LAST NEWS WW III-General: China ‘must Prepare For War Over North Korea’s Rocket Launch And Nuclear Tests’


 War over North Korea’s nuclear bomb and missile programs is a foregone conclusion and China must prepare for war says one of its Generals.

Speaking on the deterioration of the security situation after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s recent nuclear and satellite tests, Major General Wang Haiyun said in an article on Tuesday that China must “take strong counter measures” as it faced various threats.

“[China] must adjust the force deployment along northeastern borders … and prepare militarily and diplomatically for all potential risks as soon as possible,” Wang said in the Global Times, a newspaper under the Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily.

Wang, a former military attaché to Russia, is a senior consultant at the China Society for International Strategy, a think tank headed by Sun Jianguo, deputy chief of Joint Staff of the Central Military Commission.

The threats Wang named – besides North Korea’s tests – included the United States’ decision to send an aircraft carrier, strategic bombers and nuclear submarines to South Korean and Japanese bases, and the deployment of an anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea.

Wang’s comments came as foreign vice-minister Zhang Yesui pledged support for a strong resolution at the UN Security Council to punish Pyongyang after its rocket launch and nuclear test. “We support a new and strong resolution,” Zhang said on Tuesday.

In the article, Wang suggested that China start planning to deal with potential cross-border nuclear pollution were the US, Japan or South Korea to strike North Korean facilities, as well as to prepare for a massive influx of refugees or guerrillas from the North.

Wang said Beijing must persuade Pyongyang against developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, and that North Korea would face a “national disaster” if war broke out.

“Once the war starts … China cannot again make a national sacrifice for an unadvisable regime,” Wang said.

In the Korean War from 1950 to 1953, 180,000 Chinese soldiers were killed helping Pyongyang fight the South and a US-led coalition. Last week, Fu Ying, chairwoman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the parliament, said China had no control over North Korea.

Editor’s Note:  This story contains staggering admissions:

  • China expects there to be a nuclear strike upon North Korea, resulting in “nuclear pollution” crossing its border
  • North Korea would face a “national disaster” if war breaks out
  • The sentence beginning with “Once the war starts . . .”  This is proof China already knows a war is coming!  A nuclear war!

Readers are reminded that all media inside China is controlled by the Communist Party.  Nothing gets published or aired unless it is approved by the Communist Party.  The fact this has appeared indicates it is the policy or thoughts of the Chinese government.  Since they clearly know a nuclear confrontation is coming with North Korea, folks should prepare NOW for what that may mean.

North Korea already has nuclear weapons and already has missiles which can reach the US west coast.  Folks from Seattle to San Diego ought to make certain they have 14 days supply of fresh water for each family member (and pet).  14 days food supply for family / pets.14 days medicine supply for family.  Flashlights, batteries. A battery-operated portable radio to tune-in emergency broadcasts.  A first-Aid kit and Potassium Iodide pills to ingest when a nuclear detonation takes place (never take this unless radiation is actually occurring – if you take it when there is NO radiation, it will cause your thyroid to irreversibly swell and remain that way forever!)

It troubles us that the mass media is not informing people of this story and its implications for folks on the west coast.

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STUNNING DEVELOPMENTS: Syria / Russia / Turkey / Saudi Arabia Situation Changed DRAMATICALLY TODAY — War very near

Staggering and dangerous developments in the Middle East on 16 February.  Raging battles, furious politics.   War draws nearer each HOUR

Here is what your Mass Media has failed to tell you about the rapidly expanding conflict which is leading directly to World War 3.  Perhaps only days away.


Analysis and Questions which need to be asked are highlighted in light blue as this text.

01:08 AM  Syria takes Turkish artillery attacks to United Nations

ria has condemned Turkish military action against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria and described it as a violation of its sovereignty.
It called on the UN Security Council to take action.

Turkey carried out a second day of shelling on Sunday of Kurdish forces advancing in northern Aleppo province.

Ankara views the Kurdish militia in Syria as allied to the outlawed PKK, which has carried out a decades-long campaign for autonomy in Turkey. But the United States and others back the Kurdish militia in Syria, the YPG, in its fight against the so-called Islamic State (IS) group.

Syria has accused Turkey of violating its sovereignty by backing “al-Qaeda-linked terrorists” in the north and has warned it has a right to respond. “Turkish artillery shelling of Syrian territory constitutes direct support to the armed terrorist organizations, the Syrian government said in letters to the UN Secretary General and the Security Council’s Chairman.

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The letters accused Turkey of allowing about 100 gunmen – believed to be either “Turkish soldiers or Turkish mercenaries” – to cross into Syria. “[Syria] will maintain its legitimate right to respond to the Turkish crimes and attacks and to claim compensation for the damage caused.”

France’s foreign ministry has also urged Turkey to end its assault on Kurdish fighters in northern Syria.

01:12 AM  Iranian General issues direct warning to #Saudi Arabia over military.


he Deputy Chief of Staff for the Iranian Army issued a direct warning to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the latter deployed several aerial assets to Turkey on Saturday.

Speaking to Al-Alam TV on Sunday, Brigadier General Massoud Al-Jazayeri stated “we will not let the situation in Syria be dictated by opposing countries. We will take the necessary actions in due time.”

This was General Jazayeri’s response to a question regarding Iran’s plan to deploy more military advisers to Syria if the Saudi Army enters the country.

The Saudi regime confirmed on Saturday that they had deployed several warplanes to the Incirlik Military Airport in southern Turkey in order to intensify” their operations against the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham” (ISIS).

General Jazayeri added that “the terrorists fighting in Syria today are the same forces used by Saudi Arabia and Americans in the region.”


From “what country, except Turkey, do the terrorists commute to Syria? Which countries, if not the reactionary Arab countries, support them?” he asked.

“Today, with the victories of the Syrian army and the popular forces, they want to send troops to Syria, but it is a bluff and a psychological war,” Jazayeri added.

“Saudi Arabia has used everything at its disposal in the Syrian front and so far they have failed not only in Syria but also in Yemen.”

01:40 AM  Turkish defense minister confirms its forces opened fire on Tel Rifaat & Minagh inside Syria.

ANALYSIS:  WHY?  What possible explanation can the Turkish armed forces have for opening fire onto another country?  There is no claim by Turkey that anyone fired upon them.  So on what basis has Turkey fired upon places inside Syria?  Few – actually none – in the mass media bother to pose this question to Turkey.  It is time the question be posed!

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02:48 AM

Turkish Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz denied a report that some Turkish soldiers had entered Syria at the weekend and said Ankara was not considering sending troops into its neighbor, the state-run Anadolu Agency reported on Monday.

Turkey denies soldiers entered Syria, says has no such plans


ANALYSIS:  What planet is this “Defense Minister” on?  For the last five days, almost all the rhetoric coming out of Ankara and Riyadh has been about ground troops being sent into Syria by several Arab countries “to fight ISIS.”  Why, now, is this Defense Minister claiming the exact opposite?  Does the left hand not know what the right hand is doing — or is Turkey so fouled-up, their own government doesn’t know its own intentions?

03:40 AM  A ground to ground missile has struck Azaz

Report now coming in that Azaz Maternity/Children’s Hospital was bombed; allegedly by aircraft.

Militant Says #zaz Hospital was bombed by #RuAF —- and injured militants inside!

             Separate, conflicting report claims “Russian ground-to-ground missile struck hospital

03:43 AM  Claims by Turkish Defense Minister (at 02:48 above) that no Turkish troops entered Syria are rebutted by eyewitnesses who saw 100 – 120 soldiers and Mercenaries, dressed in Turkish Army Uniforms, enter Syria in multiple pick-up trucks with mounted machine guns.

03:46 AM Lots of radio overlap on 8.992Mhz, the U.S. Military “SKYKING” System, which transmits “Emergency Action Messages (EAM)” to US military Units Worldwide.  These EAM’s are the highest priority messages in the entire US Military command structure and require immediate attention and immediate action.  While the messages themselves are encoded with unbreakable, single-use codes, the vast number of these transmissions indicate the US military is on the move for something important. Repeatedly broadcast “this is not a drill.”

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04:06 AM  Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) “An MSF-supported structure in Marat Al Numan Idlib was destroyed this morning in airstrikes.”

04:07 AM Turkish Stocks Fall Most in World Amid Rising Syrian Violence: Borsa Istanbul 100 Index -1.9%, Lira drops 0.4% vs US Dollar

04:08 AM  YPG/SDF [Kurds] took control of Kafr Kashir near Azaz as a result of Free Syrian Army (FSA) militants defection.

04:17 AM Encirclement of Azaz by YPG/SDF continues as Kafr Khashir a village south of Azaz is now under their control.

04:18 AM As of today, no Saudi jet’s have arrived in Turkey. “Will arrive soon . . .” “decision has been taken . . .”

ANALYSIS: Starting to sound like one big dis-information campaign by the Saudi government!  First they say “we will” then they say “we won’t”  while at other times they say “they’re there” and then they claim “they’re not…”  Looks like Saudi Arabia is backing down.



04:36 AM  Photo of Tochka missile fired at Azaz as reported above at 03:40 AM

Accusations are already being made blaming Russia for this missile.  The trouble is, there is a lengthy list of other operators of such gear”

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Iran, Kazakhstan, Libya, North Korea, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen…what’s to say it’s not ISIS, or even those 100 pick ups aren’t involved ?

04:45 AM  Chechen leader warns of conflicts in case other states start military operations in Syria

“The US-led coalition is trying to hamper the full crackdown on the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group (outlawed in Russia) and the restoration of peace in the Middle East region, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said on Monday.

“The goals and tasks of these coalitions lie on the surface: this is to try to hamper the absolute defeat of the Iblis State [State of Satan, a term Kadyrov uses to describe the IS] and the restoration of peace in the region,” Kadyrov wrote on his Instagram page.

“Some countries have announced plans to deploy forces [to Syria] with the simultaneous launch of airstrikes,” the head of Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Chechnya has said.

Syria says that the Turkish artillery is shelling local settlements, while Saudi Arabia is preparing for the major military exercises in its history involving the Air Force and ground forces of more than 20 Arab countries, Kadyrov said.

Some reports claim that the equipment and personnel are already being sent to a military base in Saudi Arabia, he wrote.

The Chechen leader has not ruled out that this is preparation for active combat actions in Syria, warning that “with the use of the Air Force and units of several states on the military foothold, it is highly likely that accidents could occur that may provoke major conflicts and even armed encounters.”

Kadyrov also voiced concerns that “instead of a real fight against international terrorism, the members of the so-called coalition will start sorting out their relationship.”

“The authors of wars and state coups in the Middle Ea
st have no plans to fully eliminate the IS and strengthen the power of Bashar Assad. But they will have to put up with the fact that the rules of the game are already dictated not in the West or in the United States,” Kadyrov stressed.

Kadyrov also voiced concerns that “instead of a real fight against international terrorism, the members of the so-called coalition will start sorting out their relationship.”

“The authors of wars and state coups in the Middle East have no plans to fully eliminate the IS and strengthen the power of Bashar Assad. But they will have to put up with the fact that the rules of the game are already dictated — not in the West or in the United States,” Kadyrov stressed.

04:46 AM  Ex Turkey lawmaker @EdibogM claims a Kuwait military cargo plane landed in Hatay airport, carrying arms for rebels (Openly admits Turkey and now, Kuwait, are arming rebels inside Syria to overthrow its government!)

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04:51 AM  Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allies already advanced to Al Tabqah , captured several locations on their way.

04:52 AM  YPG/SDF only 2 km away from Jihadist/Rebel stronghold of Azaz

04:58 AM  New shelling/bombing by Turkey this morning on Efrin villages. NATO is silent while their member  (Turkey) genocides Kurds everywhere.


05:02 AM   Turkish PM Davutoglu speaks en route to Ukraine, says “Turkey will not allow Azaz fall”

ANALYSIS: Azaz is inside Syria, not Turkey.  Why is the Prime Minister of Turkey talking about Turkey “not allowing” the “fall” of a city outside his own country?  When did Azaz become part of Turkey that he can make decisions about what to “allow?”

And why did Davutoglu use the word “fall?”  If Azaz is a Jihadist/Rebel stronghold, and the Syrian Arab Army is fighting them, wouldn’t the proper word to use about Azaz be “liberated?”  That’s what Turkey claims to want . . . the destruction of ISIS Jihadi terrorists, right?  That’s what Turkey tells everyone; they want to destroy ISIS terrorists.  So why is Davutoglu worried that the Jihadi terrorists in Azaz might “fall?”  Perhaps because he and the Turkey government are, in fact, SUPPORTING ISIS and the Jihadi Terrorists?!?!?! 

