ATTACK UPON TRUMP WAS SELF-DECLARED ISIS TERROR GROUP MILITANT - Registered Democrat and admitted Bernie Sanders Supporter!


Last modified on 14 March 2016 

The attempted attack upon Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump in Dayton, OH was carried out by an ISIS Terror Group Militant.

Numerous sources have identified the perpetrator as as 32-year-old Thomas Dimassimo of Wright State University in Ohio. 

Dimassimo's YouTube channel features a video of himself leading a Black Lives Matter protest last year where he and others stood on an American flag "in solidarity" with BLM activist Eric Sheppard. Sheppard had drawn controversy after he was photographed walking on an American flag during a protest at Valdosta State University. 

Dimassimo has reportedly been charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic.

According to a Twitter feed by what appears to be that same person, yesterday Dimassimo tweeted:


In another, more revealing post, Dimassino Tweeted he was a Bernie Sanders supporter!

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It'll be interesting to see how much pressure the media puts on Bernie Sanders to condemn his own supporters' criminal actions.

But wait, it gets even better . . .

DiMassimo is originally from Powder Springs, GA, a suburb of Atlanta.  His mother, Faye DiMassimo, works for Atlanta's MAYOR, Kassim Reed, a prominent DEMOCRAT as shown HERE.

In a video of his recent anti-American activities, DiMaasimo dragged an American flag along the ground, then stomped on it in public as he supported "Black Lives Matter"  and "Not My Flag"


He was quickly arrested by the United States Secret Service and the Dayton, Ohio Police before he could actually grab hold of Mr. Turmp. His arrest was captured on camera.

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It was after his arrest that calls began POURING into the SuperStation95 newsroom reporting this individual as an adherent to the ISIS Terrorist group, who has posted videos of himself with his own picture showing him holding a MACHINE GUN, superimposed upon the ISIS flag.

Callers also pointed out to us that a video he placed on Youtube, showing his stomping of an American flag at Wright University, was set to the music of the ISIS Terrorist Group.  

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When the mass-media finds out that an ISIS Militant is a self-declared DEMOCRAT and BERNIE SANDERS SUPPORTER, whose mom works for the Democrat Mayor of Atlanta,  they will bury this story so fast and so deep, no one will hear about it.  As such, we respectfully request YOU spread this story far and wide.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and all the rest.  People in the USA have to be told who it is that's infesting the Democrat party and supporting Communists like Sanders;  they are pople  dedicated to the destruction of our country . . . an inconvenient truth for the mass media.  PLEASE SHARE THIS STORY.

That Youtube account was suddenly "terminated" today, but we have the video and it is still posted at LIVELEAK.

Click HERE for that video

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