DIY For Halloween-How to Make a Pretty Fretwork Pumpkin & Outdoor Halloween Decorations for a Fun Porch (photo & video)


Materials Needed:

  • pumpkin
  • household drill
  • large and small drill bits
  • sharp knife or pumpkin saw
  • large serving spoon
  • newspaper
  • painter's tape
  • paper towels
  • Q-tips
  • votive holder and votive or LED candle

Empty Out Pumpkin

Place pumpkin on several layers of newspaper. Using a kitchen knife or pumpkin saw, cut a large hole in the pumpkin's bottom. Use a serving spoon to remove all pumpkin flesh and seeds from inside.

Tip: Save the seeds to toast later for a healthy snack.

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Apply Tape

Attach a piece of painter's tape around the center of the pumpkin. Apply another row of painter's tape approximately 2 inches above the first piece of painter's tape.


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Drill Holes Using Large Bit

Use a large drill bit to drill holes into the pumpkin just under the top piece of painter's tape. Drill another row of large holes all the way around the pumpkin, just above the bottom piece of painter's tape. Remove both pieces of tape and drill a third row of large holes directly above the top row of holes.


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Drill Holes Using Small Bit

Replace the large drill bit with a much smaller one and proceed to drill smaller holes in between and above each of the large ones, all the way around the pumpkin. Drill one last row of small holes below the bottom row of large ones. The smaller holes should fall directly in between and above or below each of the larger holes.

Clean Up and Add Candle

Use a paper towel and Q-tips to remove excess pumpkin flesh and skin from drilled holes, then place the pumpkin over the top of a lit or LED votive candle.

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Halloween Decoration Ideas

Create Amazing Halloween Decorating Envy


Use our Halloween decoration ideas to create a fabulous Halloween display on your front porch or yard. It isn't difficult and can be done relatively inexpensively.
Fun for the your whole family! Our grandchildren and their parents love decorating for Halloween.


Whether you prefer scary Halloween decorations or would rather opt for just a fun display, our Halloween outdoor decorating ideas can help you create a display that can be the envy of the neighborhood.


We know there are folks who like to adorn their yard and porch with every imaginable Halloween decoration to make an over-the-top display.

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That can make for an interesting yard indeed. However, we will concentrate on Halloween decoration ideas that are more focused on a theme or color combination like that in the photo above.First, you might want to take a moment and view the short video below to get a few general outdoor seasonal decorating ideas:


Focused Halloween Decorating

Ever notice decorative displays that just seem to catch your eye?Most, if not all, have a specific focus. They either use a theme or color (or both) to create a scene that captures a specific idea or color pattern. 1 Deborah's front porch - shown above - is an excellent example of using black crows and spiders on her autumn decorations to both transition from fall to Halloween and create a specific theme.Explore more of Deborah's wonderful Halloween decorations - they are quite amazing!

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Create a Scene Around a Cool Theme

In the photo above, this family created a pirate scene that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.


What other interesting outdoor Halloween decorations might you add if you wanted to turn this into scary Halloween decorations?


Don't forget to use your entire setting to help create the effect you want.In the photo above note how Halloween decorations are positioned in the trees. Consider using lamp posts, trees, shrubs, and other objects as well.

Big Impact with a Singular Decoration


Do you love this skeleton bicyclist? We do.

You don't have to plaster your yard or front porch with decorations. Often times, just one or two decorations will suffice as shown in the photo above.

Skeletons are extremely versatile Halloween decoration ideas. You can use them in all kinds of settings. Spook them up or place them in fun postures.

I've seen them dressed in different outfits, playing musical instruments (have music playing in the background), wearing funny hats and gloves, or a ton of other ideas. Just use your imagination.


Special Feature: Karla's Fun Decorations Gone Batty!

These Halloween decoration ideas from Karla of It's the Little Things That Make a House a Home, will be a big hit with the entire family and your neighborhood. Enjoy her pictures and she even tells us how she did it (along with some lessons learned)!

1 Karla's ideas came from a photo in Country Living magazine of a front door decorated with bats. That was all it took to inspire Karla to create this great Halloween decoration idea.

"Better than any other holiday, it celebrates the process of the garden going down-the harvest ripening, the changing of the seasons, the shortening of the days, stormy weather, and the biggest horror of all - the land of plenty is transformed into the land of the dead. This sounds like plenty of fun to me.

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