10 Epic Chicken Coop Ideas!Beautiful Chicken Coops to Brighten Your Backyard!



Chickens are so fun, and even if you don’t have a large piece of property, they are still great for city dwellers with a small yard. A small brood of chickens can have a very small footprint and therefor can be kept on even a postage stamp sized city lot. I only mention this because I don’t want anyone to feel left out when it comes to chicken rearing.

1.Beautiful Chicken Coops to Brighten Your Backyard!


Chickens have compact bodies, sturdy legs, strong feet, and short, pointed beaks. Their short wings are not capable of sustained flight. Chickens are distinguished from other birds by the comb, a fleshy red growth on the heads of both sexes.

2.Chicken coops Built this one last year , not quite as detailed but the same plan!

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Under natural conditions, a pullet or hen lays one white- or brown-shelled egg each day until there are 10 or 12 in the nest. She then stops laying and spends most of her time on the nest until the chicks hatch out—a period of about three weeks. She does not start laying again until the chicks are old enough to look after themselves.

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3.Wow, this chicken coop was made from the ruins of an old shed. What a fabulous and functional transformation!


It is not necessary for females to be mated to lay eggs. Eggs laid by unmated hens or pullets are infertile, and are preferred for table use. Eggs for hatching purposes must be fertile. Chickens are polygamous, and on farms that produce hatching eggs there are from 12 to 20 females to each male.

4.Whimsical chicken coop sitting on the corner of an industrial complex in Syosset NY.


By removing eggs from the nest as they are laid, farmers encourage hens to keep laying.Through selective breeding, hens are produced that do not brood, but continue to lay throughout the year. On many farms, hens do not incubate their own eggs; instead, the eggs are mechanically incubated.

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5.Okay, this is my new favorite chicken coop photo. My chickens would require more things to play on in their run, but this is so cute!

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If allowed to run free, chickens eat grain, fruit, insects, worms, slugs, and other kinds of vegetable and animal matter. Specialist poultry farmers control the diet of their flocks, in order to produce the best possible birds, and prevent meat poultry from eating material that tends to give the flesh an unpleasant taste.

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6.Rustic chicken coop! 


7.Portable Chicken Coop If you live where you have no restrictions to own chickens, here is a nice coop. Enjoy fresh eggs. Portable Chicken Coop!

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8.Chicken coop and wood storage. Very rustic and cute… and useful. I like this one!



9.Homesteading chicken coops! 


10.And one more for good measure…

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