The Quail Eggs Therapy Treats The Maladies As If By Wonder! 22 Health Benefits of Quail Eggs - No.9 Super Fast


It is impossible not to have heard of quail eggs used as a medicine. Known since antiquity for their therapies, common quail eggs have now become the object of research for scientists who have discovered a rich vitamin content in them. In the past, however, popular doctors recommended them as a medicine-free remedy, only with the eggs of these small birds that proved to be extremely beneficial to the health of the breeders, especially in terms of functioning of the heart, stomach and circulatory system. Not to mention that the ancient Egyptians have been treating impotent and sterility eating quail eggs for 4,000 years . Following the strict rules of therapy, you will see that the diseases heal and you are in more form than ever before.
  • The only egg diet

Quail eggs are not regular eggs. They are neither synthetic drugs that will make the liver, kidneys, pancreas or other organs tired, but they are a natural product. They are assimilated in the body according to their needs, without producing wear, but on the contrary they have a constructive role, balancing the health of the whole body. The miraculous effects of quail eggs are given by the superior quality of egg protein and lack of cholesterol. This is the only dietary egg. 

Contains proteins, non-hazardous carbohydrates in diabetes or other diseases where carbohydrates are forbidden, special lipids and lecithins, many vitamins, mineral salts, essential amino acids, anti-allergic factors. Furthermore, quail eggs contain an anti-cholesterol agent that cleans blood vessels from cholesterol deposition, including cerebral blood. Quail meat is also appreciated in gastronomy. It has low fat and cholesterol content, being especially recommended for those who suffer from obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes.


Belts with quail eggs improve the functioning of the heart, restore the weakened organs through physical and overloading, help in spectacular recovery after periods of stress and exhaustion, after surgery and radiotherapy. The pre and post natal straps help to give birth without pain and long-term breastfeeding. Adjusts gastric acidity and digestion, protects nerve cells, improves memory and intelligence. Beneficial effects were seen in the treatment of kidney, liver and biliary diseases, ophthalmologic and ENT. Quail eggs are valuable in raising and developing children, revitalizing the body regardless of age and prolonging life, resolving anemia, spasmophiles, migraines, and nerve asthenia. This egg is an excellent hormonal anabolizer and a wide-action metabolic regulator. Reforms the body and regulates the level of blood sugar in case of diabetes. It helps a lot in cases of sexual impotence, asthma, TB, allergic rhinitis, hypercholesterolemia, allergies and eczema. Strengthens body immunity and regulates weight and growth disorders.

  • Healthier than the chicken egg

    The quail egg has a cholesterol content of only 1.4%, that is three times less than that of the chicken egg, 3 times lower fat, 23% proctein versus 16% - 17% for chicken egg. Has 5 times more phosphorus; 7.5 times more iron; 15 times more vitamin B2, 6 times more vitamin B1, and other anti-allergic substances, due to which antibodies are developed to fight allergic reactions. The quail egg contains the entire complex of vitamins A, B, D3, E plus calcium, zinc, sulfur and potassium.

  • Mask for a shiny skin

A egg yolk of quail is mixed with a drop of olive oil and two drops of lemon juice. Spread the pre-cleaned skin and let it work for 15 minutes, then remove it with warm water or chamomile tea. Give your face the shine and moisturize the complexion.

  • How do I drink pots?

Cow's quail eggs are set according to disease and age. It should not be consumed by chance but by a specific scheme. The eggs are drunk raw, whole yolk, in the morning, on the empty stomach, by stalking in the air chamber or mixed with very little honey in which, eventually, add a few drops of lemon juice. After a 20-day break (2-3 months in children) the cure can be repeated. It is preferable to eat only fresh, one-day eggs. Therefore, before starting such treatment, we must carefully choose the source from which we can supply each day. A full cure with quail eggs may be 60, 90 and 120 for hypertension, ulcer and digestive disorders, convulsive cough, conjunctivitis, urticaria, catalysis of the development process of children and 240 parts for arteriosclerosis, coronary sclerosis, gout diabetes, sexual impotence, liver, kidney, bronchial asthma, TB, allergies, anemia, migraine, neurasthenia, nervousness, cholesterol, , skin care. It is good for coffee to quit and reduce alcohol consumption by half. Breakfast will be served after about two hours, or half an hour, for digestive diseases.

