EPIC-The Best DIY of 2016 : Self-Feeding Fire That Burns For 14+ Hours


What if you could build a campfire that will keep aflame for more than 14 hours? We know that a lot of people out there are not going to build this kind of fire under a normal situation and this is not any survival tip and trick, but it is different and very useful to know that you could actually build such fire when the situation was to call for one.

This self feeding fire described by Bob Hansler – a former biology teacher, now an outdoor enthusiast, seems to be the most sufficient one compared to reverse fire and horizontal log fire; even though it is not a practical and useful thing to do for a short camping stay.

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There is already a lot of work involved in the process of setting up this fire, but as you watch the video you might wonder whether there is any other way to improve this setup, then the answer is “yes”. This comment from a Youtube user on the video is what you are looking for:

“You can likely improve this! Try taking out one side. In it’s place, place large heavy rocks that will keep the logs from rolling towards you. Make sure those rocks are not rocks found near water, as they may explode when the heat expands the moisture in them. That side you took out, is where your body will be perpendicular to the fire. The loader side will act as a wind protector and reflector. Respect to the original developer.”


If you are still doubtful about this design, you should definitely watch the video to see how it works.

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