Almost HALF of the children allegedly separated from their “parents” at the US Southern Border, when their “parents” were arrested for crossing into the US illegally, cannot be returned to those adults because the adults ARE NOT THEIR PARENTS!

Sources from the Intelligence Community with whom I worked for years while I was with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) are telling me today (Sunday) that upwards of a THOUSAND of these children are apparently either kidnapped or were sold into child-sex-trafficking by their “parents!”

DNA samples taken from the children and from the adults arrested at the border, proves conclusively that the persons claiming to be the “parent” of certain children, are not the parent.

When confronted by federal agents, and shown that their DNA DID NOT MATCH that of the child they claimed as their own, at least a dozen of the arrested adults admitted to ICE Agents that they are part of a child-sex ring smuggling children into the USA for pedophiles to rape.

Worse, some of these traffickers are asking for immunity deals in return for confessing that certain children were “picked” by certain AMERICAN OFFICIALS, allegedly including members of the US Congress, the courts, and even state Legislators,  and that specific children were being brought into the USA to fulfill the pedo-sex requests of those high ranking officials!  The smugglers say they can NAME SPECIFIC OFFICIALS and PROVE MONEY CHANGED HANDS for child-sex smuggling ! ! ! ! 

Foreign Intelligence sources confirmed to me that certain officials inside the US and in other countries, are presently under surveillance by law enforcement over child-sex suspicions.  Further the surveillance has allegedly been going on for “quite some time” and “a very significant number” of high ranking officials have already been caught making calls for — or follow-up calls for — the children they “ordered” for sex, and thus are already in legal cross-hairs to be arrested! ! ! ! ! 

The mass-media in the United States has flatly failed to report these facts, choosing instead to fan the flames of anti-Trump hatred over his doing the same thing (separating children) the Obama Administration did.

This is a developing story, please check back for updates.

Source:HAL Turner
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