After 8 Years of Obama AMERICANS Are Preparing For A MASSIVE Revolution… Here’s Why

After 8 Years of Obama AMERICANS Are Preparing For A MASSIVE Revolution… Here’s Why


The FBI, Clinton’s, and Loretta Lynch area all part of an oligarchy of elite political powers in the USA.   Are they above the law? The Clinton’s, for years, have carried a laundry list of crimes, including, murder and treason. So what does that truly mean to We The People, as American citizens?  It is time for the blunt truth and facts that will shake the very foundation of our nation and the sheep that dwell within it.

“No one is beneath the protection of the law and no one is absolved of the obligation to comply with it. The government may not make a person or a class of persons exempt from constitutional protections, as it did during slavery, nor may it make government officials exempt from complying with the law, as it does today.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano

It was eleven years after the Declaration of Independence—and four years after America’s victory in the Revolutionary War—that a small group of delegates would convene in Philadelphia to create a new charter for governing the new nation. The constitutional document that resulted was built on the great unconditional principle of the rule of law.

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Magna Carta’s reference to “the Law of the Land,” a phrase written into all eight of the early American state constitutions, as well as the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. It is reflected in the supremacy clause of the United States Constitution: “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land.” The deep importance of this supremacy is seen in the fact that the oaths taken by those holding office in the United States—the president, members of Congress, federal judges—are oaths not to a king or ruler, or even to an executive or to Congress, but to the United States Constitution and the laws.

lost ways

When our government rises above the Law & disavows the Constitution of the United States of America, what has taken place is treason against the people and Constitution.   We have established that no government nor its people are above the law nor are they exempt from Constitutional law.   This is the very foundation of our nation and its principals, therefore we must hold to our foundation and Magna Carta.

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To put it bluntly, when the Director of the FBI stated that Hillary Clinton was guilty yet they will not pursue charges, the government stated they were above the law of the land.  The time to raise the American Flag upside down, is now.  America has fallen.


“Narrow minded sheep that are controlled by the puppet masters. Then the other side are keyboard commandos that keep saying they are waiting for the 1st strike…. We keep getting pounded and nobody does anything. I do not think the American public understands the ramifications of Hillary being above the law. That just destroyed, we the people, for the people & proved the Law is no longer applicable. No other people throughout time has EVER sat idle under such oppression and yet here we are being systematically destroyed and watching as the oligarchs create a New America where freedom, liberty and justice are no more. We the people are simply cattle now.”


In layman’s terms, big brother has gone rogue and separated themselves from the very
people they are supposed to work for and protect.  The United States of America no longer has Freedom, Liberty & Justice.  The system is broken, the government and Law now do as they please, unchecked and they do not even care to hide it anymore.

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So long as the public can continue their daily routines, they could care less about real freedom is and what our nation is founded on. Entertainment, bills, electronics, cars, sports and all the rest of the distractions, they have become more important that standing up for what is right.  People have become entitled, greedy, lazy, selfish and narrow-sighted.  The BFMT on the American Public is simple, make them so dependent on their daily lives that they can no longer afford to risk standing up against tyranny.   People are no longer willing to risk and sacrifice for ethics, integrity & Honor. There is no greater cause to rise up to, to fight for and to sacrifice for, than that of Freedom and our children’s futures.

Fight For Your Freedom


People do not seem to care about what they are leaving to future generations, they could care less that their lives are being treated as cattle, rather than being able to chase their dreams in a free society.

When your government separates itself from the people, it has become a dictatorship.  The United States is dieing, everything we stand for is being crushed and stripped away.  The truth is, we are danger close to becoming no better than, North Korea, China, Iran, Libya and all of the rest that fall under a dictatorship.

Other nations have experienced revolutions as well as toppling of corrupt governments.  Currently Venezuela is in a mass revolution, the people against its corrupt government.  So why do Americans sit so idle as everything we love, everything about who we are as a people, everything that our beloved forefathers fought and died to create, is systematically and with no remorse, destroyed?    How have we fallen so far as a people that we allow wolves to rule as Kings and sociopaths?  Are your lives so great that you are above sacrifice?  What makes you, the American public better than the countless lives of others that fought, bled and died for your freedoms?


Our graveyards are filled with soldiers who fought for this nation, fought for you and fought for the sanctity of the Constitution. Now ask yourselves, what is so great and mighty about you, that you are exempt from such sacrifice?  Hillary Clinton is that exact sociopath that believes her life has a far greater value than any under her rule. Maybe Americans share more in common with her than they care to admit, maybe they are simply cowardice.

We are forever changed as a nation, as a society and now we are in a time of choosing.  Look at yourself in the mirror, make your choice and have the bravery and fortitude to stand for your decision.


Victims and cowards bow and kneel to dictators, while warfighter’s stand up against them.  We few will stand between you and those who wish to rule over you, that is our choice and why our nation still has hope.

Hillary Clinton and the elite are one in the same with Adolph Hitler.  This is no longer about patriotism, left vs. right, republican or democrat, this is about the very survival of the American foundation of freedom.  We are either the last beacon of hope or we are a nation that forever lost it’s very right to exist with freedom of free agency.

United we stand, Divided we fall

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