  • Scheme of the cure

Cura 120 eggs in 32 days for children / adolescents between 11 and 15:
in the first four days - three eggs / day;
between 5th and 30th day - four eggs / day;
on the 31st day - three eggs, and on the 32nd day an egg.
- Cura 120 eggs for 26 days for adults and adolescents between 16 and 18 years of age: Follow the above scheme, but on the 25th and 26th day, take three or two eggs a day.
- Cucumber of 240 eggs in 50 days, only for adults:
in the first two days - three eggs / day;
on the third day - four eggs / day;
starting day four, up to the 48th day including - five eggs / day;
on the 49th day - three eggs / day;
on the 50th day - two eggs / day.
- Cure of 60 eggs in 30 days, for children between one and three years: Two eggs per day can be given.
- 60-ounce cure for 20 days for children between 4 and 7: Take three eggs daily.
- Cure of 90 eggs in 30 days, for children between 8 and 10 years: Three eggs per day can be administered.

  • Leaves hair loss

    Mix the following ingredients thoroughly and mix thoroughly: 10 quail egg yolks, 2 royal jelly vials, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 fresh yeast knife. Let it dry for 24 hours in a warm room. This paste is applied to the scalp after shampooing. Cover your head overnight with a clean towel until the morning when your hair is washed again, preferably with chamomile tea. The treatment is done for at least 10 days, and can be continued without a break and without negative repercussions. It results in more than 80% of cases of alopecia of varying degrees. The unused remaining paste can be stored in the refrigerator until it is used, and the remaining white beans are an excellent balm for healthy hair, giving it a shine.


22 Health Benefits of Quail Eggs (No.9 Super Fast)

Human needs good nutrition to keep healthy body. The good food also will affect to human growth and development and reparation process of human body. Many researches have been proven that food that contain high nutrients and eating well balance food can significantly improve human health. To provide and nourish the body with nutrients, we need to consume variety of food. including vegetables, protein, carbohydrate source, fruits, grain, and and others.egg is one food that very well known among people worldwide and it is as popular as chicken meat, duck, roe and other fish.

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Egg is an excellent source of protein and it contains complete amino acid unlike other protein source of food. We used to consume chicken egg but beside the common chicken egg. People also know the quail egg especially Asian countries people especially Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian. Quail egg is the egg of quail bird which has smaller size rather than chicken egg but it contains many nutrients and even the nutritional value of quail egg is three or four times greater than other types of eggs such as chicken egg.

Nutrition Facts

Quail egg or the egg of Coturnix japonica bird is considered have better nutrients rather than chicken eggs. It is mentioned that the quail egg contain 13% protein and it is greater than the protein in chicken egg which only contain 11% proteins. Quail egg also contains other nutrients such as Vitamin E, zinc, Vitamin B2, iron and other beneficial nutrients. It is mentioned that quail egg contains five times greater content of iron and potassium compared to chicken eggs. Here are the list of nutrient content of 9 gram of quail egg :

  • Calories 14 kcal
  • Fat 1 gr
  • Cholesterol 76mg
  • Sodium 13mg
  • Potassium 12mg
  • Protein 1.2g
  • Vitamin A 717.0 μg
  • Vitamin D 1% DV
  • Vitamin B12 1% DV
  • Iron 1%


Health benefits of Quail Egg

Even it comes in small sizes, quail egg packed with lots of nutrient which provide many benefits to the body and it has been proven by some studies. The benefits of quail eggs are listed below

1. Promote brain function

Quail eggs contain amino acid and great protein level which can help to stimulate the brain function and nourish the nerve system in brain so it can work better. The amino acid or protein in quail eggs also protect the brain cells from damage and repair the cell if its broken.

2. Prevent anemia

Study show that women who consume quail egg regularly tend to have lower risk of developing anemia. Quail eggs contains iron which can help in red blood cell formation and prevent anemia while the amino acid in quail egg also may increase the level of haemoglobin within the red blood cells. The haemoglobin itself is a protein which play important role in oxygen and nutrient binding as well as transportation through all parts of the body.

3. Purify the blood

Quail egg have been proved can help the body to remove certain heavy metals and toxin such as mercury. The amino acid and other component of quail eggs can bind the toxin and flush it away from the body. This make quail eggs as blood purifier.

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4. Enhance body development

Protein is the main body building block and it is required in the development process of the body especially in children. Quail contains high amount of protein which may promotes body development and it also promotes better organs function within the body.

5. Boost immune system

Quail eggs contain many amino acid including lysine and it can boost immune function. Lysine or a type of amino acid is known can promote the antibodies production and support the immune function response.

6. Prevent diabetes

Who knows that quail egg can prevent diabetes. Study reported that quail egg contains amino acid especially Leucine which can help in regulating blood sugar level and maintain the balance level of insulin that makes it a good food to prevent and treat diabetes.

