Terrorist Bombing in St. Petersburg, Russia Kills Ten on Metro Train-At Least 10 Dead, 50 Injured in Russia Subway Explosion

Two blasts occurred at metro train stations in Saint Petersburg Russia today.  Reports say 10 people have died in two explosions of “shrapnel-filled bombs” and 50 people have been injured.

Below is video taken by people in the train station moments after the blasts and PRIOR to arrival of Emergency Crews.

The St. Petersburg subway press office confirmed that an explosive device was set off on a train, according to the Associated Press. Russian emergency services have reportedly confirmed two bomb explosions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin — who was reportedly in St. Petersburg when the blasts occurred — said in a statement that authorities are considering all possible causes, including terrorism.

Various websites have pictures of blown-out train doors and injured people on the station platform, which appears to be at a stop in the center of Russia’s second biggest city.

Activist organization Conflict Intelligence Team reports that pictures of the blast come from Technologichesky Institut station.

Other reports place the explosion at Sennaya Ploshchad station.


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