DYI Project : How To Build a Solar Panel System -Smart Power4all ! Learn How To Produce Off-Grid Power

DYI Project : How To Build a Solar Panel System -Smart Power4all ! Learn How To Produce Off-Grid Power

Hi, my name is Ryan Tanner. 

And today you’re going to learn how a simple and ingenious device saved 6 lives during a monstrous Wisconsin flash blizzard… and turned the tide against the corporate fat-cats once and for all!

I’m guessing you might have seen on the news the sheer power Mother Nature unravels during the cold Wisconsin winters… Or you might have experienced it yourself.

Anyway you turn it… It’s nothing you can take lightly. And almost always… catches you off-guard.

I’ve seen with my own eyes how a bright sunny sky darkens in a matter of minutes… temperatures drop by 30 and 4 feet of snow impairs 21st century technology sending everyone in the Dark Ages… In a matter of hours!

Because that’s where we’d be without light… and warmth. The whole money in the world won’t help you… No Gov will protect you…

Chances are, when disaster strikes,
99% you’ll face it alone.

So, only one thing can make the difference between starving and being fed… freezing and being warm… light and darkness… And that’s being PREPARED.

And with today’s response in disaster situations… You might be looking out the window, freezing both inside or outside… or even worse… for up to a week.

Remember how fast action was taken during the Katrina disaster? or the 2011 blackout? I think they’re still hauling aids and supplies there, not knowing 5 years have passed… So who’s your best bet? The Government… or yourself?

I lost the bet on the Gov once… And 6 people almost lost their lives… Only a simple contraption made the difference between life and death… And it’s something each and every one of us should have…

Because no matter where you live… North, South, East or West… Mother Nature always has something that can turn your life upside-down… tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, floods… you name it… and Gov officials are only going to watch in awe… or God forbid, count the bodies on live TV.

Imagine the toughest, coldest winter… 4 feet of snow as your eyes can see.

You get through it somehow… But when spring comes you won’t be happy and joyful like you see in the movies… ‘Cause all that snow melts… and flash floods will be knocking at your door! You have to be prepared around the clock.

So I think it’s time everybody started caring for themselves… And I’m not talking about massive stockpiles… Sure, you could do that… But actually all you need is a well equipped and stocked kitchen… a good heater or AC unit and Green  ELECTRICITY.

This is something that can save your life…

…and your loved ones around you. 6 people are still here today to tell the tale. And 17341 hard working Patriots are now making the Big E picking up the tab.

How To Build a Solar Panel System -Smart Power4all ???Learn How To Produce Off-Grid Power- Watch the video below: