Evacuate Earth Now : The Last Day of Earth. The World Ends…..Are You Ready For The Judgment Day?

Will it be zombies, a black hole, supervolcano, global nuclear war, a Holy God, an asteroid impact or a NEW Armageddon Fear that brings the world to an end? Survival Tips for the End of the World.

This “End of the World” disaster will change our planet forever.

How is the World Going to End?

10 of the Population’s Biggest Fears on How the World is Going to End are:


An idea made famous in the Terminator movies is that our own computers will one day become so advanced that they will turn against us. Perhaps seeing man-kind as a threat, computers — in control of both robots, communications, weapons, and defense systems — will suddenly seek the extermination of the human race.

It’s possible a computer with an advanced intelligence will conclude that humans are causing so much havoc to the environment that humans are now a threat to its existence.

Why would this computer see us as a threat?

If Earth’s climate changes, sea levels may rise, swamping coastal cities where it’s possible that a central computer named “Zeus” (hypothetical name) is housed. Zeus decides that the only way to save itself from coastal flooding is to stop sea levels from rising and to stop humans from causing pollution to the environment, which is the root cause of a global warming in this scenario that is causing the sea levels to rise.


A segment of the population believes that beings from other planets have been making appearances for quite some time on planet Earth; alien “abduction” phenomenon and periodic sightings of UFOs (either real or mistaken sightings) have helped fuel the idea that we may one day be colonized by alien beings. Some alien fans believe alien contact will be a good thing and that aliens will mean well; others of course fear alien contact, believing that they’ll want our planet and it’s resources, leading to an extermination of humans — and the end of the world as we know it.


Three of the world’s major religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam also believe in alien life — just not the kind of alien life you’ll see in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. They believe our world is watched and even visited by beings (such as angels) existing in a dimension beyond our scope of understanding; Christians and Jews believing in God; Christians believing in Christ as the Son of God and Savior; Muslims believing in Allah.

Each of these faiths believes that their Scriptures teach that the world will end. Fundamentalist Christians (Bible-believing Christians) and Muslims (Koran-believing Muslims) believe that the end times are unfolding right now.

Christians and Jews who believe in Old Testament prophecies from the Bible believe there will be a resurrection of the dead and a transformed Earth to a place of paradise after the end has taken place. There will be a resurrection of the righteous to eternal life and a resurrection of the “wicked” to eternal death or a fiery Hell.

But first will be the judgments of God unleashed on the nations — the end of the world as we know it.


An out of control black-hole spira
ling through the universe one day collides with our solar system. Cosmos Magazine writes in Earth under threat from rogue black holes, “There are roughly 200 globular clusters in the outer halo of the Milky Way. The model predicts that only five to 30 of these clusters are massive enough to retain a gravitational grip on intermediate black holes formed inside them.

The rest would get ejected from their birthplaces, fated to wander through space, and ready to engulf any stars or planets that get in their way. The chances of Earth falling prey to one of these marauding stellar predators is slim, however.”

Global Nuclear War

After America’s two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan in World War II, several nations have sought nuclear weapons and many nations today now stockpile nukes. Should a war between nuclear armed nations take place the threat exists for these nations to fight with their entire nuclear arsenal in a last-ditch attempt to destroy the nation or nations that have struck first before they themselves are destroyed. A nuclear war on this level will unleash so much dust, ash, smoke and radioactive debris into the atmosphere that nearly all life on Earth could perish.

Infection / Deadly Virus The “Spanish Flu in 1918 – 1919 was the most recent catastrophic virus to strike human populations, wiping out between 50 million to 100 hundred million people. The Spanish Flu was a “super-flu”. Though we may not see that exact strain again, Earth can expect another deadly virus at some point with catastrophic consequences if history repeats itself — which most likely it will. Another catastrophic virus that cost the lives of millions of people was the Bubonic Plague (“Black Death”) that struck Asia and Europe in the 1300s.

Today the threat of a deadly virus creating the next big pandemic is increased by the goals terrorists have of attacking Western nations. Deep in government laboratories are some of the most dangerous viruses known to man. Scientists in nations like Iran and North Korea may be working on a deadly virus even as I write this article; or, they may already have it.

