since this time last year. If you are not familiar with what has been going on around the rest of the planet, this may come as a surprise to you. During my recent appearance at Morningside, I shared some very startling charts which show how dramatically global markets have shifted over the past 12 months. You can view the segment in which I shared these charts right here…

I would really like it if the rest of 2017 was as quiet and peaceful as the past couple of days have been.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that is going to be the case at all.

The storm clouds are rising and the conditions for a “perfect storm” are brewing. Sadly,most people are not going to understand what is happening until it is far too late.

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      • Luel Ras Mesfin Haile Selassie I 4 August, 2016 at 20:41 Reply

        What about the Ethiopian prophecy of an Ethiopian Shiloh ecclesiastically conquering the vicar pope?

        For as long as the man (vicar pope) of international lawlessness and commercial sin exist in global commerce, prophecy can still be fulfilled through any Ethiopian orthodox human rights prophet who invoke the Emperors universal human rights works.

    • Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg 4 August, 2016 at 19:31 Reply

      Due to the impossibility of aligning the NWO-UN-EU-USACorp with cosmic accountability statutes ~*~ Whereas there’s a Karmic [accountability] law: whatever an individual soul does with respect to Universe Justice, one has an obligation to narrate (as a Pindar). … Just as the Jesuit-Masonic NWO narrates its progress, anybody who >reachesET Strike Force< to align with non-NWO forces and to remove allied Luciferian, Zionist and Islamic terrorists, who by their dogma pursue genocide and omnicide. The Official Karmic Invaders will arrive by Jewish [galactic] New Year, Rosh Hashanah. You can say I said this.

    • Diseased Turtle 24 October, 2016 at 21:07 Reply

      ..as the Ancient Ones have said , the end of time and the beginning of time at the same time
      December 21 , 2012
      The Change has come

  1. Linda pederson 18 July, 2016 at 05:26 Reply

    It’s inevitable with all certainly there will be a downfall in the US. I feel it. This country (world) has lost all it’s valued morals. It’s greed, power and control that has infected the minds of people. And most of those sinners hide behind their religion. Well let me tell you God isn’t going to be there to help you through this one. So hang on for the ride

    • Glenn C Darr 5 August, 2016 at 01:20 Reply

      Matthew 24 is certainly describing not only the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70, it is describing the end times of this world, which is now.

  2. Amy Wilson 20 July, 2016 at 03:23 Reply

    I’d say we brought this on ourselves, but I’m a hardcore Republican so I’m not part of the problem. The DEMOCRATS brought this on us. Thanks, guys. If you want your knife back it’s still in my back.

    • Cytonuck 5 August, 2016 at 00:15 Reply

      No, if you’re a supporter of either of these “two” parties then you are a part of the problem… Are you seriously suggesting our problems began in 2008? Both of these parties have been screwing us for years and lemmings like you fall right in line.

    • Luke O’Connor 18 October, 2016 at 10:00 Reply

      The NWO was talked about by Bush sr. ALL the Bushes are evil. Do your studying and don’t be fooled as you obviously are. It’s the Bilderburgs. It has nothing to do with reps or dems. Read David Rockefellers quotes.

  3. ray fuentes 21 July, 2016 at 02:10 Reply

    There´s a saying for all of this and is during tribulations we would be tested to see what we are made of, and definitely there is a universal law, principle of all living things that are created, beggining and ending. Surely we have being bless for the existential experience in this earth, at the end what never ends lives withing the mind and the spirit. Those who were able to abide to the 10 commandments of god, and received the spirit in the form of communion with god and the brothers and sisters of this world, there is a new beggining in another world in a higher couscieness level, but certainly those whom the name of the lord never represent a meaning for them, neither his promises theywill eventually have to stay here, the world as we see it is coming to an end, i would say nothing lasts forever, but our soul is ethernal. The reap comes after the harvest, and we eat what we seed. I think God, has been preparing us, for the worst. Knowing or unknowingly has given the signals for a new beggining base on that of faith, it´s not our souls who perishes but the mind and the corpse.

    As we see, the development tragedies in a global basis, it wouldn´t be easy to say, there is a way out. Since everything is going global now, where can you picture the US, within 10 to 20 years from now, …………

    Right now the only, thing we can do is pray, initiate an internal path of love within us, and others, because that what we seed, we take at the end of life every soul, is shown in a movie, all her/his acts on life, and then comes the judgement, at very sight.

    Goverments, and politicians are all of them a delusion, of reality we were meant to be control by the state, the gov, and the media, so the result is an unsustainable nation, among the nations, that eventually will crack down into their own foundations, as a result of corruption, hipocresy, lies, and warfare taking away our own civil rights, to quit the goverment off the handle, it´s the peoples nations, the warriors of this planet are still dormant, but eventually will be call upon the masses, once the system starts cracking which it really is right now, but in a hurry, to create and put patches, to keep it going a few more miles, like a wreck car with a broken destination.