(Interesting how the truth shows itself)

05:02 AM  Saudi Arabia says North Thunder drills started this early morning.

05:04 AM  Turkish PM Davutoglu says if #YPG does not withdraw from Menagh base, it will be rendered unusable

ANALYSIS: According to Wikipedia, “Menagh Air Base (or Minnigh airport, Minakh Air Base) (Arabic: قاعدة مطار منغ‎) is a Syrian Air Force installation located 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) south of Azaz, Aleppo Governorate, Syria near the village of Manaq.

The air base became a major target of the armed opposition in the Syrian Civil War’s Battle of Aleppo. The air base was under siege by opposition forces from August 2012 until it fell to the militants of al-Nusra Front on 6 August 2013. However, on February 10, 2016, the YPG and its non-Kurdish allies from nearby Afrin captured the airbase, aided by Russian airstrikes and indirect cooperation from government forces, dealing a big blow to non-ISIS Islamist and jihadist forces in the province.”

So as discussed in our earlier analysis at 05:02 AM above, the Turkish Minister has now told people in another country, Syria, that they must leave a Syrianair base (in their own country of Syria) or the base “will be rendered unusable.”

When did this portion of the country of Syria become an area that the Turkish Government can give orders about?  The base is in Syria, not Turkey.

Moreover, this is yet ANOTHER example of the Turkish government siding with widely-acknowledged Jihadists!  Wilkpedia says the air base was captured in 2013 by Jihadists from the Al Nusra Front which took control of it.  Last week, that part of Syria was liberated from Jihadist control by the Kurds from YPG and now a Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu is telling the liberators they have to get out or be attacked!


Once again, Turkey is overtly siding with Jihadist Terrorists, to the detriment and violent destruction of another country.  Turkey and its government are clearly, openly and defiantly, committing state sponsorship of terrorism.  This time, the Prime Minister also made a terroristic threat: to attack a base inside Syria.  These are crimes.  Crimes against humanity and crimes against the laws of nations.  When will a legitimate government step up and start arresting these criminals?

05:05 AM  Two police officers killed in Dagestan car blast thought to be act of suicide bomber . . . . . ISIS has claimed responsibility for car bombing in #Dagestan, #Russia. – @CTstudies

ANALYSIS: This means the Saudis have give green lights for attacks in Russia/Chechnya to their Sunni Terrorist friends over there.  Remember the warning from Saudis to Russia prior to Sochi Winter Games in 2014?  Let us refresh your memory:

A diplomatic report about the “stormy meeting” in July between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi intelligence chiefPrince Bandar bin Sultan. During the meeting Prince Bandar bin Sultan told President Putin:

As an example, I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us, and they will not move in the Syrian territory’s direction without coordinating with us. These groups do not scare us. We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role or influence in Syria’s political future.”

Russia is assisting Syria and the Saudis don’t like that; they want Presiden
t Bashar Assad gone.  To retaliate against Russia, Saudi Arabia is unleashing terrorist attacks INSIDE RUSSIA, through groups it admits it controls!  Is this not a casus belli (cause for war?)  Why should Russia NOT wage war against Saudi Arabia for what has just taken place?

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05:06 AM Turkish PM: YPG is Russia’s instrument in Syria, internationacommunity should read situation correctly 

ANALYSIS: So for Prime Minister Davutoglu it’s apparently OK that Azaz and the Menagh Air Base in Syria be controlled either by FSA or ISIS, but not by the Kurds (YPG)??  It’s starting to appear that the Prime Minister of Turkey is mentally ill. What other explanation can account for a person to embrace violent jihadi terrorists who slaughter innocent people?  It appears that Turkish Prime Minister Davutaglo is a danger to himself and to others.  Someone please commit this guy to a nut-house!

05:19  Russian foreign ministry says Russia to continue air strikes near Syria’s Aleppo even if ceasefire agreement is reached.

ANALYSIS:  What is taking place here ought to be quite obvious; the rebels and Jihadists are LOSING and the countries who support the rebels and Jihadists are starting to cry for a cease fire.  Russia told them to “hit-the-road.”

05:25 AM  Russia says seriously concerned about “Turkey ‘s aggressive actions against Syria “

ANALYSIS:  The hammer is about to fall!

This is Russian chess at its best. Most of us who have been paying attention to the events unfolding know these Turkish and Saudi numb-nuts are just US and western proxies that are going to get hung out to dry; probably a sacrifice in a much larger game.  But Turkey and Saudi Arabia think they are the players.

A lot of us here in the US are laughing-out-loud (LOL).  We watch as the Turks and Saudis push their pawns forward, moves they cannot take back.

In the meantime, Russia sits quietly, moving a minor piece backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, UNTIL………Splat! Checkmate is forced in a certain number of moves.


Putin is patient and smart. You think he has forgiven or forgotten the jet being blown up by Turkey? Think again. He is going to (metaphorically) roast Erogdan’s balls over a campfire made of “Sheik kebabs.”


ANALYSIS: Another moron from the Turkish government publicly admitting they attacked another country without cause.  Are all Turks this stupid? Did they ever hear of war crimes trials?

05:38 AM Russia says civilian injuries registered after Turkish shelling of Syria

05:40 AM  Turkey confirms they will not allow #YPG to cross to the west of the #Euphrates River northern #Syria.

– Not there yet!?05:52

AM BREAKING Russia accuses Turkey of using its territory to facilitate terrorist war on Syria. 

-Uh Oh!

05:52 AM  Turkish Foreign Ministry says Turkish security post on Syrian border attacked, retaliation shots fired – @DailyStarLeb

this is starting to sound like Poland and Germany in WW 2 

05:59 AM  Russia says Turkey’s supporting intl terrorism

— You see where this is going, right?


06:07 AM  Russians pound ISIS in Raqqa as Syrian government forces advance east

06:28 AM  Turkey shelled Kurdish fighters in northern Syria for the third day but failed to stop their advance: SOHR

06:34 AM  Turkey defends Syria’s Islamists by combating Kurds
. . . Speaking to ARA News, Kurdish politician and the Joint President of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, said: “The Turkish government has its own agenda in Syria, which basically clashes with the Kurdish war on terrorism.”
“Turkey was surprised with the U.S. support to the Kurdish forces in Syria. The government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan considers the Kurdish fighters in Syria as terrorists, while it sees in al-Qaeda and ISIS as allies, she said.

06:41 AM  Sniper and mortar fire by YPG/SDF from Ayn Daqnah to Kaljibrin, cutting backroad between Tal Rifat/Marea and Azaz.  If YPG/SDF manage to cut that backroad, it will be very difficult for opposition forces to move from Tall-Rifaat/ Mare to Azaz/ Turkey border

06:54 AM  AFP news agency @AFP  BREAKING: Turkey PM accuses Russia of acting as ‘terrorist organisation’

— This from a man who openly admits he and his government are supporting ISIS and other Jihadists!  Is this guy delusional or does he just “say anything?”

07:08 AM  2-3 days and Kurds will liberate Azaz.  Turkey said it is a red line.  We could expect some escalation in coming days.Turkey can’t stop Kurds with artillery so they will have to invade with ground forces to do it.


07:14 AM  RuAF carry out airstrikes on Khan Al-Assal & other areas held by #JN west of Aleppo

07:24 AM  AhrarSham & Jihadist friends claim to have captured Al-Miyasat SW of Sheikh Najjar after clashes with #Syrian Arab Army near Aleppo

07:25 AM  At this point SuperStation95 contacted one of our many military sources  in the Pentagon, who must remain anonymous for obvious reasons, and asked him for an appraisal of the situation based on recent events.  His reply:

“I honestly think we are drifting into a world war. Assad won’t quit and Russia and Iran have got his back. America and Britain want Assad gone. The Saudis want Assad gone. The Turks want the Kurds gone. Territory in Syria is up for grabs, but Russia WILL defend its strategic military interests there with full force.  It’s just one huge clusterfuck.”The irony that EU or NATO think they can control Turkey.. Turkey is an out of control dangerous dog.

07:27 AM Clashes continue for the 2nd day in west Tell Rifaat between SDF vs AhrarSham & friends

From the United Nations:

Syria’s Foreign Ministry wrote letters to the UN Secretary General and the Secretary of the UN Security Council about Turkey’s aggressive intentions against Syria.

