She Takes A Giant Leaf And Slathers It In Concrete. What Happens When It Dries? AWESOME!


Outdoor decorating can be frustrating to some as it is hard to buy things that need to be kept nice while being outside. Thanks to the elements and animals your stuff can get dirty or worn easily.

Turns out, there is a great trick to create classy outdoor decoration, that can function even as a bird feeder. Make these concrete leaves to add a sturdy and beautiful addition to your home.

In order to make one concrete leaf, you will need these ingredients:

  • A large leaf of your choosing (the oak hydrangea is recommended)
  • Vinyl Concrete Patcher (Quikrete)
  • Play Sand
  • A large tub that can contain the size of your leaf
  • Wheelbarrow or other container to mix your concrete in
  • Hoe
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Plastic Gloves

In order to make this creative decoration, follow these instructions:

My Grandmother’s Recipe :

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Morph the sand into the shape you want your leaf mold to take


Take the plastic wrap and place it over the sand so nothing but the plastic wrap is touching the sand.


Mix your concrete with water in the wheelbarrow using the hoe, making sure it is an even consistency. Make sure there is a good amount of water added.

Next, take the front side of the leaf and place it face-down on the sand. Make sure it is evenly laid flat against the sand. On the other side, start piling the concrete mixture on top of the leaf.

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Make sure the concrete is an even layer on top of the leaf. This will be the thickness and size of your decoration.

Next, let it dry! Even after it is dry make sure to let it cure for a few weeks after before you paint it.


And there you have it! A gorgeous outdoor decoration that will last.



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