Smoking Gun: Obama was told IN WRITING by U.S. Senator, UraniumOne was "Russian Government" grabbing US nuclear stock . . .Obama approved it anyway

The "UraniumOne" conspiracy is still in the headlines as Congress begins looking into who in the Obama Administration knew what, and when they knew it. 

Today, I am pleased to provide readers with proof that then-President Barack Obama was fully informed IN WRITING by a U.S. Senator, that it was actually the Russian Government trying to grab control of US Uranium, and that it was a threat to US National Security. 

 I have the letter . . . below:

Despite this letter having been sent to Obama in December, 2010, the sale of UraniumOne was approved by his Administration, which, as this letter proves, was fully aware of the national security threat posed by such corporate takeovers.  Here now, the Smoking Gun Evidence that Obama personally knew he was endangering our national security but did it anyway.

This is WHAT Obama knew and WHEN he knew it.

What to do about this betrayal of our nation is the pressing question now.

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