BREAKING NEWS-Vladimir Putin Escapes New World Order Assassination Attempt-Putin’s Official Car Crash-Who’s Behind This?A Murder Plan?



In the underbelly of the modern society lies a hidden cabal who have for a long time held the strings of all facets of the world and society. The division of borders, societies, nations, and races amongst others, are tools that the cabal uses to build an illusionary veil of choice while they rule from the underworld with an authoritarian fist.

Many events of the modern world happen with their blessing, and their fingerprints are left on every continent and corner of the world. They call themselves the New World Order or NWO.

FAILED NWO ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON VLADIMIR PUTIN The NWO may sound like they rule supreme, but even the Supreme have enemies. In this case, their enemy is a formidable man with the mind of a fox.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has time and again thwarted the efforts of the Order. So much of a threat was he to them that they have decided to take direct action against him, in the form of an assassination attempt. 

Moscow police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident, without giving any further details.

Putin understands that there is a secret cabal above the elected rulers of the world and they have very clear goals for the near future. They fear they are losing control, and nothing would be more valuable to them than removing Putin as President of Russia and installing a patsy in his place.


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The failed plot against Putin comes as the New World Order realize their recent attempts to smear and discredit him have backfired. We had the Panama Papers leak and the American establishment and mainstream media’s attempt to smear Putin in recent weeks.

However huge numbers of people around the world have begun to wake up and refuse to believe the New World Order’s transparent lies. The NWO believe they now have no option but to silence Putin.


The conspiracy against Putin

Putin is said to be shaken by the incident but sources say he has not let it deter him from his goals. He understood the risks when he diverged from the New World Order’s approved path and began marching to the beat of his own drum.

The day Jacob Rothschild declared Putin “a traitor to the New World Order” was the day Putin realized his security would need to be extra tight. Do not be suprised if there is another assassination attempt in this 9/11 anniversary week.

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