BREAKING-Meteor Fireballs Create Booms And Rattle Windows in Brazil and North Carolina

Noise and tremor scared residents of Hortolândia and Sumaré, Brazil at 11pm on July 13, 2017.

On the same day, at around 10pm another meteor also jolted homes in North Carolina.

Residents of Sumaré and Hortolândia in Brazil were alarmed by a noise followed by a tremor after a meteor fireball exploded over Campinas (SP) on July 13 at around 11 pm.

A resident reported feeling the walls of his home and the window shaking as if it were a plane was flying close to the house, or some machine passing in the street. It wasn’t like the same rocking sensation like during an earthquake, but walls and windows vibrated.

Accordng to the observatory which recorded the flying rock, 88 other meteors were spotted on the same night onl over Brazil.

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According to first calculations, the fireball passed at an altitude of 90 km, with a speed of 18 km/s, lasting for 6 seconds – a long time for a rock passing through the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, a fireball was seen shortly after 10 p.m. in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and Kentucky and Tennessee on July 13, 2017.

A meteor fireball exploded in loud noise over SC, AL, TN, GA, NC, VA and KY on July 13, 2017. AMS received 82 reports about the loud fragmenting fireball. via AMS

At the same time, a loud boom jolted North Carolina. Because there was nothing other than the fireball reported in the area at the time of the boom, speculation is that the boom was likely a meteor breaking up in the atmosphere.


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