WWIII LAST NEWS:North Korea Orders Nuclear Weapons Made Ready for Use! China Says "North Korea has signed its own Death Warrant"


UPDATED 9:45 PM EST - See Bottom -- North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Friday (Korean Time GMT +8:30) ordered the country's nuclear weapons to be made ready for use at a moment's notice.

He also said the communist country will revise its military posture so it can be ready to carry out pre-emptive attacks, stressing that the current situation has become very precarious, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

The announcement comes a day after the United Nations Security Council passed a new sanctions resolution penalizing the country for its fourth nuclear test and long-range missile launch earlier in the year.

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In a far more ominous and staggering development, China's Senior Representative to the "Six Party Talks" on settling issues involving North Korea, stated publicly "North Korea has signed its own death warrant." In an interview with Maekyung Media Group Chairman Chang Dae-whan on Wednesday, Wu Dawei (right), 70, China`s senior representative at the six-party talks also said “China warned North Korea to give up nuclear weapons several times but the country refused to listen,” he added, stressing “This is why China supported the resolution of strong sanctions against North Korea adopted by the U.N. Security Council.” 

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Editor:  China _never_ says things like "Signed its own death warrant."  China is ALWAYS moderate in its Diplomatic tone, and always leaves a door open to compromise or face-saving, no matter who they are in difficulties with.  For China to publicly use such language is no mistake.  China doesn't make mistakes like that.  Ever.  Folks, this is far more serious than the North Korean situation has ever been.  China NEVER talks likes this, and for them to do so means HUGE trouble is coming.



The Chinese top diplomat went on to say, “We visited Pyongyang from February 2 to February 4 to meet with three North Korean influential figures including Kim Kye-gwan, Senior Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, and they reaffirmed the country’s strong will to own nuclear weapons and conduct nuclear tests,” adding, “Back then, we delivered a message to give up nuclear weapons in a decisive tone but the country let it go through one ear and out the other ear.”

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The Chinese diplomat said the two Koreas are equally important for China. “We considered the North a country with close tie but things have been different,” he said, adding, “We put importance on the strategic cooperation with South Korea, as well as traditional friendly relationship with North Korea.” He went on to say, “We would never shelter the reclusive country unless it gives up nuclear weapons and we are also keeping our balance in treating Seoul and Pyongyang.”

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EDITOR: Did you catch that?  Do you realize what China's top Diplomat just said publicly?  "We would never shelter the reclusive country unless it gives up nuclear weapons"  Or, put another way, it is OK with China for North Korea to be attacked over its nuclear weapons; China will not involve itself.  THAT's what just got announced to the world.   

Prepare to be blind-sided by a North Korean attack upon the Unted States mainland.  They would be foolish to attempt to do so with a missile launch, but "foolish" seems to be their way.  More likely, an attack would be delivered by North Korean submarines; and when that takes place, China already knows there will be fallout (literally) from what is done in retaliation to the North. 

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ALERT ALERT ALERT - this is very serious.  Prepare now.  Do not get caught off-guard.

UPDATE 9:45 PM EST -- New information just in confirms the following:

North Korean Leader Kim Jung Un has directed his military to

a) "Prepare Ten Nuclear Warheads" 

b) "Four more tests"

c) Missile range of at least 4000km - (Seeks range to reach US)

In addition, this morning, (North Korea Local Time) The NK Air Force began overt air strike preparations, with fighter jets shown being prepared, in a photo released to prove it:

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Finally, we have been able to verify that North Korea has begun new preparations for a missile launch at their Sohae missile launch facility.  Details and civilian satellite shots at 38North.org  (Link Repaired)




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