Trump Gives "Heads-Up" To Congress: Will NOT Seek "Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF)" but instead a "Declaration of War" if North Korea gets worse . . .


Earlier this week, President Trump invoted all 100 US Senators to the White House for a closed-door, classified briefing on the situation involving North Korea: Its development of nuclear bombs, its development of long range missiles and a recap of its numerous threats to pre-emptively attack the United States with nuclear weapons.

SuperStation95 has been told by numerous members of Congress that Trump made clear, "If North Korea continues to get more dangerous, we may reach a point where US military action will be required.  Upon reaching that point, the Trump Administration will NOT seek an "Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF)" but instead may have to seek a formal Congressional "Declaration of War."

The difference between an AUMF and a Declaration of War is dramatic.  Under an AUMF, Congress consents to the United States military taking action under Presidential authority as Commander-In-Chief; perhaps with a volunteer coalition of other nations.  

A Declaration of War is very different because it not only authorizes a President to make war, it ORDERS him to do so and triggers our International Treaties REQUIRING other nations to join us in a war.

The reason for this incredible action has to do with Russia and China as well as what took place the last time in Korea and in Vietnam when relying upon the United Nations.

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If the Russians and/or Chinese side with North Korea, then the United States will need a lot of help to battle the two other superpowers.  

Further, the last time the US had to use force in Korea was after the North pre-emptively attacked the South and conquered 3/4 of it in three months.  The US had to expend huge resources to win back what the North conquered, then drove the north all the way up to the Yalu River bordering China.


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At that point, China sent "volunteers" across the border to battle the US.  For the next three or so years, a war of attrition took place, with both sides losing thousands of men, just to set the borders back to where they were previously, at the 38th Parallel.  

In Vietnam, the United Nations controlled US war actions and every major mission leaked from the UN to the North Vietnamese, causing our efforts to fail, at the expense of tens-of-thousands of US troops.  Trump is clear he will not let that happen to our troops again.

Under a Declaration of War scenario, we would literally see the beginning of World War III.  How many of us might live to see the end of it, is unknown.

When the elite of the World start preparing for doomsday or WW III that is a very troubling sign. And right now the elite appear to be quietly preparing for disaster like never before.Want to Be on Survivalist?

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BREAKING NEWS | Anti Missile System in South Korea Operational In 'COMING DAYS'-'READY FOR WAR'

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