Govt Insider Warns Of ‘Armageddon-Like’ Attack From Specialized China Warfare Unit Targeting America! Is This The Ultimate False Flag Setup?

New York City skyline seen at sunrise during a power outage August 15, 2003. More than 12 hours after the biggest North American power outage in history left huge swaths of the Northeast in sweltering darkness, much of New York and its suburbs were still without electricity. The subways were not running and many residents had no water because their electric pumps were not working. NO RIGHTS CLEARANCES OR PERMISSIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS IMAGE REUTERS/Chip East CME - RTR22WU
New York City skyline seen at sunrise during a power outage August 15, 2003.
More than 12 hours after the biggest North American power outage in history
left huge swaths of the Northeast in sweltering darkness, much of New York
and its suburbs were still without electricity. The subways were not running
and many residents had no water because their electric pumps were not

According to the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, China’s People’s Liberation Army has a specialized cyber-warfare unit so sophisticated, it could bring down the entire US power grid. Telling us that this unit’s main target is the United States, the Blaze story also shares that Clapper told the Senate Armed Services Committee back in September that this specialized unit could launch a ‘massive Armageddon-like attack against our infrastructure’.

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As any Steve Quayle or ANP reader knows, such an attack could leave 90% of the population dead in no time if ongoing for a lengthy period of time and as the SQAlerts republished below, as well as this new story from the Institute for Energy Research show us, our nationwide power grid is in huge danger. Sadly, it also appears a takedown of our grid might just be implemented by our own ‘false flag implementers’ here in America. Could our own government be preparing to takedown our power grid, the ultimate false flag, for their own nefarious purposes? Before you go and dismiss such a question, you need to look at the facts we’ve found out.

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According to the Institute for Energy Research, more than 72 gigawatts (GW) of electrical generating capacity have already, or are now set to retire because of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations. How much energy is that we have to ask? This is mind-numbing.:

To put 72 GW in perspective, that is enough electrical generation capacity to reliably power 44.7 million homes [3]—or every home in every state west of the Mississippi River, excluding Texas. [4] In other words, EPA is shutting down enough generating capacity to power every home in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

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The power plant retirement map seen in the screenshot below gives us a small taste of how many power plants have already been shut down in America and how many more will be shutting down within the next few years. Is this a sign they’re shooting to bring down our power grid? Much more below including which Obama friend continues to become more rich as Obama bankrupts the power companies.

Why would the EPA force the shutdown of this much electrical power in America? The story gets much worse from here. According to Barack Obama in 2008: “If somebody wants to build a coal-fired power plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them. Under my plan … electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” Yet, according to this recent story from the Christian Political Party website, Obama has only been using CO2 emissions as a weapon to drive major coal companies to near bankruptcy while Obama-buddy George Soros swoops in and buys them up…cheap.


I predicted last week that the left wasn’t going to kill off the coal industry so much as it was going to steal it.

That prediction is already becoming true courtesy of billionaire George Soros. U.S. Securities and Exchange Act filings indicate that Soros has purchased an initial 1 million shares of Peabody Energy and 553,200 shares of Arch Coal, the two largest publicly traded U.S. coal companies. As pointed out last week, both companies have been driven perilously close to bankruptcy by the combination of President Obama’s “war on coal” and inexpensive natural gas brought on by the hydro fracturing revolution.


The secret NSA map obtained by NBC news as seen below and detailed in the 1st video below from Ricky Scaparo shows us how far widespread China’s alleged cyber attacks upon the US have been in the last 5 years. As this linked story from Michael Snyder at the Economic Collapse Blog tells us, one day, Americans will wake up one day in an America without any electricity and when that happens due to an EMP attack, a catastrophic cyber attack or false flag, society will completely break down.


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We’re told to imagine living in a world without lights, cell phones, televisions, computers, heating systems, cooling systems, sewage systems, coolant ability for our nuclear plants, credit card readers, gas pumps, ATMs, refrigerators, freezers, hospital equipment and everything else that we instantly lose whenever the power goes out. Now, imagine the power staying out…for weeks, months or years and losing the access to any of those for a very, very long time. How long would it take for civil unrest to break loose nationwide?



Two of the latest alerts from the website of Steve Quayle republished below come from a law enforcement officer, who warns of domestic terrorist targeting our grid along with China and Russia, while in the 2nd alert, we hear about another power plant being shut down, this one in South Carolina. Why is our own government taking down so many of these power producing plants?

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Do they know that since our grid is extremely strained anyways, if a catastrophic event happens, it could quickly be ‘lights out’ for America? Forbes told us in August there are 5 major reasons our power grid is overdue for a cyber catastrophe. They also warn that “if you take down the grid, every other network that matters will collapse with it” with this kicker: “the big one” is coming.

L.E.O, we have been getting reports that domestic terrorist have been trying to shut down the grid, and so has China and Russia

Hello Mr. Quayle

I follow your website several time a day and would like to say it is very informative, I live in Vernal Utah, I have a life long friend in Castle Dale Utah we text quite often, she was telling me yesterday that she is dating a man that is new to the area over there, he was brought in to oversee the shutdown of both of the coal fired power plants there supposedly for major repairs, I thought it was kinda funny because they are located fairly close to the areas that the military was conducting jade helm exercises, I have never mentioned the exercises or anything to her, she also said she had seen several, military trucks and personnel in the area recently, if I’m not mistaken those power plants send most of their power to the west coast area,
normally I am one of the quiet people that don’t email things like this but I think it may be of some concern to people, it concerns me too, thank you for you time, I would like to stay this anonymous to the public.

God bless you H.



My ex was called by an old employer he used to work military contracts with.
They want him to come help shut down a big power plant in Colombia SC. Just
thought you’d like to know. S

In the next video below, Spiro breaks down the facts showing that our entire power grid, including nuclear power plants, are in danger, especially in light of hacking risks from China and others who want to do us harm. Should we include our own governments ‘false flag’ experts on that list of those who want to harm us?

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In the final video below we hear more about China’s specialized cyber-warfare unit that is now attacking America literally non-stop that has put us in danger of an ‘armageddon-like’ event.

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