Prophecy for USA 2016 – 2027:The Coming Civil War in USA.How Will The Nations of The World Beat America?The Lord Shows The Next American President.


aThe Lord shows the next American president

The US election is coming forth in 2016. That’s their campaign. At the beginning of 2017, the new president takes over from the old. Their presidents are elected over 4-year terms, i.e. 2017-2020, that is the first term. The second term will be 2021-2024. The Lord showed that the next US president who will be elected and who will win the campaign will be the last president of the United States of America. The next president will be a Democrat. He will be as popular as John F Kennedy in his first term. This president, because he is popular, will rule and reign for 2 terms, which will be 8 years. That takes you to 2024.

We know we are in the years of prosperity from now until 2020.

The years of famine are from 2020 to 2027.

The years of war are from 2027 to 2034.

So, this president is going to rule in these years of prosperity and 4 years into the years of famine.

The Lord says that the next president will be allowed to be strong and powerful because the Lord will allow him to hold back Russia for a time. Remember the years of prosperity and the years of famine in the time of Joseph. Those things are going to occur all over again. Remember the prophecies in the book of Daniel, where the archangel Gabriel (who is here with us tonight) spoke to him and revealed to him about the 4 empires – the kingdom of Babylon, followed by the Median-Persian Empire, followed by the Greek empire, followed by the Roman Empire. Daniel existed and he was used by God during the Babylonian empire and during the Median-Persian Empire. After that, the Greek empire came. When Gabriel brought forth the message, the enemy (the Prince of Persia) tried to hinder Gabriel from bringing the revelation to Daniel. Michael the archangel came and Gabriel continue to fly towards Daniel to deliver the revelation. After 21 days of fasting by Daniel, Gabriel came and he brought the message to Daniel. All these stories are in the book of Daniel.

end of days

In the book of Daniel, as Gabriel was about to depart, he mentioned something, “I must go, because the prince of Greece will come” (Daniel 10:10). What happened was the Median-Persian Empire had not finished yet. It was supposed to still have a few more kings but the Greek empire was trying to come up. All these are the forces of the enemy trying to stir up the things to come. And so, Gabriel went to push them back, until the full time of the Median-Persian Empire can be completed.

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Russia will be no.1 after the Tsunami

Russia will be strong, and second will be China. But Russia is growing too fast in strength. So, the angels will push them back. In two ways they will push them back: By allowing America to have a strong president that will reign for 2 terms. There are several things that are going to weaken Russia and that is why this US president is needed.

The Lord says:

“The next US president will be like John F Kennedy in popularity, and he will know their greatest threat will be Russia. He will rise to rally the American forces to quell the Russians, but only for a time. This president that will be Democrat will be very popular on both sides of the political spectrum. He will also start well and introduce legislations of righteousness at first. This will not continue throughout his administration but he will start well. He will lead America to its last peak of power. This last president over all the 50 states will lead America also into a civil war.”

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Now the elections will be in 2016. If you add 8 years, it will only bring you to 2024. This president lasted until 2027 (the invasion of Spain, as in other prophecies mentioned earlier) because civil war will break out and martial law will be declared. Because martia
l law will exist in his second term, he will extend his presidency for another 3 years until 2027.


The Lord says:

“This new president will be elected twice. In the 2nd term, the civil war will arise. It will be so bad that the president will be granted war time powers and elections will be suspended. He will be the last president of all the 50 states of America. All who are leaders who arise after that will be faction leaders. Under this president, America will reach its final peak of power. This president will recognize the threat of Russia.”

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USA secret weapons of mass destruction

Russia wants to be number one too early, so God will use this president to push Russia back. The reason he is able to do that even though Russia and China are growing stronger and stronger and in many areas have some superiority against American weaponry because America is facing more and more difficulties. The reason USA can push back Russia is because America will have two secret weapons of mass destruction during the reign of this president that will keep the Russians and the Chinese at bay.

Russia will be pushed back to arise at an appointed time later

The Americans and the west will continue to wage a financial economic war against Russia. They will be allowed to prevail for a period of time. The ruble (which is the Russian money) will continue to collapse, and its value will crash.

Right now, with the sanctions, the ruble has taken a hit and it has made it harder for the average Russian to buy food. During the next year, 2016, Putin will be forced to step down 2 years ahead of schedule because the average Russian cannot afford food. There will be hardship in Russia and nothing that Putin does will be able to prevent the crash. This will cause the whole of Russia to revolt and in certain places for a time major riots will arise, so much that they will be starving for a time. And he will not be able to quell the anger. There will be much rioting for Putin to step down because they will be angered by him that he has so much and they have nothing. Putin will be forced by his leaders to step aside early. When this happens, a new leader will arise in Russia; and Russia will be pushed back to await its appointed time.


In the meantime, the American president that will be elected end of next year will grow strong to keep the Russians and Chinese at bay through two secret weapons. That is the main reason why the American leadership will become haughty and proud because of these weapons. These weapons are so catastrophic to the world and they alone possess these weapons at this time. They are not normal weapons that are even known and allowed by the governments of the world today. In fact, they are only known by the Russians and the Chinese in theory through covert reports. This technology is only known by the Americans. That’s how the Americans can face the buildup of the Russians and the Chinese militarily and remain proud. Now the Lord says, He wants to tell us about the story of these secret weapons because it is the story of these secret weapons that is going to affect the next 8 years to the next 10 years of the future of the world.

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The first weapon is a nuclear weapon that is so powerful that it can lay waste to the whole world. It is like a nation or continent killer, more powerful than the nuclear weapons that we have that can destroy an entire city. These are specially configured so that they can destroy an entire country, an entire continent, an entire world.


This weapon is off the books. It is held in the most secret of US organizations. In a map, the Lord showed where these special nukes are kept. They are kept in a few places in the USA, and they are kept in rotation. But one of the places that it is kept is on the continent of Europe. Then the Lord said, there is one satellite that is now operating in outer space
that is of the highest technology and will warehouse many of these nuclear weapons, and it is able to target and fire any place in the world. Because of this, the enemies of USA do not dare to attack.

The second weapon is a bio-weapon. There was a vision of a missile with a bio-weapon symbol — bio-hazard. This second weapon is one of the most horrible bio-weapon ever invented by man. This weapon that the United States built is the most secret and is only known to other nations in theory by the covert reports they have discovered. This weapon is designed to wipe out all human life. However, this weapon has a cure that is invented by the Americans. If this weapon is released, it is so toxic that it will destroy mankind if the Lord Jesus didn’t intervene. Only those with the cure can live. The Lord says not to worry – because even if the Americans fire this weapon, Jesus will not allow this to destroy all mankind. Jesus will allow a certain measure of the weapon to be controlled.


However, the Russians and the Chinese do not know that Jesus will not allow this. So, they are afraid that this weapon will be used. Even the allies of the United States of America are not sure how they will be protected in the event of another war, if these weapons are used. None of the nations of the world can confirm these weapons exist, or what their limitations are. However, the Americans will leak just enough information to keep everyone in fear – that it is not just a theory although they don’t prove it.

But these weapons do exist. They are not theory. The Americans will have a protocol on how to use these weapons: If the nations of the world rise up and attack the United States of America, and the United States of America is at stake of losing in an all-out war, then it will use these weapons as a deterrent measure. This is the protocol that exists.

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How will the nations of the world beat America?

They will use this protocol against the Americans. They will find out the American protocol, and during the coming civil war in the United States, America will move the nuclear and biological secret weapons from the mainland of the United States and put them in submarines until the civil war is stopped; when the situation is deemed safe to bring the weapons back to the mainland. The satellite will not be messed with, and the ones in Europe will stay. The one in Europe is a strategic counter measure against Russia. During the civil war, the bio-weapons are not allowed anywhere in the United States because it is so deadly and they don’t want to risk anything happening within their own soil.

The Russians and the Chinese will know about this protocol and have a secret arrangement against the United States to fund and help create a civil war. The Russians will not directly fight the United States of America, but will be funding a proxy war through China, and at the right time make a deal with the European Union to destroy the Americans. They will use propaganda and buy off government leaders at every level of government. This strategy is well planned and as of today is already in effect.


There are many USA government leaders who are bought off by the Chinese and some by the Russians. They will pretend to do the best for the United States but will be selling secrets, obeying orders, making deals of all kinds to their own destruction. Each faction will have its own agenda and will play its cards against the other for dominance of the world, and the destruction of United States.

The United States and Europe will be allies until the years of famine, when a wedge will be driven between them. They will not directly fight until China attacks USA in 2027. Then, Europe will attack while the Chinese play their part in the plan. Europe will have a strategy against USA, Russia and China. Russia will have its own strategy against Europe, against America, against China. China will have its own strategy against Europe, against America, against Russia. Each one is playing against each other and that will be the world that you will be living in during the next coming decade.

Finally in 2027, when the serpent leaves USA to go the Spain (as in the 7 Thunders prophecy), the 10 tigers will come will come and bite off its head. And then the dog will come and attack the naval base that is over the eastern side of the India-Pakistan peninsula. Thus, the war years in 2027 will begin. The nations will not face each other directly but they will plot and plan against each other.

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The Russians w
ill be building their weapon arsenal and work to find out the secrets of these two secret weapons to disable them. They will make a deal with China to give the lands of the USA to the Chinese to dominate once the civil war has weakened the nation and the secret weapon protocol goes into effect. The first goal of Russia and China is to find out where the designated submarines are and destroy them before they are able to fire the secret weapons. Then, the next goal of the factions against America is to destroy the satellite where they warehouse the special nukes in space and destroy it.

china 2

The problem here is this: Europe will be allied the USA. However, during the time of famine when USA invades Spain, Europe will make a deal with Russia and China to use the banking system against the USA and provide the secret information they need to sink the submarines and destroy the satellite. Europe will allow the Chinese to be the attack dog to attack USA. The Chinese will destroy the submarines, two in the Pacific and one in the Atlantic. Once these three submarines which are specially equipped are destroyed, the bio-weapons will be destroyed, and most of the secret nukes. Then Europe will be pivotal in helping the Chinese to destroy the secret nukes in space by providing them information that the USA gives to their allies about the satellite. The Chinese will attack the Pacific fleet first, destroy the two Pacific submarines and sink them and at the same time destroy the satellite in space. Once this happens, they set sail for the Atlantic fleet to destroy the rest of the USA fleet. As they go and fight in the Atlantic, Europe will surprise attack the Chinese.

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The goal of Europe is to wait until the last American special submarine with the special weapons is destroyed by the Chinese. Europe will pretend to be neutral until the last moments, when the Chinese have sunk the last submarine and destroyed most of the American fleet; completely destroy the American naval power. Then when the Chinese have done this with some loss, Europe will attack the Chinese counterparts, and destroy the power of their navy and push the Chinese back but only because at the same time, Europe will surprise attack the American base in Europe to get hold of the last remaining secret weapon that is in the continent of Europe. And they will use that to keep the Russians and the Chinese in retreat. The Chinese will turn back temporarily defeated.


Russia will be waiting to collect the spoils of war. They will recover the weaponry in the sunken submarines and then realize that Europe does not have the ability to crack the American system protocol so fast. They will know it because Europe will play their hand first. Remember the prophecy about the seven meteorites that will hit Russia, with two hitting the areas where the two fallen angels are released? After the meteorites hit Russia, Europe will take that chance to attack Russia. When they attack Russia, Russia will know they don’t have the technology to use the secret weapons; which is why they resort to conventional war in attacking Russia. Russia will attack back.

Russia will have bought and paid for many American scientists and military officers to help them. Once the American naval power is destroyed, it will be the culmination of American defeat. They will never rise again after 2027. By this time the United States will have been destroying each other from within. They will not see the secret attack coming or believe it is possible because they are too distracted and spread out to be able to see this coming. They will think their allied relationship with Europe and their economic relationship with China will keep them from being attacked and from the war. They are wrong.

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The United States will engage in civil war because they will be pushed from the outside influences, politically, economically and on every front and internally. The USA will be more destructive to itself than Russia or China can ever do to America. State will fight against state in some regions. Two main sides before this will cause much destruction to each other and their populations so much so that the Chinese investment in the USA will be completely destroyed. And they will find difficulty in securing their investments and there is not much worth saving.

At this time, the Chinese will be allowed to attack the USA by Europe provoking them to be the attack dog. America will be starving and under martial law, fighting each other and killing one another. In one last attempt to try to unite the nation, the president will go to Spain as peacekeeper to try to secure food. That is when the Europeans will decide to go forward to betray their allies. Europe’s main strategy against the USA is to break up their banking system and provide secret military intelligence to the Chinese to thwart the Russians, not knowing the Chinese have made a secret deal with the Russians to destroy USA and divide the spoils. The Russians will get back their former Soviet territory and the Chinese will get Taiwan and major American investment centres.


Europe will not see this coming. They will think they have secured the power to keep Russia at bay and also have destroyed Chinese naval power. They will be wrong. Once Europe defeats China and pushes them back, they will be at odds with Russia. They are no more Americans in the way and the secret weapon belongs to them. However, Europe will realize they have a secret weapon they cannot use. So, they will pretend that they know how to use it. This strategy will work until they attack Russia. They will be mobilizing their military to establish dominance. When Russia is hit by the meteorites, they will decide it is time to hit at Russia. As they momentarily win, conquering all the way to Moscow, Russia will figure out that Europe did not have the technology to the USA weapons and know that they can’t use it. Then Russia will attack back and defeat them. As they are defeated, the Tsunami takes place. 2029 comes along.

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The Coming Civil War in USA

Then the Lord showed a map, I saw at first a large Map of America, The west side was colored red and had a massive soldier figure from the revolutionary war facing the east side he held an old time musket and bayonet toward the east side. Then the East side was in blue and had the same kind of revolutionary soldier with old time musket and bayonet facing the West side. The two sides were divided by what looked like lightning. I saw the bayonets were shinny and each looked like they were charging each other.a

Then the Lord said, this civil war will not be like any before. It will be worse and there will be more than two sides fighting each other.  Then the Lord showed a new map of the USA. He showed that there would be five sections, every section He showed became highlighted as group of states that formed together as one. First He showed Texas and the states to the right all the way to Florida and including Florida they turned red and the Lord said this is the Southern States Faction. Then from the main line down where (it looked like the original 13 states from a distance plus some more) all the way up to the Southern States faction line and it was highlighted in Blue and the Lord said this is the Eastern States Faction.

Then the Lord showed the West which included California and the west Coast all the way to Texas and said this is the West States Faction.  Then the Lord showed the North West States section it was above the West part. Then there was an open space in the mid to northern states it had no color. And the Lord said that these sections will not be in one group. Some will be fighting each other and some will be allied with others. This is the chaos zone and where the Civil war will start from.

It was hard to tell the lines that divided the states because these sections became colors and it looked like new boundary lines were drawn. Almost like the zones in some areas split the state lines, like the Southern group section looked like part of Oklahoma was in the Southern States Faction and then part of Oklahoma was in the Chaos section. The impression was that the boarder lines weren’t exactly set and changed due to the fighting. It was the basic groupings that needed to be seen.a

The Lord said the timing of the Civil war will be in the second term of the new president. Then the Lord showed what will lead up to the civil war. This time will be the time of the riots which will lead into anarchy which will lead into the civil war. All these times are subject to the prayer of the Church. If the church does not pray, the years of the riots will come two years early into the years of prosperity, which will then start the time of anarchy which will begin the years of the Civil war earlier and will prolong the time of the Civil war. If it is prayed and pushed back the time of the riots, anarchy and civil war will be pushed back and held in to the years of the famine. The prayer is to prevent it from starting earlier. (Note: There was a call to a three day fast for USA from Saturday March 28th to Monday March 30th 2015, and during the Lord said on Sunday that from the first day of prayer, He has already answered and the years of the civil war will be pushed back to begin only during the second term of the last president of USA).

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Then the Lord said that when the time of the riots starts there will be 5 things that will cause this. The first is the price of food will increase and there will be a lack of food. The second is racial divide that will come. The Lord continued and said this racial di
vide will be strategies that are pushed to divide the nation into civil war from Russia and China. There will be paid factions in the media and all kinds of people who will promote racism and racial divide, every color will be pitted against each other: white vs black, black vs white, Hispanic vs black, etc. It will be promoted and help given to raise up leaders and fund leaders in each division to create race war. Then the third is rich vs poor, there will be an attack on the wealth of America, the upper middle and lower middle class will disappear.


It will become the Poor vs the Rich.  This will happen when the American monetary system collapses. The wealth of many will fail and billionaires will be turned into paupers begging for food. The dollar will fail and be replaced with a new form of money. This will coincide with the price of food inflation that will happen and destroy the wealth of the land. Many middle class will lose their homes and be in financial ruin.  The fourth is freedom will be reduced and taken away. The government will slowly introduce measures that will try to quell violence and rioting.  In the time of the lack of food, the government will start to take control of the natural resources and production of America and start seizing food from its citizens, then it will take the water, and lands, and start even go to the extent of taking control of the private sectors of factories, and production until it is all state controlled directly or indirectly.

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It will enact a repeal of guns and go house to house to take food, guns and supplies for the preservation of peace.  And then it will ration supplies to citizens. In this time freedoms will be reduced. And Americans will fight this because it will be different in every Faction. The final thing is terrorism will be released. China and Russia will fund terrorism secretly and help them enter major cities that are rioting. The terrorist will begin to blow up public areas and other places killing many and unleash anarchy into these major cities. At first these riots will be controllable but once this happens the cities will be turned into war zones. Such that they will be turned into war zones ruled by mafia, drug lords, and military leaders.

Then the Lord showed me the new president. The Lord said during the time of riots the President will be used to take more and more freedom and will transfer the private resources of the nation to the government. This will all be under the desire to quell the riots and violence and fighting and respond to the famine. Then the Lord said during this time the Government will align with the Apostate Church and freedom of speech and righteousness will be fought against. The Lord said when the riots hit a point where they begin to take freedom away from citizens. In an effort to stop the violence, the government will promote the doctrine of the Apostate church and align with it.

They will promote false love and all the abominations of the Apostate church in the attempt to keep people distracted and tied up in fulfilling their fleshly desires.  Drugs, fornication, prostitution and many other horrible things will be legalized and promoted through the Land as to keep control. This will also cause the American government to outlaw religious teaching and teachers that are righteous and label them as religious extremists and they will be declared terrorists.  At this time things will grow from bad to worse and the more they release evil in the land the worse things will get.

111 (1)

The landscape of USA was shown. An angel with wings who had a sword drawn the river. Then the river started to dry up and stopped flowing such that the river bed was dry and cracked. I then started to see all the water in America dry up. I saw many Angels going through the land striking the water supplies in regions. I then saw other of the same kind of Angels go and strike things. One Angel struck the trees, One Angel struck a field of wheat, one struck the green grass, and I saw the land turn from lush green to brown till I didn’t see any vegetation is was like a desert.

This message is delivered together with other messages that prepare the Bride of Christ to be ready for His Coming. Please also listen to the other positive messages as to how to be part of this revival that is beginning this year with creative signs and wonders. Many other things have been revealed and many messages from God has been delivered to the people of God. In the light of this and in obedience to God, we are launching COG, USA on 7 February 2016 with Sunday services followed by miracle services where God will confirm His endtime word with signs and wonders (John 10:37-38; 14:11-12).

The Lord is coming for His bride, go out to meet Him (Matthew 25:6)



By Pastor Johann




  1. Mack K 17 July, 2016 at 22:24 Reply

    Next President will be a male Democrat? Well, since the Dem nominee is a woman, I guess God got that part wrong.

  2. Chris 16 December, 2016 at 02:17 Reply

    It’s not entirely wrong. Trump was at one time a democrat. Russia threatened war if Clinton got into office. Because of Trumps win, he did hold back Russia. The economic outlook at least for the time being of a Trump presidency is good however many experts say that it will fail. There is already talk of civil war among fringe groups on both sides,

    It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

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