+18 Breaking News: The Gunman Killer Film Himself Killing The Two Reporter [VIDEO]



This is the gunman from this morning's shooting in VA, who I will not name, who filmed his murders and posted it to his Twitter.

He has shot himself but is still alive.

This is horrifying, but real.


1. Spiritual fitness is critical. You don't know the day you'll meet God, so find peace with Him now.

2. LOOK at how long he stood there, gun drawn, waiting for her to see him. Being aware of your surroundings, even when you're involved with others or in a task, is paramount.


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3. Fight, flight, or freeze is real. The reporter chose to flee, which is a natural response. But it didn't work out.

4. The gunman always gets to set the time of the attack. You are always in reaction mode, so train like you'll be behind in the fight.

5. Evil exists. Pure, true, evil exists. And no amount of wishing that evil doesn't exist makes it not exist. So knowing that evil exists, and being prepared to face evil, is imperative.

My deepest condolences to the families struck by senseless murder. Let's redeem their murder in some small fashion by learning so that it doesn't happen to us.





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