Sun / Solar Storm

Our current world faces a real threat today from a massive solar flare — a sudden release of high amounts of energy from the sun which occurs after a build-up of solar radiation. Though NASA says there is no physical harm to humans as a result of a solar flare, there is a threat to satellites in orbit around the Earth as well as the Earth’s power grids. The result of a massive solar flare will be high amounts of radiation ejected from the sun hurtling toward the Earth. When it reaches the Earth it can result in “EMP” like effects — critical systems powering electricity and communications would be fried, going off line in an instant.

While that in itself would not be the end of the world as we know it, the resulting chaos and high rate of death in the coming weeks and months (resulting from the collapse of infrastructure and widespread food shortages) would seem like the end of the world to most of the Earth’s population. A few people scattered around the globe would make it out ok; but civilization would be knocked back several thousand years, many people having to learn primitive farming skills in order to feed themselves and any new populations being born.


A supervolcano can occur when magma from the Earth’s mantle rises to the crust and pressure builds up, resulting in an explosion that is thousands of times larger than a normal volcanic eruption. The eruption of a super-volcano would have about the same effect on life on Earth as a global nuclear war, minus the radioactive fallout. Dust and debris would cloud the atmosphere, blocking sunlight, dropping temperatures throughout much of the world, causing massive loss of life. One famous super-volcano is the Yellowstone Super-volcano. Lake Toba in Sumatra, an island in Indonesia, is another well known super-volcano.

Asteroid / Comet Impact

Telescopes on Earth caught the collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with the planet Jupiter in 1994. The resulting seismic shocks left visible effects on Jupiter (a gas giant) more visible than the famous Great Red Spot. Thankfully Jupiter ended the life of this comet before it could ever impact another planet (like ours one day) in the course of its path orbiting the sun.

Though it may never have crossed Earth’s path it revealed that yes indeed comets do collide with planets from time to time. If a comet like this one ever struck the planet Earth — a planet much smaller than Jupiter — the collision would have catastrophic consequences for all life: What if a Big Comet Hit the Earth?



Ten years ago zombies never would have made this article. But today things are different. There truly is a zombie phenomenon that has taken place. The zombie phenomenon is born out of Hollywood. Apparently if society sees something on the screen enough times somehow it becomes possible that zombies may one day walk the Earth, decimating human populations. That may be why there’s a lot of buzz about zombies and why television shows, movies, and video games are pumping out zombie product after zombie product.

The first zombies to come from Hollywood in recent decades were a supernatural rise of the un-dead. But today’s zombies are more often born from a highly contagious virus that has dramatic effects on the brain, somehow causing the brain to throw a switch, where it’s only drive is to eat other humans.


How to Survive the End of the World

Surviving the Top 10 End of the World Fears

These ten events may be the Top 10 End of the World Fears shared by people who believe that the world could end at some point in our lifetimes.

So what do you do you if one of these end of the world events takes place, even something so seemingly far fetched as a rise of robots or flesh-eating zombies?

Since this is an article — not a book — here’s a brief survival tip for each scenario laid out above.

Survive … Zombie Apocalypse

Maybe the one thing about zombies that makes it such a popular topic for disaster movies — and horror movies — is that they’re easy to kill and they don’t move very fast, at least not the way they’re typically depicted in movies.

Should a “zombie event” take place — surviving a zombie apocalypse is going to come down to a lot of brutal hand to hand combat with an axe, machete or sword, as well as an ability to move on your feet and Get Out of Dodge — for those unlucky enough to be caught on the ground in the middle of a pandemic.

What’s the best weapon in a fight with a pack of zombies? It might be a sickle — a tool farmers in earlier centuries used to cut down grain in the field. With a razor sharp edge and steel blade a sickle would have reach — allowing you to attack and defend yourself from further away than a sword, axe, or machete.

If hand to hand combat isn’t your thing, get down to the coast and find a boat — from what I understand zombies can’t swim. Of course that boat is going to have to make landfall at some point.

If you live near a chain of islands you might want to pick an island not likely to have people on it; just make sure you have plenty of food and water with you as well as a way to replenish those supplies (you can get your food right out of the ocean — be sure to pack a fishing pole, snorkeling gear, goggles and a spear, so you can harvest plenty of sea life; as far as water goes, you can get your water by distilling salt water from the ocean using a solar still).

Eventually, perhaps several months later, you can head back to the mainland with the hopes that the zombie population has died off (these things can’t live forever — not unless this is a supernatural rise of the un-dead).

