CIVIL WAR Began Today in Chicago! Savage Beasts Incited By Hook-Nosed Marxists Use Violence to stop Trump Event-CIVIL WAR JUST BEGAN IN AMERICA


Roving bands of savage, sub-human beasts, incited by filthy, hook-nosed Marxists, did a push-in-invasion at a Chicago convention hall to deprive their fellow citizens of their civil right to a political meeting.  

Now that they have used force to deprive others of Civil Rights, many are now openly talking about using force in self-defense to deprive them of something far more precious. These ignorant people have no idea what they've just done: They started an actual, physical, Civil War in the United States. 

Violence appears to be coming in the American Election cycle, spurred-on by rodent-Marxists, and their useful idiot college sycophants. They would not "allow" other citizens with differing political views, to even have a meeting; they barged-into that meeting by force and disrupted it into oblivion.

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Instead of the police protecting the rights of those peaceably assembled to conduct their lawful meeting, they demanded the event be cancelled.  

So now you see, in the most vivid way, what your "rights" actually mean.  They mean nothing unless you are willing to physically fight for them.

One person who saw what took place in CHicago, but who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal said, "The time for talking with the liberal, progressive, elite, and the thugs they employ, is over.  There is nothing left to talk about.  The time for direct  confrontation has finally arrived.  They struck first.  They drew first blood."  

Lest you think this is some type of embellishment or exaggeration, lets take a very clinical look at what just took place.

alive AFTER

One group of Americans just told another group of Americans they cannot meet to discuss political matters.  THAT is what just took place here.

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Politics is how things are governed and changes are made in this country, yet one group of Americans just told another group of Americans that political change cannot even be discussed by them!

In actual fact, one group of Americans just took away the political rights of another group of Americans and did so by force.

The people who committed this act of aggression are the very same people pushing "tolerance" . . . "diversity" . . .  "inclusion"  Except if the political solutions you propose or want to discuss, are not tolerated by them!


Another person who saw the events take place, told us

"This is how politics occurs in third-world, banana republics.  This is what America has become since we took an Affirmative-Action to put an unqualified sub-human into the office of President of the United States!  We are now a banana-republic with a half-breed, third-world savage as President."

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That person went on to say "Admit it, they voted for him because he was black; not because he was qualified.  They wanted to give "them" a "chance" and to show that America had progressed from its allegedly ugly past.  

But what none of those Obama voters ever stopped to consider was that he and his kind never progressed.  They are what they are, uncivilized, barely literate, feral, and vicious.

It never occurred to their little mind that the reason things were the way they were in the past is because our forefathers saw what the reality was with these "people."  

Instead, you "progressives" turned your back on the experience and empirical evidence of the past because, as always, you arrogantly thought you knew better.  Guess what?  You don't.  "  


One attendee at the event who emailed SuperStation95 pointed to the crowds and said

"Notice all those lovely "Immigrants" who came here to "better their lives . . ."

People who supported immigration, and who called us who disagreed with them "racists" and "Xenophobes," now understand why limiting the influx of these third-worlders was essential;  because they bring their inferior cultures and inferior methods with them!


Immigrants need time to assimilate and be assimilated.  They need to learn how we do things in this country because this country is far more advanced than the socialist garbage dumps they came from in Central, South America and Europe.  (Yes, Europe is long ago ruined-- turned  into socialist garbage dump - just look at the cultural and social suicide being undertaken by the governments of the EU and they bring in hordes of Middle Easterners who rape, rob, pillage and burn.)"

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This is now likely to be the actual, physical beginning of a Civil War.  Not some POTENTIAL Civil War, it seems to have already started.  Several people we spoke to told us "It began tonight, in the filthy urban shit-hole of liberal Democrat Chicago. "

Mario Cicci who agreed to be identified in this article, said "Choose your side and be ready to fight.  Because whether you want it or not, whether you are interested in it or not, the fight is on.  Either fight for what you believe in or submit to the beliefs of others.  Those are the only two choices."

EDITOR'S URGENT NOTE: To those who appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS and other TV news shows, to brag about what you'd done inside the Trump event,  SuperStation95 alerts you that we already have information coming into our newsroom that persons are already seeking out your identities and locations.  Several of you are already known to be part of the University of Illinois at Chicago. 


Those people did not disclose to us their plans, but the impression we got  -- and this is only our impression, not any threat by us -- is that those persons intend to come after you personally.

 We emphasize that this is NOT intended at all to be a threat by us, we are merely doing what we can to alert potential victims that persons seem to be hunting them down.  

SuperStation95 regrets things have come to this.  We renounce the use of violence to effect political, social or cultural change.  We will not initiate any such violence and discourage readers from engaging in criminal violence.


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