7. Maintain healthy skin

Quail eggs is an excellent source of protein and it contains Lysine, an amino acid that can promotes the collagen production. Collagen is a type of protein that is required in keeping skin layer tightness and prevent it from sagging and wrinkle.

8. Maintain healthy metabolism

Quail egg contain many nutrients including Vitamin B complex which is important to keep energy balance through maintaining normal metabolism. The vitamin B complex include the vitamin B12 and B6 are the keys of several metabolic enzymes and they play crucial roles in the energy production.

9. Build muscle

The high protein content of quail egg makes it perfect as a food for building muscle. If you want to have great muscle tone you can consume quail eggs regularly and taking exercise as well.

10. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Quail egg contains important nutrients and vitamins that can reduce the risk of heart disease by 24% according to study by Lee et al in 2010. This benefits served by the presence of Vitamin E or tocopherol.

11. Improve vision

Quail egg contains some amount of vitamin A that is vital part of the eyes organs. To maintain healthy eyes, taking quail eggs regularly will be very helpful especially to prevent age macular degeneration that occur mostly in older age.

12. Promotes healthy hair

Health Benefits of Quail Eggs could be promotes healthy hair. Quail egg contains many amino acid especially the Linoleat acid that can nourish the hair roots and promote healthy hair growth.

13. Promotes bones development

The amino acid contents in quail egg especially Lysine also play important role in bones development especially in children.

14. Lower blood pressure

Quail eggs not only rich in protein but it also rich in fatty acids such as DHA or Docosahexaenoic acid. DHA is a type of fatty acid which can help in normalize the blood pressure within the body and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

15. Reduce cholesterol

According to study which published in the Dietary Guidance of America in 2012 quail egg contain less trans fatty acid that means its is good food that contain less cholesterol compared to other egg such as chicken egg. The fatty acid content of quail eggs also can decrease the LDL or Low density lipoprotein level within the blood or known as bad cholesterol as well as increase the amount of HDL or High Density Lipoprotein that known as good fat.

16. Maintain healthy teeth

Quail eggs especially the yolk part contain many minerals including Zinc which is required in maintaining healthy teeth.

17. Relieve depression

Quail eggs doesn’t only contain vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate and protein. It is also completed with some sex hormones according to study by Daniel in 2010. Quail eggs contain anti depression properties that called as hormone P which is effective in relieving depression especially in women who suffer from menopouse syndrome.

18. Treat allergy

Usually people will suffer from allergy when they consuming eggs. Study has been proven that quail egg is totally save and it doesn’t cause any allergic reaction due to the ovomucoid protein within the quail egg. For your information, this protein is usually found in the anti-allergy drug.

19. Help to recover faster

Due to the high level of protein and other nutrients, the quail egg will help you to recover fast from any types of disease since it promotes the new cells regeneration and the organ reparation.

20. Relieves asthma and tuberculosis

It is believed that quail eggs contains nutrients that beneficial in treating asthma and tuberculosis.

21. Promotes sexual function

It has been mentioned before that quail eggs contains some sexual hormones which can enhance the sexual organs function such as prostate gland in male.

22. Treat gastritis

Quail egg contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help in treating stomach ulcer or gastritis. The amino acid content of quail egg also help in repair the broken lining of stomach that caused by infection.

Health Side Effects and Tips to Consume

There is no side effect reported after consumption of quail egg including allergic reaction, since quail egg is save and doesn’t rise any allergic reaction. But even so, it is recommended to not consume quail egg more than twenty eggs per day. To know more about how to consume quail egg better check these tips

  • Purchase only good quality quail egg from market and avoid to purchase the spoiled one
  • Consuming five quail eggs a day will be enough to get its benefits. Excessive consumption of quail egg may cause Vitamin A intoxication especially if you consume it along with other food which is source of vitamin A such as carrot and fish
  • Quail eggs is save to consume raw since its bacteria free. The quail egg contain Lysozyme or known as bacteria killer which makes quail eggs save even if you eat eat raw.
  • Wash the egg just before you consume it
  • You can enjoy the delicate taste of boil egg by making its as many dishes such as omellette, or use is as subtitute of chicken egg in many other dish that require egg
  • Add some quail egg on your soup, stew or even salad to get more benefits and you can serve it with may ways including boiled, pan fried or even baked.

Those are the benefits of quail egg that you didn’t realize. If you want to get the benefits, don’t be hesitated to start consume it.

The Quail Eggs Therapy Treats The Maladies As If By Wonder! 22 Health Benefits of Quail Eggs - No.9 Super Fast

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