BREAKING:Russia Orders Moscow World Cup Stadium to Immediately Convert to Wartime Bomb Shelter


Managers of the Zenit Arena, a giant half-built stadium in St. Petersburg, received an official letter from the Ministry of Emergency Situations last week demanding that they immediately create shelter facilities for wartime. The stadium, under construction for the upcoming World Cup 2018, is located outside the city boundaries, the letter said, but in case of nuclear attack it is in the potential “zone of war destruction and radiation fallout.”

The last time Russians heard authorities talk like this about a potential mobilization for a nuclear strike was 20 years ago, and it all seemed highly improbable. Now, it appears, the Kremlin is not joking. Up to 40 million people participated in recent civil-defense exercises all across the country, learning about how to hide and where exactly to run to in case of a nuclear war.

But whether the motive behind this is self-defense, an implied threat to the West, a means to mobilize and control public opinion, or all of the above, is not entirely clear. 

“These are the most serious tensions between Moscow and Washington in decades, said Sergei Markov, a member of the Civic Chamber, a Moscow-based state institution. “The war might begin even before the November elections in the U.S.”

“I personally plan to stock 200 cans of pork to be ready for a potential war crisis,” Markov told The Daily Beast in an interview, “and I advise everybody to do the same.”

State Duma Deputy Vadim Dengin said he hoped that there would be no war with United States. “I cannot understand why the West cannot just leave us in peace, let us be,“ the official said. “Americans should realize that it will be their children looking for shelters, too, if they are serious about attacking Russia.“

On Thursday, Vladimir Gladkov, a 19-year-old student, said he heard from a neighbor that the closest bomb shelter to his apartment building was Kitai Gorod metro station.

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A thermonuclear bomb on Moscow?

Gladkov, who was born years after the Soviet Cold War with the United States was over, sounded frustrated: “Americans are not crazy to bomb us, I am not sure why our authorities want people to experience hysterical panic attacks. Maybe somebody feels annoyed that we feel too free and happy,” he suggested. 

In Russia, where generations have suffered from wars or economic crises, panic takes over quickly as a kind of contagious epidemic and some respond with millennial obsessions.

During the impoverished years of the early 1990s, thousands of Russians moved to settlements in the Taiga seeking mystical salvation. Over 3,000 believers in Christ Vissarion still live in the Siberian woods waiting for the End of Light.

In 2012 many in Russia waited in fear for the Mayan Doomsday. People bought bottles of vodka, matches, and candles to survive the dark times.

There is an expression that every Russian knows well: “To save for a black day.” And there are so many black days in Russian history—not just days, but years of devastation.

“My life is just one everlasting black day,” says Baba Zoya, an old woman living alone in the village of Bezvodnoye in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The 82-year-old pensioner finds winters especially hard to survive.


“On some cold winter days when every joint, every bone hurts, I have no energy to go out and buy a piece of bread,” she told The Daily Beast. Her only comforts are her old dog and a falling-apart armchair outside of her old dark wood isba, a Russian traditional log house. She remembers World War II only too well—dozens of Bezvodnoye men left one day and never came back. “I wish, my dear, that you live your life without such awful memories,” she said.

Last week Perm, a city of more than 1 million people in the Ural region, prepared shelters “for the employees who would continue to work during wartime,” the state Russia channel reported.

Experts from the Ministry of Emergency Situations inspected one of the shelters to make sure there is enough space, medicine, and minimal provision; the daily norm of water was three liters per person, the channel reported.

Television shows devoted to the civil-defense drills explained to Russians that there was no reason to panic, that during wartime authorities would make sure that there was no radiation on public transport, that every person would have at least 300 grams of bread per day.

From early morning on Thursday, activists received boxes with baby food, plastic bags full of diapers and used warm clothes at Russia Behind Bars NGO, which had been supporting Russian convicts for the last eight years. Were there bomb shelters for the population of Russia’s prisons?

“No chance to survive in prison,” the head of the NGO, Olga Romanova, said “Russian prisoners will be doomed, everybody in jail realizes that.”

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For her part, Romanova said she knew exactly where she would go and how many minutes it would take for NATO missiles to reach Moscow.

“If they bomb Moscow, I might make it to Taganka metro station, it takes me about 5 minutes to run from my house,” Romanova said. “My husband and I have already discussed and decided that we would only bring a couple of water bottles and our passports.”

Americans Remain Blissfully Unaware

While Russia sees the writing on the wall as far as the coming war with the US and NATO, Americans are blissfully unaware.  The mass-media in the US, and even in European NATO countries, is deliberately not reporting the terrible escalation in hostilities because, quite frankly, it is the US and NATO who are solely to blame for the trouble which is coming.

