DIY Amazing Ideas : How To Build a Squash Arch


Now that winter is gone we can start to work on our gardens because at this point in time it probably really needs a tube up. Some plants you may find grow uncontrollable but there is ways to contain them. Here is a great way to grow uncontrollable growing vegetables such as squash on a arch or a trellis. Enjoy!

Squash is a bully in the garden, and it will take over if you don’t control it. I used to grow my squash on the ground, and train the vines to stay in a neat row (well, as neat as squash can be). Not anymore, now the squash in my garden grows vertically. I built a squash arch to tame my squash, and now I have a wonderful piece of architecture in my garden too.

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How To Build A Squash Arch

It was extremely easy to put this arch together. Originally, I was going to build it the same way I built my arched trellises for my beans and cucumbers. But the metal garden fencing I had isn’t strong enough to hold up heavy squash on it’s own around the top of the arch. So we (my husband helped me with this project) decided to add PVC piping to support it.

To make the arch tall enough, we needed two pieces of PVC pipe for each side. We glued them together using a special PVC glue and then weaved the PVC into the fencing.


Squash Arch Trellis

Once the squash arch was up, I spray painted the PVC black to make it look like metal. You can paint it any color you want, be creative! Just make sure to paint it before you plant any seedlings so they don’t get sprayed with paint. Also, it’s better to paint the squash arch after you put it up. If you paint it first, then the paint will get scratched when you start to move the squash arch around.



Squash Arch

Amazing right? Who knew squash could be so beautiful! My favorite types of squash to grow on my arch are Sugar Pie Pumpkins, Butternut and Delicata. Many people are afraid to grow squash vertically because it’s so heavy.


But, most of the squash sit on top of the arch. If any squash start to hang down, I put them back on top. The heavy squash can also be supported by making a sling out of an old t-shirt or nylons to support their weight.

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Squash Arch In The Garden

I’m super excited about this arch, I absolutely love it! So many people rave about it, and it’s the focal point of my vegetable garden. It has made squash control very easy, and my squash no longer take over the garden. It also makes harvesting the squash a breeze, since I don’t have to bend down and hunt for it.

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  1. Doris 4 March, 2017 at 18:04 Reply

    I live in north central Texas and have trouble with squash bugs and fire ants. Any help on controlling them organically would be appreciated.

  2. Trisha Clough 17 March, 2017 at 13:17 Reply

    With squash bugs I use a mix of half equal parts imitation vanilla and water, then spray leaves thoroughly and re apply every other week. Tricking the bugs into thinking the pant is sweet instead of bitter keeps them at bay.

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