DANGER! Saudis, UAE and now Bahrain Warn Citizens to Evacuate Lebanon; Turkish Navy Deploys subs/ships to Mediterranean



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Realizing a massive invasion of Syria would provoke a Tactical Nuclear response by Russia, the Saudis and Turks have changed strategy: neutralize Russia first, then take Damascus in one fell swoop, with troops sent covertly as tourists inside nearby countries!

In a staggering and cunning change, Saudi Arabia and its “Arab Coalition against Terrorismas well as Turkey have changed plans from an initial, massive invasion from Saudi Arabia, through Jordan to Syria. Once that plan for a massive invasion became obvious, and the tactical nuclear response to such an invasion became inevitable, the Saudis and Turks had to switch gears and form a new plan.

They have now commenced that new plan – an order of magnitude more cunning and perhaps even MORE outrageous – to neutralize Russia (inside Syria) first, then take Syria by directly attacking Damascus.

The map below gives you a layout of the area involved:



Hints that something was afoot came this morning when Saudi Arabia (SA) publicly warned its citizens not to travel to Lebanon and told any Saudis inside Lebanon to leave immediately.  About two hours later, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) told its citizens the exact same thing.

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SuperStation95 made a quick inquiry to our sources in the Pentagon and they confirm that days ago, Turkey, SA and other Arab Colaition countries ordered re-deployment of submarines, into the eastern Mediterranean Sea, some told to take up station west of Latakia, Syria and others told to take up station southwest of Tartus, Syria.  Both those places are the location of Russian bases and troops inside Syria.


It is widely believed the submarines are targeting Russian ships which are equipped with the advanced S-300 or S-400 anti-missile system. 

Upon receiving an attack order, those submarines will fire torpedoes at the Russian vessels patrolling the Mediterranean near Syria  AND FIRE AT SHIPS DOCKED IN TARTUS AND LATAKIA, with the intent of disabling (not sinking) them, to neutralize the anti-aircraft capabilities of those ships. 

Since the Turks, Saudis and other nations in the “Arab Coalition against Terrorism” ALL have submarines, there will be no way to tell which nation is responsible for attacking the Russian ships.  All of them will have “plausible deniability!”

Once the ships on patrol and those in port are disabled, there will be a gaping hole in the air defenses protecting Syria.  At that time, warplanes from Incirlick Air Base in Turkey will commence attacks into Syria, through that air defense gap, and attack Damascus directly.  


In preparation for this new plan, for over a week, Thousands of troops from the “Arab Coalition against Terrorism” have been quietly traveling in small groups, as “Tourists” into LEBANON, as well as to Amman, Jordan. 

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It is now also known that the Israeli government has been quietly working with Jordan and Saudi Arabia to prepare for a large force of Arab troops to USE THE GOLAN HEIGHTS to travel north into Syria, to attack Damascus and topple its President Assad.

Our source in the Pentagon told us “It is in Israel’s interest to overthrow Assad because in doing so, they get to keep the Golan Heights which for years, they have only occupied.”  By working with Arabs to achieve this purpose, Israel is generating good will inside Arab nations with the goal of long term peace and stability!  The fact Israel has authorized armed Arab troops to move, en masse, through the Golan Heights, is a risk for Israel, but one they believe will foster trust with the (new) Syrian regime.  (By deception they shall wage war.)

Cargo ships carrying container loads of weapons and supplies, have been traveling up the Suez Canal, docking in Lebanon, and unloading containers of weapons and ammunition to warehouses outside Beirut.

The covert troops are then called to come to the various warehouses to pick up the weapons they will use. 



It is only about 60 miles from Beirut, Lebanon, to Damascus, Syria. It is about 80 miles from the Golan Heights to Damascus. 

According to our sources, there are already over thirty thousand troops covertly inside Lebanon and the number is growing by the hour.

In addition, we are told there are over fifty-thousand troops inside Jordan, filling hotels and apartments throughout the Amman area. 

Of course, there are still about 150,000 troops in northern Saudi Arabia for their military exercise.”

Before the attacks commence, Turkey will move troops across the Syrian Border near Azaz to commence the fighting and draw attention to this area; an area where a Turkish invasion has been expected for weeks. As this fighting gets severe, troops in Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia will be quietly on the move, north, into Jordan.

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According to our sources, the covert troops will move from Amman, Jordan, into the Golan Heights, with orders to attack Damascus from the SOUTH.  Their colleagues from Beirut will move to attack Damascus from the WEST.  At the same time, the remaining 150,000 troops, still participating in the “exercise” in Saudi Arabia which began last week, will move  from Saudi Arabia into Jordan, crossing into Syria to strike Damascus from the EAST, perhaps branching off prior to arrival to also attack from the NORTH.  The blue lines on the map below show the ground invasions:


Due to the significant land distance involved, each segment of troops will be required to begin moving at different times.  This will be the only alert/advance warning the Syrians and Russians will have that the attack is on.


Within the last 24 hours, France – who opposes Russia’s participation in Syria — suddenly ordered its only aircraft Carrier, the Charles DeGaulle and its Battle Group, to proceed “forthwith”from the Persian Gulf to the eastern Mediterranean. Right where the Turkish subs were sent to decapitate the Russian fleet.


