7 Cops Watch Man Die Then In Frenzied Craze Beat Dead Body (Graphic Video)

1While there are many hardworking, brave police around the US, there are also the examples shown below of cops completely out of control, beating handcuffed suspects with billy clubs and fists, kicking suspects while they are down and in one case, 7 cops watching a man die then in a "frenzied craze' beat the dead body.

We, as a country, criticize other countries brutality against their citizens but in the video compilation below we see that we definitely shouldn't be throwing stones while we live in our little glass houses.

Via the YouTube details from David Vose:

Anglo American governments created police force in 1829. Rome did not have any police. No past empire ever policed humans and imprisoned people for being angry or for being on drugs or mentally ill. Russia and China do not imprison people for social behavioror being poor. The American police state is almost perfected. The only thing left is the mark on your forehead.



Watch this video to learn how to avoid such things, and how to protect your home and your loved ones



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