“On February 13, via a checkpoint at Bab Al-Salam on the Turkish-Syrian border, 12 pickup vehicles equipped with 14.5-mm caliber machine guns entered the country. In the vehicles, there were approximately 100 militants. Presumably, most of them are Turkish soldiers and mercenaries,” the official notice to the United Nations Organizations said. 


According to the Syrian Foreign Affairs Ministry, the supplies of arms and ammunitions via the checkpoint at Bab al-Salam still continue.

In another letter to the UN, the Syrian Foreign Ministry informs of the shelling that lasts for two consecutive days.

“In the afternoon of February 13, 2016, heavy Turkish artillery struck places of residence of the Syrian Kurds, as well as positions of the Syrian army and settlements of Maranaz, Al-Malkiya, Ming, Ain Dakna, Bazi and Bug, – the letter says – These actions were a response to the offensive of the Syrian army in the north of Aleppo Province; an attempt to raise the morale of the terrorist groups.”

On February 14, Turkey continued shelling the Syrian territory. According to Turkish officials, the target was the positions of the Kurdish militias in Syria. Ankara stated that the Kurdish groups were closely associated with the Kurdistan Workers Party that is outlawed in Turkey and other countries.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry notes that Ankara continues the financial support to terrorist groups, such as Jabhat en-Nusra, Jabha Al-Shamiya, Ahrar al-Sham and other Al-Qaeda-associated groups. 


“The Syrian government would like to draw attention of the international community to irresponsible actions of the Turkish regime that have led to the failure of the Geneva talks and attempts not to resume them,” the statement says.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry also “strongly condemns the Turkish crimes against the Syrian people and the territorial integrity of the country, gross violations of the sovereignty of the country and the principles of the UN Charter, international law and all UN Security Council anti-terrorism resolutions.” Damascus confirms “its legitimate right to respond to Turkey’s reiterating acts of aggression and seek compensation for damages.”

Damascus calls on the UN Security Council to bind terrorist-supporting regimes, including the Turkish one, to execute anti-terrorist resolutions, to terminate relations with Daesh, (the Arabic name for the Islamic State terrorist organization), Jabhat en-Nusra and other terrorist organizations associated with Al-Qaeda. According to the Syrian administration, such regimes should be brought to account for their relations with terrorists.

On Feb. 13, US Vice President Joe Biden, in a telephone conversation with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, urged Turkey to stop the shelling of the Syrian territory. Meanwhile, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan said on February 14 in an interview with Kanal7 TV channel that Turkey would no longer be in a defensive position. “If we do not do what we need to do, in the future Ankara will not have any influence on its neighbors, although what is happening in Syria affects Turkey directly,” he said. 


In an interview with EuroNews, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned the West against a ground operation in Syria as it may trigger a long-standing war.

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07:38 AM  Kafr Naya was handed over by Assad forces to their allies, SDF/YPG

07:41 AM  Al-Monitor @AlMonit — Syrian rebels are losing ground in Aleppo ahead of GenevaIII peace talks slated to resume Feb. 25 

07:48 AM  Both Putin & Assad aim for #YPG #SDF to take over Azaz Corridor.  #RuAF hit Jihadis truck column to Azaz North of Aleppo

07:49 AM  YPG and SDF are advancing to Kal Jibrin village   This means the road between Azaz and Aleppo has been cut and jihadist “rebels” are stuck between YPG forces and the SAA without a supply route.

07:50 AM   Turkish artillery continue shelling Kurdish militia positions in the vicinity of #azaz #Aleppo

07:53  Jihadist terrorists are fleeing from #Tall_Rifat.

08:01 AM   EU calls on Turkey to halt military action in Syria

08:14 AM  Turkish trucks loaded with weapons were hit by Russian warplanes near Azaz, Syria

08:16 AM   After fall of Ayn Daqnah #Kaljibrin remains only logistical link betwwen Marea/Rifaat and Azaz. If it falls, both town falla with it. #Syria

08:20 AM  #Azerbaijan’s integrity threatened by #Armenia with #Russia’s support, – #Davutoglu [link to]   

nuclear war

Turks trying to open second front against Russia via their Azeri minions? Turkey doesn’t seem to realize it will open a can of snakes with this.  Armenians have a lot of unfinished business with the Turks. The hatred runs deep. Turkey is getting itself into a very very dangerous spot right now.