Survive … Robots

How do you survive a global rise of computers powering robots, communications, and weapons? A handful of world governments may have just the answer today — weapons that create a small scale “EMP” (electro-magnetic pulse). The same weapons that the U.S. fears China could use to shut down U.S. aircraft carriers could be used against robots in a future scenario such as this one. Police in the U.S. are developing a similar weapon to shut down speeding cars being chased in a hot pursuit.

In a battle of man vs robot, the EMP weapon wins.Watch the video below:

Survive … Aliens

This scenario assumes the worst — that aliens have advanced weapons, advanced intelligence and bad intentions. The only way for mankind to survive an attack by aliens with advanced weapons and intelligence may be to develop a pre-emptive strategy — what if we could conceal the Earth from alien telescopes in other galaxies and solar systems, before they could ever find us? What if they didn’t know planet Earth even existed?

People who fish lakes and rivers and even oceans have a device nowadays called a
“fish finder”. They can see fish under water, which tells them where to then cast their hooks. What if these fish could protect themselves with a “fish cloak”? We would never know they’re there.

Using a network of satellites orbiting the Earth, a new technology could create an invisible energy field that would work like a “cloak” — making Earth invisible to aliens in other solar systems searching space for planets with the right conditions to harbor life.

Survive … Religion

How do you survive the end of the world in the Koran? Become a Muslim and be ready to fight the infidels, even to the death.

How do you survive the end of the world in Judaism? Become a Jew and live by the Torah.

How do you survive the end of the world in Christianity? Become a born-again Christian, turn from sin, and follow Christ as Lord and Savior.

Which of these religions is the correct faith? Jesus gets my vote. He said, “I am the way, the truth, the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” The massive work taking place globally in the name of Christ today is astounding — armies of people willing to go into the poorest countries and provide basic needs, food, water, and even schooling, all in the name of God’s love and compassion. To me that is evidence that Christ really is who he says he was. Only a supernatural force could empower humans to that kind of self-sacrifice and service to the poor. It is making a difference in the world.

If that’s the case — the Bible’s many warnings about the judgments of God bringing the present world to an end — as described in the Book of Revelation — should be heeded.

Survive … Black-Hole

An out of control black hole is spiraling through the galaxy, eating up solar systems, planets and stars as it passes by. Our only hope would be to spot it in the night sky with telescopes beforehand and recognize that it was on a path to collide with our solar system. Considering that it may take hundreds of thousands of years for a black-hole to intersect with our galaxy, we’d have plenty of time to come up with a strategy for evacuating our solar system — perhaps an entire fleet of space “Arks” could be built, capable of carrying people and supplies to another solar system.

Survive … Global Nuclear War

Because most current nuclear targets are in the Northern Hemisphere, most of the loss of life following a nuclear war would take place in the Northern Hemisphere as well.

That shows that lands in the Southern Hemisphere may offer the best places to live following a nuclear war. You would want to move their first of course — there’s a great chance that shipping and air travel will come to a halt during a nuclear exchange.

Even though these lands to the south may see effects as well from dust and ash clouding the Earth’s atmosphere, the temperature drop wouldn’t likely be as bad in the south as it would be in the north, and there would be a lot less radiation to deal with — from what I read anyway.

Or of course you can build an underground bunker, but that would call for stockpiling your bunker with large amounts of food and water and a means to generate electricity for the purpose of powering a machine for creating breathable air. Then you’d need to be prepared to stay underground for a long duration of time — we’re talking several months and possibly even years, depending on the amount of damage that’s taken place above ground and in the atmosphere.

Build An Ark to Escape Global Nuclear War

If you’ve got the bucks you can of course build yourself a modern day Ark. As long as you live close to the coast and where your ship is moored — and away from likely targets for a nuclear missile strike, like Los Angeles or New York City — you’d have enough time to load up your ship and set off across the ocean where you can head for the Southern Hemisphere. If you’re actually using sails take advantage of the distant shockwaves from nukes striking U.S. cities and just maybe these shockwaves will give your boat an extra boost, pushing you further out into the ocean.

We hear a lot about people building underground bunkers — why not build an Ark instead? Noah did it — and that was a few thousand years ago. Noah didn’t have modern day tools like we have. Our Ark could include a solar still (for purifying salt water from the ocean) as well as several months worth of food and essential survival supplies.

Survive … Infection / Deadly Virus

The secret to surviving a deadly virus is this
: Avoid the virus completely.

