Want to Be Smart? Learn 35 New Ways To Save Your Money With COUPONS (video)-7 Ingredients Swaps That Will Save You Money


Print these coupons to save on healthy soups, eggs, kid favorites and even a couple of pantry staples to start stocking up for the holidays.

Some well-meaning person put up a graphic this morning about how many days we have left until Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was not amused. I still haven't accepted that summer officially turned into fall over a week ago, and I am absolutely ignoring the leaves covering my front lawn.

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But, for those of you who like to plan and stock up for holiday cooking and baking, now is probably the time your planning gene is kicking into full gear. There are a couple of coupons in this month's roundup that you'll want to pay attention to, especially if you can match them with store sales. There's one for Imagine Broth that can be used to flavor the stuffing for your Thanksgiving dinner or in a pot pie to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers. Better than Bouillon will probably come in handy over the holidays. And, there's a coupon for Florida Crystals Organic Sugar for your cakes, pies, and cookies.



There are plenty of other coupons in this month's options to help save money on weeknight dinners, and I've included a couple of recipe ideas.

Happy saving!

Mambo Sprouts

  • Applegate Sliced Deli Meat $1/1
  • Sun Cups $1/2
  • Kits Organic Bars $.75/1
  • Pacific Foods Polenta $1/1
  • Pacific Foods Steel Cut Oats $1/1
  • Sophie's Kitchen Vegan Seafood $1/1
  • Madhava Agave or Honey $1/1
  • Ruby Rockets Pops Buy One Get One Free
  • Stonyfield Yogurt $1.25/2
  • Just Mayo $.50/1
  • Earth Balance $1/1
  • Organic Valley Snack Sticks $1/1
  • CLIF Bars $1/4
  • Once Again Nut Butters $1/1
  • Several others you may be interested in
  • Recipe Idea: Use the coupon for Just Mayo and make Roasted Potato Beet Salad with Green Beans and Creamy Balsamic


Target (must be used at Target stores)

  • Fresh fruits, vegetables, bakery items and deli $3 off/$15 or more
  • Annie's Organic Soup Cartons $.75/1
  • Larabar $.75/1
  • Food Should Feel Good Chips $.75/1
  • Horizon Mac and Cheese $.75/2
  • Better Than Bouillon $.75/1
  • Simply Balanced Snacks $1 off/$5 or more
  • Learn more about Target's Simply Balanced line.
  • Learn tips to save the most money at Target.

Whole Foods (must be used at Whole Foods stores)

  • Jackson's Honest Potato Chips $1/1
  • Melt Organic Spread $1/1
  • Organic Valley Sour Cream $1/1
  • Saffron Road Product $1/1
  • Toigo Orchards Apple Products $1/1
  • Imagine Soup or Broth $1/1
  • Back to Nature Items $1.50/2
  • Alexia Item $.75/1


  • Kidfresh Meal $1.50/1
  • Larabar Bars $.75/3
  • Food Should Taste Good Chips $.75/1
  • Horizon Mac and Cheese $.75/1
  • Orgain Organic Almond Milk $1.50/1
  • Better than Bouillon $.75/1
  • Recipe Idea: Use the coupon for Better than Bouillon to buy their Vegetarian No Chicken Base and make Slow Cooker White Beans.

water3Smart Source

  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce (organic option) $.55/1
  • Land O'Lakes Eggs (organic options) $.35/1
  • Earth Balance Spread $1/1
  • Florida Crystals Organic Sugar $.55/1

Note: Products labeled natural or all-natural are very loosely regulated. Some of them may contain genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).

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7 ingredients swaps that will save you money


Reducing your weekly grocery bill is not simply a matter of spending less. You also need to cook smart to get the most for your money while producing meals the whole family will enjoy. When ingredient prices are sky high, sub in cheaper alternatives and save dough without sacrificing deliciousness.

To do that successfully, you have to follow a few simple rules.

General principles of substitution

Substitute ingredients with similar properties and flavor profiles. (For example, dry curd cottage cheese makes an acceptable replacement for ricotta; both are semi-solid and mildly cheesy tasting.) This is especially important when certain chemical reactions are necessary to make your cake or cookies rise. Baking soda, for instance, is activated only when combined with mild acid such as fruit juice or brown sugar.


Much depends on the texture of the dish you'd like to create — a "loose" mixture like salad or Bolognese sauce is a great deal more forgiving than a soufflé.

Some ingredients can be left out altogether if necessary, particularly those used for seasoning and garnishes, with only a slight loss of flavor. When the vanilla a recipe calls for is beyond your budget, we strongly recommend omitting it rather than using artificial, highly inferior vanillin.

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Texture as well as cooking times may also be altered by using substitutes. If the missing ingredient is the highlight of the dish, try another recipe. And as with all cooking, don't attempt major changes when preparing food for an important event such as a formal dinner party.

As your experience grows, so will your substitution self-confidence. Using what you have on hand or can afford will become a way of life; if you have a little red wine leftover, you'll use that instead of wine vinegar. If you have a bit of wine vinegar, you'll use that in place of wine (in a dish where the extra acidity is acceptable), and leftover wine can be frozen for future use.

Sample substitutions

Balsamic vinegar: Save big time by subbing in good quality vinegar made from fruit, sherry, or red wine.

Candied fruit: Use dried fruit, chopped fine, instead. This makes for a healthier, tastier fruitcake. Ring some additional changes by subbing drained juice-packed pineapple for part of the fruit. (Save the juice to rev up a fruit salad.)


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Frozen pie crust: Making your own is a hassle, but you can save time and money by doubling or tripling the recipe to produce several crusts assembly-line-style. Stack the excess crusts, unbaked, and freeze. When you're ready to use one, fill while still frozen. Cover with streusel topping, if desired.

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Ground beef: Cheaper ground turkey has a similar mouth feel, fewer calories, and more iron. For a heartier taste, mix in a 50:50 ratio with ground beef. Alternatively, cut down the amount of ground meat in chili or burritos; make up the difference with cooked beans or millet.

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Instant oatmeal packets: Make your own convenient single-serve packages by adding 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/4 cup each of raisins and chopped walnuts (or more if desired) to 3 cups quick-cooking oats. Stir and bag as 1/2 cup servings.

Sour cream: Replace measure for measure with plain, unsweetened yogurt. Lower price and less fat!

Unsalted butter: Unsalted butter is often preferred for baking because it helps control the amount of salt in your finished product. However, the less expensive, more readily available salted version can be successfully substituted if you reduce the recipe's salt by one-half teaspoon per cup of butter.



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