08:21 AM   ISIS Trophy Emir, Ramazan al-Jabarra,, Killed in Russian Airstrike in Deir Ezzur

08:23 AM Some commentary from BBC:
Azaz and Tal Rifaat are on a corridor stretching from the Turkish border to the city of Aleppo.

Turkey says the Kurds have to retreat. Otherwise, its shelling of their positions will continue. 

A Kurdish capture of Azaz and Tal Rifat – and the fall of the supply corridor – could change things dramatically. Turkey could indeed become directly involved.

08:50 AM  Moscow accuses Turkey of blocking Syria crisis settlement — diplomat

09:00  SuperStation 95 reached out to contacts in the EU in Brussels.  Here’s what we were told:

First, Erdogan’s regime is not popular in Brussels nor in other European capitals. Former CIA  guy, Jim Willie said that the three billion Euros offered to Erdogan in late November “to stop the flow of refugees into other European countries” was, in fact, an attempt to pay off Erdogan to leave office. It is interesting that this money has not been paid to date. It is also interesting that Erdogan’s rhetoric has become more Poroshenkoesque (Ukraine) since the EC offer was made. And, by the way, what kind of commander in chief flags their intention to invade their neighbor?

Second, it is interesting that the Turks are not stating a commitment to provide air cover to their threatened ground invasion (any Turkish soldier out there feeling happy about this?) but Turkish planes will be used against Kurds inside Turkey. Instead, the Saudis alone have said they will provide air assets for invasion. Does anyone seriously believe that Saudi Arabian F15s are a match for the Russian Air Force?
The House of Saud is also pretty unpopular among many Saudis, what with their welfare cutbacks, huge budget and current account deficits and, so far, unsuccessful war against Yemen (not to mention their sponsorship of Takfiri terrorists).


One could be forgiven for thinking that Salman and Erdogan are the only friends each other has in the world. The Laurel and Hardy psychopath showlooks like desperation stakes for the two of them at the moment. And in a way, the pair’s political fortunes are tied.

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If anything should happen to the Saudi economy like, for example, the Riyal getting devalued, this will affect Turkey’s economy as well. Inflation/cost of living pressures, which are already biting in both countries, could get markedly worse, and this won’t make the punters in either country any happier…

Our source went on to say “I can’t help wondering if Putin can hold the reins on his horses in the face of provocations for just another week or so, Erdogan could go, and the House of Saud could become destabilized.

I mean, how many Saudi F15s would need to fall out of the sky for capital flight from SA to accelerate past the point of no economic return?

ly, Capital Flight From Saudi Arabia and Turkey was the subject of a flash message on the Internal SWIFT Bank Communications network today.  While we cannot obtain a copy of the message or the sender, we were told it urgently advised Banks and Investors to get their money OUT of Turkey and Saudi Arabia because was with Russia was “imminent.” The message allegedly went on to report that the Turks nor and Saudis were not expected to remain in power under such circumstances!


The items above constitute only nine hours of what went on in Syria today.  Later in the day, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies had a significant number of victories.  Rebels are defecting to  the other side in droves because rebel/Jihadist supply lines are cut.

Egypt publicly declared it would not endorse any ground operations into Syria and Iraq pulled out of the Saudi Exercise and warned the Saudis about entering into Iraq without permission.

The Turks and Saudis are getting desperate; their proxy rebels and Jihadists are losing and if Raqqa is liberated, then four years worth of Sunni Muslim effoprts to topple Bashar Assad will fail.  As such, if there is going to be a ground invasion, it will HAVE to take place very soon.  And if it does, it will be a war like that region has never seen.  That’s why the SKYKING SYSTEM of the US Military is blasting our Emergency Action Messages hot and heavy.  The brainchilds in our State Department and the Obama Administration  never figured this would turn out like it is and now they have to scramble with hope of stopping what they created.


Now, ask yourselves: Why hasn’t YOUR mass-media, told you any of this? Because they want you to be taken totally by surprise when World War 3 breaks out so you’re scared and do what they tell you, rather than step up and put a stop to the forces in the west who created this mess.

Check back later today for the remaining report from Feb. 15 and reports of activities TODAY, Feb 16.

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