Map of DEATH: North Korea Missile Targets Revealed In Chilling Battle Plan

A PIECE of North Korean propaganda has revealed Kim Jong-un's planned targets for nuclear annihilation in the US. The tubby tyrant has vowed to reduce the US to ashes in a series of missile threats. North Korea's latest test saw a mid-range nuclear capable missile fired into the Sea of Japan, just 60 miles off

The Rise of Nuclear Fear-ATOMIC BOMB BLAST:The Blast Wave-Blast Effects on Humans-Electromagnetic Pulse-Nuclear Winter-THE END

Basic Effects of Nuclear Weapons Nuclear explosions produce both immediate and delayed destructive effects. Blast, thermal radiation, and prompt ionizing radiation cause significant destruction within seconds or minutes of a nuclear detonation. The delayed effects, such as radioactive fallout and other possible environmental effects, inflict damage over an extended period ranging from hours to years.

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