Read And Re-read: Top 10 Establishment Lies About SB 277

Read And Re-read: Top 10 Establishment Lies About SB 277


Now that Senate Bill 277 is the law of the land in California (at least on the books — civil disobedience and non-compliance against this forced medical tyranny are sure to become the norm in the Golden State) it’s important to unpack howthis draconian violation of health freedom came to be. Here are the top 10 lies spread by propagandists to force vaccines on nearly all California children:

1) Vaccines are always safe.

This presumption was the catalyst behind stripping California parents of their right to reject vaccines for their children. “Vaccines are safe and effective” has been the mantra repeated over and over and over again throughout the corporate media, and it was the excuse used to eliminate personal and philosophical vaccine exemptions for California children.

2) Vaccines contain no mercury.

This lie is supposed to quell the fears of parents who worry that vaccines might induce autism in their children. Despite the fact that mercury (thimerosal) isn’t the only vaccine ingredient linked to autism, the mainstream media isn’t even being honest about the fact that mercury is still used in a number of childhood vaccines, including seasonal flu shots.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admits in its Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary that thimerosal is still used in the following childhood vaccines: DT (Sanofi); Influenza (Fluvirin); Influenza (Flulaval) Trivalent and Quadrivalent; Influenza (Fluzone) Standard (Trivalent, and Quadrivalent), High-Dose & Intradermal); Meningococcal (MPSV4-Menomune); Td (Decavac); and Td (Mass Biologics).


3) Vaccines don’t contain aborted human fetal tissue.

California State Senator Richard Pan, the poster child and primary proponent of SB 277, stated this lie during a recent testimony before the California Assembly. Again referencing the CDC’s official Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary, it’s clear that at least 9 childhood vaccines contain aborted human fetal tissue in the forms of MRC-5 and WI-38 human diploid cells.

4) Unvaccinated children can infect vaccinated children.

Vaccines are always safe and effective, we’re told, except when vaccinated children are in the presence of unvaccinated children. In this scenario, vaccinated children are somehow still at risk of contracting the diseases against which they were vaccinated from unvaccinated children, a claim that completely defies all logic and sound science.

Using the excuse of “herd immunity,” which doesn’t mean what you probably think it means, vaccine apologists love to propagate the lie that everyone has to be vaccinated in order for vaccines to work.


5) Vaccines don’t cause autism.

Pro-vaccine liars are notorious for declaring that vaccines don’t cause autism. But what about these 30 studies that suggest otherwise? Dr. Andrew Wakefield is hardly the only scientist to have uncovered a link between autism outcomes and certain childhood vaccines, and he surely won’t be the last.

6) Immunity can’t be derived naturally, and must involve an injection.

The human immune system is remarkably complex in the way it learns through natural exposure to “germs” how to fight infection and prevent disease. But the jab clan sees it as incomplete, routinely propagating misinformation about the need for chemical injections to overcome the body’s inherently “flawed” immune capacity.

In truth, the direct injection of oftentimes live viruses and other deadly substances cripples the body’s ability to develop natural, lifelong immunity. In other words, vaccines invoke a type of artificial immunity that science shows is both temporary and inferior.

7) Vaccines don’t shed live viruses.

The irony of this commonly promulgated lie is that vaccines are a primary cause of infectious disease spread, precisely because they shed live viruses! Numerous published studies have revealed that prominent live-virus vaccines like MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) actively spread disease to others in the weeks and even months following vaccination.


8) The CDC’s always-expanding vaccine schedule is completely safe.

This lie
hinges upon the outdated views of people like Paul Offit of Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, whostated
“A more practical way to determine the diversity of the immune response would be to estimate the number of vaccines to which a child could respond at one time…each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10, 000 vaccines at any one time.”

“A more practical way to determine the diversity of the immune response would be to estimate the number of vaccines to which a child could respond at one time…. each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10, 000 vaccines at any one time.”
It doesn’t matter the amount of mercury, aluminum, aborted human fetal tissue, or genetically-modified human blood plasma present in vaccines — the more, the better, in the eyes vaccine sadists.
9) “Anti-vaxxers” all follow Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy.
This is among the most absurd claims made by vaccine fanatics, which would have the public believe that the only reason some people oppose vaccines is because a famous celebrity said something bad about them on television. This is utterly ridiculous, of course, but the media continues to repeat this lie to caricature the infamous “anti-vaxxer” as a mindless idiot who believes “everything she reads on the internet.”
10) Vaccines are responsible for eradicating infectious diseases like polio.
Cue the black-and-white images of debilitated children who would have been healthy and happy had they had access to vaccines. This common lie suggests that people who lived prior to the invention of vaccines all died at age 30 without limbs (or something along these lines.) Here’s the truth: improved sanitation and better access to nutrition significantly helped those segments of the population most prone to infectious diseases like polio and smallpox avoid succumbing to these and other potentially life-threatening diseases.Polio vaccines have actually been shown to spread polio in places like India, where at least 53,000 vaccine recipients developed paralysis in 2014.