A document  from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which is red-labeled "Not for Public Dissemination" outlines a "simulated" nuclear detonation over North Bergen and Weehawkin, NJ (Hudson County) complete with "Blast Impact Zone" and "Radiation fallout" and "Fatality Counts" scheduled for April 24-25.

The document, which is also prominently marked "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY" was created by FEMA as part of a so-called "exercise" being run by the Department of Defense (D0D) Code Name "Operation Gotham Shield 2017." 

The problem with these "exercises" is the strange coincidence that when the government runs some of them, they turn into ACTUAL EVENTS.  For instance, prior to and on 9-11, various elements of the military and law enforcement were conducting "exercises" which "simulated" terrorists hijacking planes and crashing them - or blowing them up - over New York City.  As we all know, that's exactly what really took place on 9-11!

And if this is really only a Drill, why are its plans marked "NOT FOR PUBLIC DISSEMINATION"  and "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY?"  Perhaps the track record of the federal government will provide the answer . . .

A few days prior to the mass-shooting of Dallas Police officers, local and federal law enforcement in and around Dallas, conducted an "active shooter" exercise during which "law enforcement" was the "simulated" target. Days later, that's exactly what took place in Dallas when at least FIVE Dallas cops were gunned down.

Prior to the PULSE nightclub shooting in Orlando, the feds and local law enforcement conducted a "mass casualty drill" involving  a "terrorist attack" in Orlando.  Just days after that "exercise" a lone gunman killed over 50 people . . . at a gay nightclub in Orlando!

Call us crazy Conspiracy Theorists if you have to, but since SuperStation95 and it's staff are located within BLOCKS of the "simulated" nuclear blast zone . . . . and given the federal government's unique track record on holding drills that end up actually taking place, we're more than a little concerned by this latest government "exercise."

Here's what we were able to acquire from sources inside the federal government:

We know the image is a bit blurry, so we zoomed-in on the map to try to get a better view.  It's basically on Route 495, at the beginning of the "Helix" which spirals down to the Lincoln Tunnel:


OK, so the zoomed-in isn't too clear.  No problem.  Here's a link to the precise coordinates shown on the full page above, so you can see the blast point on GOOGLE MAPS

Rather than rely on the FEMA Documents we obtained, SuperStation95 went to the Nuclear Secrecy Web Site which uses computers and the latest scientific information to compile a more realistic scenario of actual nuclear blast effects.  Here's what the Nuclear Secrecy scientists say would be the effect of a ten kiloton nuclear bomb being detonated in Weehawkin, NJ:




Jersey City (Heights)

Union City

Most of West New York

The entire southern area of North Bergen TWP.


The eastern section of Secaucus.

To verify these results, you can utilize the Nuclear Secrecy web site to simulate your own Nuclear Detonation.  Their web site is HERE.


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Earlier this week, SuperStation95 was the ONLY media outlet in the U.S. to break the story about "Gotham Shield" being an exercise wherein a Nuclear Detonation was the subject of a "drill" over New Jersey and New York City. 

To this moment, no other mass-media outlet has even covered this story, despite the fact that MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford is being set up as a "triage" area, complete with Doctors, Nurses, Fire/Rescue/EMS, Helicopters, and law enforcement from the federal , state, county and local area!

Now that we know where the "simulated" blast is to take place, we're actually thinking of "bugging-out."

But wait, there's more.  Apparently, the government has even projected which way the Radiation Fallout from such a "simulation" would travel:  KILLING North Bergen, Weehawkin, Edgewater, Fairview, Cliffside Park, Fort Lee all the way into Englewood Cliffs!   Here's their "simulated" radiation chart:

Oh, and the feds left no stone un-turned in this "exercise."  They've even calculated how many of us will be KILLED by such an incident.  It's interesting to note they count "direct blast fatalities" in with those who get killed by the Radiation:


To read our original story about this "exercise" click HERE

...They calculated that based on current realities, in the first year after a full-scale EMP attack, about two-thirds of the national population will die from starvation and disease, that's 200 million Americans bodies that will be left to rot all over this country.


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