    Never give up, your constitutional rights of speech, expression, liberty and truth, as this are the real values in this world summon, to the RULE of LOVE, and not the rule of law.

    The new world order, their darkest hours, and their plans will eventually fail, as “WE the People”, of this world, that live in a free country, reject and abolish any unconstitutional martial law, that will prevent us from freely express our minds, we the people will pack a load of guns, and weapons and enforce a civil mass war against the traitors of this world, be it on the right or the left wing of this country, we the people are ready to fight back our rights that have been, silently taken out of the constitution, bypassing the congress and all the nations will and faith, of this and any other country.

    We are ready, as said of the voice of a prophet: Strive to Survive, and Excell to succeed in this world…………………

    VIP, RIP

  4. anthonyebaker 29 July, 2016 at 03:51 Reply

    The ABM’s we just placed in Romania is the proverbial straw that broke the back as far as the Russians are concerned. Putin has been trying to reach out to world journalists to try and get the word out as to how dangerous this has pushed the world toward war but it seems no one is really listening.

    As for China, the man made islands are the rubicon. Why do we want to push a war all the way on the other side of the world in the opposite hemisphere?

    Turkey is rising as the 8th beast of Revelations and Erdogan really appears to be a good candidate for the AC right now. Islam is obviously the beast system of the time of the end.

    The world is filled now with Muslim refugees. Who does not see that as a problem?

    In the US the police are being demonized. The police is the final thin line to maintaining civilization. Anarchy and death is on the other side of that line!

    Do you really need more?

    • Consciousness 7 October, 2016 at 14:18 Reply

      Are you serious? These people want all western influence out of their country. Western countries are going into these places stealing the resources in the name of democracy. Women and children are being slaughtered and sent into refuge camps. Over 500 million people have died in the name of Christianity. List all of the wars over the last 400 years and Christianity has been at the heart of it. The reason the Middle East is having issue is because of dogma just India/Pakistan, and the Koreas as well.

  5. Lance 5 August, 2016 at 09:24 Reply

    Its right on our door step. We will see this.

    The Battle of Gog and Magog
    How Ezekiel 38 predicts the coming of World War III

    The Bible tells us that in the End Times, in the Last Days, there will be another world war, and it will be with a group of nations, led by Russia and Iran, surrounding the nation of Israel, to plunder her resources and steal her wealth. We find this prophecy in the 38th chapter of the book of Ezekiel


  6. Gregory King 9 October, 2016 at 14:04 Reply

    If you know these things, It shouldn’t surprise you of the outcome. Just be ready and trust in God and what the Lord Jesus Christ has said. With all these things happening in front of our faces and So Many Still Don’t DON’T BELIEVE THAT JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY AND THAT HE WAS GOD IN THE FLESH. Those that has been born of God According to His Word Has Nothing to be afraid of because We Know Whom We Trust and that He is able to keep that which we have committed to Him. Having this Seal, God Know Those that are His and let Everyone that names the Name of Jesus Christ Depart from iniquity.

  7. nbakay 18 October, 2016 at 04:41 Reply

    Found this Statement of Karen Hudes in one of her fdf.

    We are now in a holding pattern. Despite desperate noise from the now-highly discredited mainstream and so-called alternative media, we are not in WWIII, and paper currencies are not crashing. People know that the Global Currency Reset is underway. We are going to take just as long as necessary to get the job done right. That is because we (the coalition for the rule of law consisting of the US, the BRICS, the G-77, Japan, Germany, France, and the good people living in these countries) are now in charge, and we refuse to pay interest on the scam called country debt. The international banks (and central banks) are now in receivership inside the Global Debt Facility. The accounting issues as these banks are wound down are going to take many years, but we will not be rushed, and things will proceed transparently, allowing people to get themselves organized and up to speed.

    Source Link: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter10.5.16.1.pdf

    Truth, Love and Light will set us free…
    God Bless…us all his creation.

  8. nbakay 18 October, 2016 at 04:50 Reply

    US of A was in interregnum (An interregnum (plural interregna or interregnums) is a period of discontinuity or “gap” in a government, organization, or social order.)It is under state capture by the Network of Global Corporate Control (identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/1107/1107.5728v2.pdf ) and Obama is only the CEO of US corporation.

    The US Congress has suspended the Constitution of 1789 every year since 1871 behind closed doors in a State of Emergency [Senate Report 93-539. http://www.barefootsworld.net/war_ep1.html ]

    The contemporary so-called Federal Government, i.e., the terrain of the District of Columbia is actually the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation. That is, the “United States,” is located in the District of Columbia and doing business as “United States™” and “United States®.”

    Truth, Love and Light will set us free…
    God Bless…us all his creation.