DOOMSDAY WARNING: Moon is on COLLISION COURSE with Earth, say scientists

SCIENTISTS have sent out a stark warning claiming that the Moon is on a COLLISION course with Earth. Eventually the Moon and Earth will collide in an event that will be catastrophic for both celestial bodies. Currently, the Moon is actually moving away from the Earth at an average rate of 3.8 centimetres a year.

Incoming! NASA and FEMA Prepare For Asteroid Impact With Emergency Planning Exercise

NASA scientists and crisis management specialists have held high-level training exercises to prepare for an asteroid strike on Earth.Senior officials said the exercise simulated an asteroid impact on Los Angeles on September 20 2020. They propose a scenario in which object 300-800 feet wide approaches.The exercise gave no time to launch an asteroid deflection mission

Government Doomsday Prepping Means Planet X / Nibiru Must Be Near

Well, here we go again with the so-called Planet 9. It does not matter what they call it, even though there is a stigma associated with the name Planet X. The idea that there is a rogue planet out there can be somewhat alarming, even though they say it is way out there. There are

Planet X Media Disinformation, Pole Shift and Nuclear War

  I would like to begin this article by stating that referring to the terrorist organization, ISIS, by a variety of names, serves to confuse people. Therefore, by way of analogy, I hope to persuade you, dear readers, that referring to Planet X by a variety of names only serves to confuse people. Moving back

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