E-mail from a Paris Ghetto; Muslims Planning Massive UK Attack - Will be the "Go" Signal to 5 million fighters!!!




SuperStation95 has obtained an email from a French citizen near Paris who lives in what he describes as a "ghetto."  In it, he reveals Muslims plans for a "massive attack soon in the UK" and how it will be the signal to five MILLION Muslim Jihadists, to begin attacking around the world.  The message below is un-edited and appears with all its original grammar and spelling errors.

I already apologize about my poor english.
I live close to Paris in what you could call a ghetto. We are only few whites here but we don t have racial problems, then i use to speak easily with muslims about end of the world, apocalypse and ISIS...and it s where it s interesting.

According to them, there are more 100 000 ISIS fighters already in Europe and about 5 millions muslim fighters from Irak, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia. They have more weapons and civil war training than we can imagine.

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This image is taken from an Islamic State training video released in October 2014. Volunteers have flocked from around the world to join the group, with many undergoing training in terror techniques that security officials fear could be used to carry out attacks in the West 

All this stuff is military and economically being prepared since more than 15 years.
To them, our governments fight à ghost in Syria and they know it, it s just propaganda. Most of the fighters have gone to Europe since months.
And the scariest thing, they say they wait for a huge event coming soon...in UK, which will be the "international call of jihad".

Before you go writing this off as some kook, it is important to remember that the Muslim community is tight-knit and knows about big attacks before they take place.  It happened with 9-11 . . .  from Snopes.com


In Brooklyn, a high school freshman who recently immigrated from Pakistan was investigated by federal agents after his teacher reported that he had predicted the Trade Center's collapse a week before the towers were attacked. 
The student pointed out a third-story window of New Utrecht High School toward the Trade Center and said, "Do you see those two buildings? They won't be standing there next week," according to three police sources and a city official familiar with the investigation. They said the comment came in the midst of a heated political discussion the student was having with his teacher in an English class for Arab-American students.

However, no follow-up information surfaced to indicate that the boy had any specific foreknowledge of the September 11 attacks:

Federal agents who visited the New Utrecht school questioned the student and his older brother, who also attends there, the sources said. Afterward, the agents tried to question their father, who chastised them for harassing his children, they said.

Police sources said that, after the interviews, the boy's father left for Pakistan. After his departure, investigators conducted a second interview with the boy and his mother, who told them that her son was having psychological problems.


The Islamic State has also been reviled for its indoctrination of children, both as soldiers and ideologues. This picture shows a child by the nom de guerre of Abu Bakr al-Faransi, a French 13-year-old. He is thought to be the youngest European fighter to be killed in Syria.

So, with real-world experience showing us that the Islamic community is often privy to inside information about large scale terror attacks, this e-mail from a citizen near Paris takes on a different tone.  Bear in mind, it is NOT the writer of the email who is threatening anything;  he is merely reporting what the local Muslims near Paris have been openly telling him.  It seems logical to take this seriously.


isis tare

With a force of five million fighters worldwide, every western nation could face a sudden onslaught of terror attacks upon soft targets, all at once.  It would cause such confusion and panic, society itself would teeter on collapse!

Those in the US who are lawfully able to carry concealed weapons should do so.  All the time.  Those who cannot carry, but are allowed to own a firearm lawfully, should get one and learn how to properly use it and  store it.  Don't wait.

With the arrest of a Paris bomb maker in Brussels, mass-media outlets are already reporting that terror cells worldwide have been given permission to attack-at-will.  They are now "autonomous cells."   No more central coordination.  No more waiting for orders.

The attacks can come anywhere, at anytime.  And remember, these Muslim terrorists are cowards; they pick targets where they know people will be unarmed; airports, large cities with strict gun control.  If you live or work in such areas, prepare.

alive AFTER


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