These countries do not want their citizens to know that they are the ones who have committed acts of aggression against Russia and its allies, like Syria.  The US and NATO don't want their citizens to know things have gotten so bad, we are literally on the precipice of actual war, thanks to their mind-numbingly-stupid foreign policies.

What the US and NATO want is for the war to break out, suddenly, so they can scream to their citizens "We've been attacked by the Russians" and watch as those totally ignorant people fall in-line to "defend the country from those evil Ruskies.

YOU are being kept in the dark; deliberately.

YOU are being set up for a horrific world war, that the US and NATO have intentionally orchestrated.

YOU will be required to send YOUR CHILDREN to go fight this war, and the government doesn't want you having any qualms about sending your kids to die for them.  After all, if YOU know that it is OUR OWN government which is to blame for creating this mess, you might no be so willing to send your children off to fight such a war.

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Because the US federal government is flat broke and Bankrupt.  There is no possible way for them to continue to even service our national debt anymore, and they need to launch a devastating war before everything totally collapses, so they can blame the war for the economic collapse, and you won't blame Congress or the President!

When most large cities around the world are smashed, with hundreds of millions dead, the countries of the world will engage in complete debt forgiveness because they'll have no choice.  There won;t be any way for them to get paid anyway.

But by wrecking everything to force a worldwide "reset" of debts, the government avoids all responsibility for what it did.


Soon.  Possibly even BEFORE the November 8 election according to the Russian official quoted in the story above!


Are you prepared?

Do you have food and water stored-up for a disaster beyond comprehension?

Do you have fuel for your vehicle(s) or your emergency electric generator?  

Do you even HAVE an electric generator to keep your refrigerator going so you don't lose all your food to spoilage?  You need at least a 2,000 watt generator to power most 1100 watt refrigerators, and to give you a couple lights to live by.  Don't have one?  You better hustle your ass to get one.

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Of course, if you want to power the refrigerator, and the lights, and your furnace, well now you're looking at needing about a 7500 to 10,000 watt generator.  Expensive!  $650- $900.  Oh, and they consume a gallon of fuel PER HOUR to run.

Do you have emergency blankets to keep warm?  How about a portable kerosene heater with extra fuel to keep you alive in the dead of winter?  No?  You'd better hustle your little ass to get one - fast.

Do you have medicines you might need to stay alive?  How much of a supply do  you have?  Better have at least 90 days worth, and even having that much won't mean things will be back to normal fast enough for you to get more.  SO all you folks who have to take Thyroid medicine to live, or face death within 5 days of running out . . . . you better have a good supply on-hand.

What if you get sick during this war?  Do you have antibiotics?  Penicillin? Erythromycin?  Biaxin?  Levaquin? Cipro?  

No?  Gee, too bad for you if you get sick.

How about simple stuff like a flashlight with a slew of extra batteries?

What about a portable radio with extra batteries?

What about a first aid kit to treat cuts from flying glass after bombs go off?

By the way, how are you going to cook?  Do you have a gas powered barbecue?  Are the fuel tanks full?  

Do You Have a Sick Feeling in Your Gut Yet?

If you're starting to realize you're grossly unprepared, you'e not alone. Very few people have been preparing because no one is being told about the horrors that are right around the corner.

And if you are stupid enough to think the government is going to help you, think again.  They sold off all the emergency food supplies, butter, milk and cheese years ago, so they could use the money to give Section 8 housing subsidies to the deadbeats and buy their votes.

Speaking of the Section 8 deadbeats, do any of you think that any of them are preapred?  Of course not.  So what do you think the savages are going to do when the shit hits the fan?

Well . . .  they'll do what they always do:  STEAL YOUR STUFF.

Do you have a way to protect yourself, your family and your possessions from these two-legged bags of human garbage?  You'd better get some.  Gun(s) and ammunition.

A 12 Gauge Shotgun with #1 Buckshot is excellent for home self defense, and you can use it to hunt too.

Pistols . . don't bother with a 9mm or smaller.  They just aren't guaranteed effective.  You want a .40 Caliber or better yet, a .45 caliber.  They have stopping power.

These are just a few of the many things that you should already have.  The list of other "preps" is quite long and we won;t go into it here.

We just want you to know what's coming and why.  The more of you who take several steps to prepare, will have a much better chance at surviving.

In the event that we actually ARE attacked , the video below may save your life. 



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