In the modern world though that’s going to be a hard thing to do. We live in close proximity to so many people nowadays. Our lives take us to school, work, the supermarket, stadiums, shopping malls, airports, taxis and rides on public transit. In the early days of a pandemic there’s a good chance that no one’s going to realize that a deadly virus is spreading — not until enough people start dropping dead. By then a deadly virus can spread like wild-fire throughout the population, even to distant cities and towns.

As scientists race to develop a vaccine or cure, which could take several months (if one was even possible for this specific virus), much of the world could lose their lives, just like the Spanish Flu in 1918-1919 and the Bubonic Plague in the 14th Century.

To survive a pandemic, a person would want to take appropriate steps beforehand. A “pre-emptive” life style would be called for, which is this: It’s a life with minimal contact with other people as well as an awareness of events in the news, such as mysterious deaths taking place, happening in more than one city. At the first sign that a pandemic was taking place a person would want to hole up in their home with their family, cutting off all contact with the outside world, other than by phone or email. It would call for stockpiling in advance enough food and water to last several months. Trips outside your home would call for a Hazmat suit to protect from contamination.

Survive … Sun / Solar Storm

NASA says that we have nothing to fear physically from a massive solar flare … it’s our communications and power grid that we need to be concerned about. A single massive solar flare could eject enough radiation in the direction of Earth to fry electrical systems world wide, sending the planet back to the dark ages. Globally, we could protect ourselves by replacing current infrastructure with new systems protected from the effects of a solar flare or EMP, but that’s a goliath, time-consuming project costing hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars. It’s not likely to happen any time soon, but possibly over several decades. However experts believe we don’t have enough time — they believe the sun is right now entering a cycle of increased solar storms and energy release.

A second strategy then would be for cities and towns to have protected equipment ready beforehand to replace electrical systems fried by any solar flare event. That way, at least locally, cities and towns could have power restored on a small scale.

Survive … a Super-Volcano

The world will end for several million people in the United States, Canada, and even Mexico should the Yellowstone Super-volcano erupt. Like a global nuclear war, the way to survive a super-volcano would be to live as far away as possible from the explosion. If you live on the East Coast, you could have an Ark ready and waiting for you and your family, moored at a nearby marina. Launch your Ark and set off for the Southern Hemisphere, knowing that most of the temperature drop the world is likely to see will be in the Northern Hemisphere.

How likely is it that the Yellowstone Super-Volcano will one day explode? Swelling is taking place in Yellowstone even as I write this. The ground is reported to be 74cm higher than it was in 1923. This is a sign that pressure is building under the park. Scientists say that the super-volcano explodes once every 600,000 years in a near-clockwork cycle.


The last time the Yellowstone Super-volcano erupted was 640,000 years ago. We are 40,000 years overdue for another eruption. Scientists say it won’t catch us by surprise though. Several earthquakes in a short time span will precede the eruption, giving us a sign that the super-volcano may be about to explode.

Survive … Asteroid / Comet Impact

An asteroid bigger than 1km across or as much as 10km across striking the Earth will have much more destructive effects than a global nuclear war or even an eruption of the Yellowstone Super-Volcano. It is by far the most destructive event that can take place out of this “Top Ten End of the World” list. If it strikes in the ocean, a series of tsunamis will be created; the primary wave to first strike the shores of coastal nations can measure over a kilometer in height — depending on how far the initial impact is from the shoreline.

Theory goes we’ll spot an asteroid before it makes impact with the Earth; hopefully at least several months beforehand. Then — as scientists become more sure that the asteroid is going to make a very close pass to Earth — and possibly impact Earth — several “Arks” and underground bunkers could be built. I think for an asteroid impact though I’d want to be far underground and even far under a mountain, if that were possible, rather than on an Ark floating on the ocean.

If that asteroid were to land in the same ocean as an Ark, that Ark could end up becoming instant blast debris launched into the upper atmosphere of the sky, nearly into spa
ce, coming down as a ball of fire to a planet now covered in darkness and the smoke and soot of ten thousand fires created from material burning up in the atmosphere and falling to the Earth.

This “End of the World” disaster will change our planet forever.How is the World Going to End?10 of the Population’s Biggest Fears on How the World is Going to End are:https://www.newsprepper.com/evacuate-earth-now-last-day-earth-world-ends-ready-judgment-day/

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