BREAKING-Magnitude 4.2 Earthquake Shakes Seattle, WA

An "abrupt" magnitude 4.2 earthquake shook Seattle, Washington around Midnight, eastern US time today, with shaking felt more than 100 miles in all directions, including Tacoma and Olympia, WA!  The quake took place at a shallow depth of only 16.6 km; the closer to the surface a quake occurs, the more widely it is generally

CITIZEN WAREND:Be Ready To ‘Evacuate Quickly’ As Another LUCIFER Storm Approaches California-FEMA And The Oroville Dam Emergency It Was Planned & Levees WILL Fail!

Forecasters with the National Weather Service offered a stark warning Sunday for just about everyone living in the soggy, soaked Central Valley. “Pretty much anybody needs to be prepared for the possibility that they may have to evacuate quickly,” said Sacramento meteorologist Brooke Bingaman. Though most of the valley avoided further flooding Saturday night, the

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