North Korea Nuclear Disaster: Hundreds Dead at Kim's Nuclear Test Facility; Fears of Global Radiation Release

HUNDREDS of North Korea's nuclear workers have died after an accident at despot Kim Jong-un's main testing facility. 

Around 200 people were killed when when an unfinished tunnel collapsed at North Korea’s Punggye-ri facility. 

Another group of around 200 people subsequently died while attempting to rescue the entombed workers. 

The disaster was revealed by Japan’s TV Asahi today, although they could not clarify when the accident and subsequent doomed rescue attempts took place. 

Punggye-ri was the site of North Korea’s sixth-ever nuclear test on September 3. It is not known whether this directly or indirectly caused the collapse. 

Foreign experts and human rights activists had warned this month, however, of the danger of despot Kim Jong-un’s crumbling facilities. 

North Korea’s detonated its first ever H-bomb in September, causing serious damage to the facility’s foundations.

Subsequent small earthquakes have since indicated the area was becoming increasingly unstable.

China issued a dire warning to Kim regarding the state of the nuclear testing site. 

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They said a cloud of nuclear fallout could spread across "an entire hemisphere" if the facility collapsed. (North Korea is in the Northern Hemisphere, along with Europe and the United States . . . If their facility collapses, 5 days later the US gets the radiation!)

The Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Geology and Geophysics warned: “China cannot sit and wait until the site implodes. Our instruments can detect nuclear fallout when it arrives, but it will be too late by then. 

“There will be public panic and anger at the government for not taking action.”

Chillingly, before news broke today of the collapse, they had warned such a collapse could spread radioactive material far and wide. 

They said: "The fallout can spread to an entire hemisphere."

Paul Richards, a seismologist at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, said: “What we are seeing from North Korea looks like some kind of stress in the ground.

"In that part of the world, there were stresses in the ground, but the explosions have shaken them up."

On Monday South Korea warned another nuclear test at the site could lead to a total collapse of the mountain facility, causing a deadly leak of radioactive materials. 


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