Turkish Gov't MEMO Proves Turkey Covertly Recruiting and Housing Al-Qaida Terrorists to Fight Inside Syria!


After months of DENYING they are assisting Al-Qaida and other terrorists inside Syria, the government of Turkey has been caught red-handed doing exactly that!

A memo written, issued and signed by Muammer Guler the Turkish Interior Minister is shown below:


According to Google Translate, the memo says:


Hatay province
Number: 21714546-47201 (81340) 224-5826 / 42438 Date 3/15/2013

Subject: Provision of by providing regional interests of the Turkish Republic (TR) comprehensive support for the Mujahideen Dzhebhat al-Nusra, leading the fight in Syria against the strengthening of the positions of the Syrian Kurdish "Party of Democratic Union" and thus preventing the expansion of the separatist organization "PKK" in the framework following claims. Placement of the Mujahideen in the welfare facilities belonging to public institutions of your province (Hatay).


CIRCULAR number 2013/12
Under the leadership of the National Intelligence Organization TP carried out to ensure the transition from the Mujahideen inside your province to Syria to fight against the separatist organization "PKK", leading its expansion due to the Syrian representative - "Party of Democratic Union."

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Among these Mujahideen, for the most part, are persons of Chechen and Tunisian nationalities related to the organization Jebhat al-Nusra and coming into our country from different countries. At the same time, the importance given to the issues of intelligence officers with the necessary support and assistance, with full provision of an adequate level of security and privacy.


It seems appropriate to place the Mujahideen in guest houses, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of TR religion, as well as in public Province hotels on the direct orders of the National Intelligence Organization TP.
During the implementation of activities related to the implementation of this circular, you must pay particular attention to the privacy mode.

Details and requirements suppose assume particular importance.

Muammer Guler
Interior Minister TR
(as translated by GoogleTR)



This is now irrefutable proof that the government of Turkey has recruited, supplied and supported terrorists from the Al-Qaida affiliate "Al-Nusra Front" as part of an effort to forcibly overthrow the government of Syria.  This is, in every aspect, and act of war by Turkey against Syria.

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The man under whose name this memo was issued, and who apparently signed it himself, is Foreign Minister Muammer Guler, pictured at left.  This is no low level lackey; he was the Foreign Minister of Turkey! Hence, a state-sponsor of terrorists.

If anyone in the United States government knew about this, and continued to do business with or provide support to the government of Turkey, then that member of the United States government has committed a felony violation of 18 USC 2339(b) "Providing material support to foreign terrorist organizations." 

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The legal logic works like this:  If Turkey paid money or used its public housing resources to house affiliates of Al-Qaida, then Al-Qaida did not have to use its own money to do so.  Thus, Al-Qaida could use the money they would have spent for such housing. . . . on something else.  Therein lies the material support of terrorism by this Minister and his country!

We await seeing the Commander-In-Chief and some of his top Generals being given a "perp walk," in handcuffs, for providing "aid" to Turkey, thus allowing Turkey to "aid" Al Qaida, making the CIC and his generals who knew about this, criminals. 

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We wonder if the Military Police will be able to find some "convening Authority" to file charges under the UCMJ to put a stop to our own country aiding Al-Qaida affiliated terrorists.


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