This will put French Naval Power right in the fighting, and French Air Power close enough to Latakia and Tartus to make sure the Russian s-300 and s-400 systems are knocked out, allowing the Turks coming from Incirlick air base to get through to Damascus.



It is now clear that the “cease fire” being negotiated by the US with Russia/Syria, was designed merely to be a delaying tactic, to allow for the re-positioning of SA/UAE and Turk forces!  The cease fire has been a ruse, a deception, to allow the aggressors time to reposition and redeploy in a way that prevents Russia from using Tactical nukes AND overwhelms Russian defenses, allowing a swift decapitation strike against Damascus. 

Unless the Russians, who have been acting in good faith and ardently seeking solutions to the Syria issue, prepare (and prepare fast) they will be totally overwhelmed in a manner against which they cannot use nukes.  Russia will lose Syria and be humiliated on the world stage for all to see. 


At that point, Russia will be given a choice:

  • Take your losses, push back from the table, call it a day and go home, OR;
  • Engage in massive full-scale war to save a country (Syria) that has already been conquered.

It would be a crushing defeat for the Russians, who did everything according to International Law, but were defeated by the unimaginable treachery of those in the US, UK, France and the “Arab Coalition against Terrorism.”

Unless Russia is prepared to react by sinking the Turkish subs at the first torpedo, or makes other arrangements to protect their s-300 or s-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to prevent a gaping hole, or perhaps to cross into Turkey from Georgia and Armenia, so as to derail the Turks, all will be lost.

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UPDATE 4:25 PM Eastern US Time — Bahrain has just announced its citizens should not travel to Lebanon and any who are already there should leave.  They now join Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates who issued same warnings earlier today . . . .





  1. William Luepnitz 24 February, 2016 at 00:39 Reply

    What if it is actually not that the Russians are interested in Syria, but in starting a war, so that they can use Obama’s purposeful destruction of the USA military (mainly the AF ground silos, and the Navy nukes) so that there will not be any counter strikes against the Russian first strike. Obama does not have the legal right to attack with the US forces other than against ISIS (whom Obama created in the first place to create the exact problem that exists right now. He had to create a fake threat to allow Russia and Iran to come into Syria , but also Iran into Iraq, if it was not for ISIS Iran would never of been allowed into Iraq) so now Iran is on the Eastern front and the Western front, has 150 billion dollars from Obama to conclude the plans of the war and the conflicting caliphates, the Sunni and the Shiite. However, Obama wants to act like he is just picking up the pieces when in actuality he is the initiator of it. The Muslim Brotherhood which Obama has installed in the White House , and the Executive Branch is working with the Shiites. It is trying to install their caliphate overseas as well as in the USA. So Obama is using the Sunnis to create the conflict which the Shiites believer will bring their messiah back. This goes along with Communist theory, cause the conflict and pick up the pieces, and reign.

    • Adolphus dsilva 20 June, 2016 at 16:00 Reply

      Get rea !!!!! Jesus came,he thought,he is gone.He cant protect no one thats why we all have parents.Wake up and protect your selves from the Ass holes who believe that their freakin religion is the best.Cant all you human beings realise and understand that RELIGIONS are the main freakin cause of all the shit happening in todays world,Amen!!

  2. charleskafka 25 February, 2016 at 00:48 Reply

    the russians would call this target practice…
    unless a few of the saudi generals go brain dead,
    this isn’t going to happen.

  3. charleskafka 25 February, 2016 at 01:11 Reply

    ok vetting this story-
    there are travel restrictions in place on gong to lebanon just as the article states,
    nobody on the entire planet could be that stupid….
    that being said,
    im sure putin will handle himself well,
    and i feel sorry for all those soldiers and sailors of turkey, saudi arabia and israel (as an operation like this would have to have active clandestine help from the israel navy.
    who will lose their lives that day
    ok update
    i don’t see the saudi’s or the turks as having the cojones to carry this off.
    if israel is behind it, they would , but they also have intelligent people, .

  4. ryn 25 February, 2016 at 14:18 Reply

    did you ever play the game kill the man as a kid? you through a football up in the air with 10 kids standing around and the stupidest 1 to catch it after being run down gets 9 kids piled on top of him. Basically Russia=catching the ball and 9 kids= United Nations

  5. Archibong 26 February, 2016 at 11:58 Reply

    We’re underestimating Russia’s brutal force… This would have given birth to a pool of blood shed and instability in the middle East. This would be a mistake.

  6. Nick 27 February, 2016 at 03:58 Reply

    IF this is such a super secret, how in hell would you have knowledge of this??
    Do you or any other nieve people actually think these cowards are going to deliberately attack Russia or its protectorate.. really!!! Like Russia doesn’t have subs or many other vessels, or mobile rocket launchers, or planes that fly at many times the speed of sound .. Let’s get real people.

  7. manngo 2 March, 2016 at 23:09 Reply

    This is so terribly frightening. I hope by God that this is a mere speculation. But if it’s true then thank God for it! Because the sponsors of terrorism worldwide would be decimated. Nigeria had the good sense to refuse the Saudis invitation to join their coalition to fight terrorism which ofcourse is a coalition for something else.

  8. John 21 June, 2016 at 20:22 Reply

    What would Iran think of the intervention of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in this game plan.
    Russia would destroy this dream these people very quickly.
    We have seen thousands of young males crossing into Europe but these could quickly be eliminated.

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