The Best DIY: Bulb Project-Winter To Spring-Full Guide (photo & video)


You really can start planting for the new year between Christmas and New Year's day! Continuing on my big bold bulb experiment , I finally got my act together, found a few hours and got some glorious spring and summer bulbs into the ground yesterday before it got really cold out here on Long Island. I even made a little movie of me shivering in the rain.

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Working with my friends at Dig Drop Done (a organization devoted to espousing bulbs year round), they helped me plan an assortment of bulbs that will come up constantly from spring through mid summer, completing my quest of easy stunning flowers almost year round. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait.

1The first thing I needed was my planogram (see above) which outlined how to spread the bulbs through my boxes so that they would range in height and timing throughout the six month span I'm trying to hit. Second, I needed my depth chart (see below)

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1 It took a lot of getting acquainted with lots of different plant names, and I want to list them all out for you here below so you can see them clearly.

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It took me about two hours to plant all these bulbs (it was a lot), but it was fun and not hard. I just needed to dig trenches to the right depth and spread out the bulbs. Whenever I had too many bulbs, I trenched laterally as well to keep them more spread out.


Check out the movie clip below! 1

I laid the bags of bulbs out in their beds the night before and found a deer had broken in and was eating them the next day. Luckily he hadn't been in there for very long!

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1The day after I planted I could see his footprints back in the beds, but he didn't seem to want to put his nose down under the soil. I'll fix the fence tomorrow and then all will be safe for the year. 1

Early Spring

Crocus - Giant Mixed

-Daffodil - Tete a tete


Mid Spring

-Daffodil (Lg Cupped) - Ice Follies

-Fritillaria - Lutea Maxima

-Tulip (Fringed) Maja

-Tulip (Triumph) - Don Quichotte

-Daffodil (Trumpet) - Mount Hood

-Daffodil (Trumpet) - California

-Tulip (Darwin Hybrid) - Pink Impression

-Tulip (Darwin Hybrid) - Ollioules

-Anemone Blue, Pink White Shades

-Daffodil (Trumpet/Lg. Cupped) Mixed

-Tulip (Kaufmanniana) - Stresa

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Late Spring

-Tulip (Double Late) - Blue Diamond

-Tulip (Double Late) - Mirand

-Allium - Purple Sensation

-Tulip (Single Late) - Pastel Mixed

-Tulip (Lily Flowering) - White Triumphator

-Tulip (Lily Flowering) - Ballerina

Early Summer

-Allium - Gladiator

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1Spring is a time of hope and regeneration. Nothing is as stunning an example of this as the bulbs I dropped into the soil on a frosty day just five months ago. Click below to see the new glory of my garden AND also the destruction of the deer..

1"WOW" is what I said when I walked into the garden out in the country late one evening last week. The explosion of life from all the bulbs planted was amazing to behold. Above and below you can see how nicely my "planogram" has resulted in a beautiful array of flowers at different heights with many still to come.

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This is just the beginning as you can see I'm experimenting with bulbs that will begin flowering now and carry me through the summer. I will be planting more late this month to take me all the way through to the end of the year.

1BUT when I looked over at the other garden I quickly realized that something was wrong. Upon closer inspection I saw that almost all of the flowers had been eaten by the darned deer. After holding them off last summer with the new fence, they found a new way to get through. Everyone in the neighborhood says they've been hungrier this year and eating things and doing things they've never eaten or done before. Out on eastern Long Island they're eating daffodils; they're eating grass; they're eating tree bark...


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The rest of the garden looks a little rough after the long winter, but I'll be turning that around in the next few weeks and sending in another update when it's all weeded and the outdoor furniture is out and the lights are on. I can't wait for my first garden lunch... maybe Memorial Day??

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Thanks to my friends at Dig Drop Done for helping with all of this and for inspiring me with the ease of bulbs.

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