RED ALERT :Canadian Gov't KNEW Radiation From Fukushima Entered British Columbia Drinking Water Six Days After Nuclear Meltdown; Kept Info Secret From Public



Six days after 3 Reactors at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan melted down and blew up, the Canadian gov't found radioactive Iodine-129 (129I) in drinking water of British Columbia.  They should have told residents to filter the water and to consume protective pills of Potassium Iodate.  They didn't.  In fact, the deliberately kept the radiation danger secret.

As a result, literally thousands of citizens in British Columbia now face deadly Thyroid cancer; which is 90% Curable in FEMALES, but 90% FATAL in males.

Environment Canada, testing water in British Columbia knew, from prior tests, that the "typical" level of 129I in water was 31 Million atoms per Liter (atoms/L). 

Matt Herod, Univ, of Ottawa Ph.D Candidate, Dec 21, 2015 (emphasis added): Arecently published paper (by myself and colleagues from uOttawa and Environment Canada) investigates…"129I" [Iodine-129] which was released by the Fukushima-Daichi Nuclear Accident… (FDNA)

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Within 6 days of the FDNA 129I concentrations in Vancouver precipitation increased 5-15 times… sampling of groundwater revealed slight increases in 129I...

The results in rain show an increase in 129I concentrations of up to 220 million atoms/Liter… 129I anomalies [in groundwater wells], which occurred exactly when the recharge age predicted they would, suggests that some of the 129I deposited by Fukushima was reaching the wells… 


Pulses of elevated 129I occurred for another several months. Elevated 129I concentrations were measured in two wells… indicating that 129I from Fukushima can be traced into groundwater… Modeling has shown that 129I can be rapidly transported to the water table

Scientists from Univ. of Ottawa’s Dept. of Earth Science and Environment Canada (Government of Canada), Dec 2015 report: The atmospheric transport of iodine-129 from Fukushima to British Columbia, Canada and its deposition and transport into groundwater

  • The Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear accident (FDNA) released iodine-129 (15.7 million year half-life)…
  • The mean pre-accident 129I concentration in rain was [31,000,000 atoms/L]… following the FDNA, 129I values increased to [211,000,000 atoms/L]… [P]ulses ofelevated 129I continued for several months
  • The 129I in shallow… groundwater showed measurable variability through March 2013 with an average of [3,200,000 atoms/L]… coincident with modeled travel times…
  • Radionuclides released from the FDNA have been detected across the globe… Releases of 129I and 131I… travel great distances
  • The Abbotsford-Sumas Aquifer… spans the Canada–U.S. border between [B.C., Canada and Washington, US] and supplies ∼120,000 people with drinking water
  • A pulse of 129I in precipitation with maximum concentrations of [211,000,000 atoms/L] in Vancouver and [221,000,000 atoms/L] at Saturna Island was observed 6 days following the FDNA. A value of [311,000,000 atoms/L] was also measured during the first week of July… 

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(Editor's Note: Were any of you in Canada TOLD that your government detected this massive increase in radiation in your drinking water? 

Were any of you told this radiation was a direct danger to your Thyroid and would collect there, burning your thyroid tissue with radiation and wrecking your DNA, potentially causing Thyroid cancer? 

Were any of you told to filter your drinking water and take Potassium Iodate pills every day TO PROTECT YOUR THYROID until the danger passed? 


We any of you told that taking Potassium Iodate fills your thyroid with iodine so it doesn't have to seek any . . . which just happens to be there, and be radioactive.  It protects your thyroid and your body from active radiation -- and should NOT be taken if no active radiation exists.


As this report proves, your government KNEW all this was taking place a mere six days after the March, 2011 Fukushima Accident. They KNEW you could protect yourself by filtering your water and by taking Potassium Iodate.   They kept it secret from you.

How many people in British Columbia have come down with Thyroid cancer because the government concealed the truth?  How many died from it?

How many are just finding out now they have Thyroid cancer?  How many of them will die?

Worst of all:  Children are especially vulnerable to radiation accumulating in their thyroid.  How many of them are already damaged but won't find out until the damage reveals itself as they grow? 

All this trouble because the government employees that YOU pay with YOUR tax money, deliberately hid the truth from you.


Nice people, your government.)

  • The high 129I concentrations while the FDNA was ongoing are attributed to the rapid trans-Pacific transport of 129I from Fukushima… This response in 129I concentrations shows that radionuclides from Fukushima were transported rapidly from Japan to the west coast of Canada and the US… [Sampling from Washington State], which is a composite of rainfall events spanning 15 March 2011 to 16 April 2011 shows a significantly elevated 129I concentration of [95,000,000 atoms/L]…
  • There was a spike in 129I concentration observed in the precipitation sample from the period of 1 July 2011 to 8 July 2011 [which] rose to [311,000,000 atoms/L]… a substantially higher concentration than any other sample…
  • As monitoring at Fukushima detected no pulse of 129I in precipitation in July… this spike is likely due to a… nuclear fuel reprocessing facility. Modeling of the air parcel back trajectories… for the sampling period shows air mass trajectories from Hawaii, north Japan, and Russia…
  • The initial increase in 129I concentration at the water table appeared within ∼95 days, with a maximum concentration of [10,500,000 atoms/L]…
  • In the model cases, 129I reached the water table very rapidly
  • Groundwater 129I concentrations in two nearby wells showed minor anomalies over the sampling period which could be due to rapid infiltration of the FDNA atmospheric 129Isignal…
  • [M]odeling shows that it was possible for a component of the 129I deposited by the FDNA to be conducted rapidly from the ground surface to the water table… We conclude that it is possible that a fraction of 129I from the FDNA is transported conservatively in this aquifer via preferential flow paths to the water table…

Gamma and x-ray emissions from 129I can present a penetrating external exposure hazard. Individual iodine metabolism can vary  considerably(5).

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It may be assumed that 30% of an uptake of iodine is translocated to the thyroid and 70% directly excreted in urine(5).

Iodine in the thyroid is retained with a biological half-life of 120 days in the form of organic iodine.

Organic iodine is assumed to be uniformly distributed in all organs and tissues of the body except the thyroid, and retained with a biological half-life of 12 days(5).


10% of organic iodine is directly excreted in feces and the rest is returned to the transfer compartment as inorganic iodine(5)

Occupational Limits(4)
Annual Limit on Intake: 5 μCi (180 kBq) for oral ingestion and 9 μCi (330 kBq) for inhalation.
Derived Air Concentration: 4 x 10-9 μCi/ml (150 Bq/m3).

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Prepare or Perish


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